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Making Money Online Business

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Why many people fail when they start up with the make money online business

If you have a dream of joining the making money online business, I want to be honest to you from the start and the truth about the making money online business is that 9 out of 10 people, that start-up with the making money online business will fail.

Why ?

The reason why so many fails in the make money online business lays in our nature. A lot of us get tempted when we can make easy money for little work. It is in our nature, that we dream of avoiding hard work and seek pleasure, and many of us are impatient and want to be rewarded as soon as possible.

Therefore, it is a natural thing, that when we want to start up a new business and make our research we first look at the opportunities where we can make the most money with limited work.

And it is these human instincts that the scammers of the making online money projects are playing with to get you to sign up to their making money online scam projects.

These “easy money” making money online scam projects make us sign up for the projects typically with these kinds of dreams:

  • The dream of setting up an effective online money business system with very little effort of work.
  • The dream of making lots of money online fast.
  • The dream of making money online even when we sleep.
  • The dream of owning an online Cash machine that works 24/7 on autopilot.
  • The dream of waking up to hundreds of commissions/sales from our online business every week.


Therefore, a lot of newbies in the make money online niche will sign up for this kind of projects:

  • Done for you money online systems.
  • Online Get-Rich-Quick-systems.
  • Online money systems where the owner is talking to your feelings instead of facts.


Done for you money online systems

It is understandable that if we don’t need it, we don’t want to learn everything about how things are working in the background. If we just need to learn about the “easy” things and we will still earn a lot of money. That way, it will be much more comfortable, because learning everything often requires hard work and effort.

The problem with this kind of “done for you money online systems” is by not learning the important parts in the background, you don’t know enough about how these systems actually work, and you are becoming totally dependent on those systems. Often you will also have to pay more to get the important parts of these kinds of business systems to work – Often money that is hard to find when you are not making any money yet.

Done for you money online systems” will often have “hidden up-sells” inside the systems, that you first know of, when you have signed up to the system, where you have to pay more and more money for features within the system to increase your chances of getting success with the system.

The fact is, that none of these “done for you money online systems” will make money for the users, the systems only live by taking money from the users based on selling dreams to the users that will never come true.


Online Get-Rich-Quick-systems

If you search for the make money online niche on the internet or Facebook you will see a lot of these kinds of project offers:

  • 100% Free To Join! Make +1500$ Every Day?? No Website Or Experience Needed!
  • No Selling Or doing Boring Tasks & Surveys!
  • Easy work and lots of money.
  • FREE! Learn How I Make $6000 Every Week ? so you can quit your job next month.
  • Want to make $3000-5000+ fast legitimately every week from home the easy way ?
  • I’m willing to teach those that want to learn, must have an active bank account! Message Me For Details.
  • Opportunity to Financial Freedom Good System helps you to earn $1000-$2000 Per Day Residual income 100% free to Start To Get Instant Free Access – Fast results.


ALL these kinds of projects are lying and is scam projects. if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably IS.

This kind of shiny objects is blinding you when you are new to the making money online world. These new shiny objects popping up all the time make it difficult for you to keep focus, and you often see many new online business people, who are jumping from project to project chasing the project with the “magic button“.

A lot of newbies in the online business world will end up chasing all kind of new making money online opportunities and never getting anywhere.

All these kinds of projects want to do is to make you believe that making money online can be made without work so that they can sell you their scam systems and make more money from you.

If it was so easy, why are so many people still stuck in the online money rat race ?


Online money systems where the owner is talking to your feelings instead of facts

With many new online making money projects you will often see a video, which is telling you about the making money online project.

A lot of these videos can be good and informative to have, because they give you a better idea of the making money online project, but you should also be aware of, that many of the videos of this kind of projects also talk to you in such a way to invoke feelings of self-pity or something you really want wealth in the future.

These kinds of videos often want you to feel bad about yourself and your current situation and will often tell you that you easy can change that situation fast by joining their project. These kinds of videos try to push you to make a decision fast – very often with a limited offer – based on your feelings, and not based on hard facts, such as the facts of how their system works, for example.

These kinds of videos are selling you dreams, and it is always unrealistic glamour dreams, but you will only discover that when you have signed up for the project, paid for the scam project and discover that your dream of a quick change of your current situation failed.



After the newbies have tried several of these “fantastic” scam projects and discovered that it is not working, they lose motivation (and money), and THAT IS THE BRUTAL REASON WHY 9 of 10 FAILS IN THE MAKING MONEY ONLINE BUSINESS.


But THE GOOD THING is, that you don’t need to fail with your making money online business – even if you have no experience – and there is very good chances that you will succeed to make money online, if you work with your online business THE RIGHT WAY.

How you will get success in the make money online business

Now I have talked about why so many people fail in the make money online niche, I will tell you, that of course, you can succeed in the make money online niche even if you have no experience with online business.

But you have to be prepared for that success in the make money online niche requires exactly the same dedicated effort to be successful as in any other industry – online or outside the online world – Simple as that.

If you are willing to put the hard work and effort into your online business and work the RIGHT WAY with your business, there is a very good chance, that you will succeed with your online business, and as mentioned another good thing is, that you can succeed with the making money online business even with no experience.

You will have a great opportunity for success in the make money online business if you work seriously with these 5 basic features:

  • Mindset.
  • Motivation.
  • Open-minded and willingness to learn.
  • Focus and patience.
  • A thoughtful business strategy.


If you get these basics in place, then there is no limit where you can get with your making money online business. HOW DO I KNOW THAT ? I have already been through the process – I have in previous years searched the internet on and off trying to make money online, chasing the “magic button projects“. All I ever did was losing money on it to one scam program or another.

Therefore, I want you to save these kinds of disappointments and failures with your online business by getting you on the right track right from the start with your making money online business.


If you don’t have the right entrepreneur mindset in place before you start up in the make money online business – it is my opinion, that there is no point talking about other important features relating to this business. Because if your foundation is not in place forget about the rest.

As mentioned before, unfortunately for those people, where many online opportunities are marketed in a way that is giving them false hope or is misleading them will often give them a big problem by achieving success with their making money online business.

So what can you do to have and keep the right mindset that helps you to stay with your online business ? There are many answers to that because we are all different people with different personality.

But when you start up in the online business, then be prepared for, that you will make mistakes and failures like everybody else, but if you learn from your mistakes and failures, and work with your online business to ‘whatever it takes as long as it takes’ – YOU WILL SUCCEED with your online business.

The good thing about the making money online business is, that it will not cost you a lot of money every month to work with your business – the most important investment for you is your TIME.

To gain that online business success it is therefore important that you accept ideas on changing your current mindset.

The changes of mindset are individual from person to person, because we have all different personalities, but these are examples of some changes that people need to change with their current mindset to succeed with the make money online business:


1. Accept change of your mindset. You accept that you need to change your mindset to work as an online entrepreneur and that is very different from an employee mindset.

Are you willing to work for FREE ? Building your own passive income stream online is NOT an
ordinary employee job. You don’t get paid by the amount of time you spend on your online business. Instead, it is trading TIME for MONEY.

Therefore, if you want to succeed in life and achieve financial freedom with your own online
business, you need to change your mindset from an employee mindset to an entrepreneur mindset.

If you are able to change your mindset to an entrepreneur mindset and start working for free, and if you work long time and hard enough THE RIGHT WAY, you will often see, that the traffic to your website, sales and income will after some time, just suddenly grow exponentially, and this increase will often well payback for the time you have worked for free.


2. Negative thoughts – Pay attention to your negative thoughts like “too much competition in this business”, “I don’t have experience enough to succeed in this business”, “I will never be able to make enough money online to quit my current boring job”.

Self-doubt and negative thinking are typically how millions of people trying to make money online think if their business is not moving forward as planned. In this case, you need to make changes to your thoughts.

You need to come out of your negative thoughts and self-doubt during your online business journey and turn them into a learning process.


3. Perseverance – Be prepared for, and take it into your mindset, that at the beginning of your online business, you’re going to put in a lot of hard work without seeing any results. This is the reason why most people fail in the make money online business, when they after some time don’t see any results of the hard work, they lose motivation and stop working with their business.

But if you have the mindset to continue to work and believe in your business, and you are working the right way with your business, then slowly, your business will start to gain some traction over time if you keep putting in consistent hard work. And often if you work long time and hard enough, you will most likely see, that your traffic, sales, and income will just grow exponentially.

That’s the reality, and in order for you to enjoy the huge reward at the back, you need to be willing to WORK FOR FREE and push through the tough times as I mentioned earlier – if you are willing to do “whatever it takes as long as it takes”YOU WILL SUCCEED with your online business.

Therefore, you need to adjust your mindset if needed then make a commitment to do ‘what it takes as long as it takes to make it in the making money online business world’. I think you will be happy when you do your own little mindset training that fits your personality.

When you have been able to change your mindset to the right attitude, then you are very well on your way to getting success in the making money online business world.


Your motivation is your Super-power when you are working with your making money online business, especially in the start-up phase of your business, where the risk of failure often is the biggest risk. How do you get that motivation ?

There are many ways to get motivation toward your business, but if I should give you my best advice about motivation and business, then it is to pick a topic for your online business that you are passionate about. In my opinion, this is one of the single most important aspects to becoming successful with your making money online business.

Why ?

I started looking online for an income many years ago. I took several wrong turns through the process and never made any money with my business. The main reason why I failed was that I picked the wrong niche for my online business.

Instead of picking a niche I was passionate about, I picked a niche that everybody said was profitable, but the problem was, that niche did not interest me. Working with that niche was like going to a job that I just hated. Therefore, I quickly lost motivation and of course, failed with that niche.

This set me back, and you can make success with your online business by learning from my mistakes. The products you choose to promote has a great deal to do with your success.

Based on my failure and experience with that niche I instead picked another niche that I was passionate about and this niche is just so much more fun to work with – like a hobby.

I keep motivated to work with it and while I have been working with the niche I have not thought about money as the driver for the business, but my driver of that business is the kick I get when I can help other people, but as a bonus, I am now also earning money from that niche and it is growing every month.

Therefore, my best advice to choose the right product for you is to pick something that you are passionate about at the time when you create your business/website. Even if it turns out not working, then it is OK!

At least you have started your learning process and got the feeling of what it’s like to go for it and make an online business. It is important that you see your start-up phase as a learning process instead of an earning process.

Remember you often can learn a lot of important things from your failures and you will get experience and that is very important when you move on with your online business.

Remember a lot of successful people did not succeed the first time they tried to establish a business, but the successful people learned from their failures and used it to the next business or to make their existing business project even better.

You will also be writing a lot of content about your topic (to build up trust within your niche), and it is just so much easier when you are passionate about the things you are writing about.

And you must also remember when you are passionate about something you will often also be good at what you are passionate about. Further, people can often “feel” if you are passionate about the content you are writing about.

Quality content for the niche you are working with is the main key to the success of your online business because that will build trust with your visitors and potential customers. Trust is a key factor if you want to earn money from your online business.

Open-minded and willingness to learn

When you start-up your new online business, you need to be very open-minded and ready to learn and absorb information like a sponge absorbs water.

If you are able to learn the basics of what it takes to be successful within the making money online business, then you know exactly what to do, what not to do, as well as how to improve and scale your online business over time.

If you are not willing to learn the basics of online business, there will be a high risk that you will be one of the 9 out of 10 that will fail in the make money online business.

If you join a good training program with an active community then the great thing is that you have a whole community of like-minded people that are willing to help you out if you get stuck.

To be part of a good and active community is also a very good way to stay motivated when you know that you are not sitting alone with your business, and with an active community, you can ask and get a response to issues related to your business from like-minded people.

Many times these people have been going through exactly the same challenges that you are facing.

Therefore, to be a member of an active community is gold when you are working with your online business!

You can ask a question to the community and often someone will be able to help you out.

Remember it is very important to ask questions if you need help, so you all the time know that you are on the right track with your online business. Never move on to something new before you fully understand the current things you are doing with your online business.

Focus and patience

After you have learned the basics and started up with your online business, you need to have focus and patience to work the RIGHT WAY with your online business and to keep working at it, until you see results. Focus and Patience have very much to do with your entrepreneur mindset.

Online business is very cumulative in nature, meaning that every little piece of work you add or any improvement you make, is going to add value to your business over time. Therefore, Don’t get distracted by the next “big thing”, or the next new opportunity.

There will always be something else that comes along where you think, this will maybe work better or easier.

If you want success online, then you need to remain focused, determined and HUNGRY to succeed, so stick to your researched plan, and don’t make the failure of jumping from project to project.

The more you stay focused and create quality content for your business the more trust you will build for the Search Engines. And if you are doing what the Search Engines like, that will over time gives you lots of FREE relevant traffic to your website.

The Search Engines are business like any other business and they want to work with people who are dedicated and create quality content, that will help the Search Engines to grow larger with a bigger audience.

Staying consistent and creating quality content will tell the Search Engines to send over ‘sitemap spiders’ to your website and the more you stay on track the more spiders they will send to your website.

If you remain consistent and create quality content relating to your niche, the Search Engines will reward you with good rankings for relevant keywords, and that can give your website lots of relevant FREE traffic from potential customers.

Keep that in mind.

How long will it take to get success with your business ?

How fast you will progress with your online business is different for everyone. Let’s say 10 people are given a gym membership and told to build their best body in 6 months. They will all look different after these 6 months.

Those with the strongest resolve won’t necessarily have the best looking figures either. It depends on where you are starting from, and how you are working with your training. But it is your resolve which will determine whether you will stick to the course at all.

It is the same with online business – I can’t tell you when you will make money online, because it is different from business to business and from person to person.

But I can tell you that you WILL make money – whether you can put full-time in your online business or only a couple of hours per week… IF you do the work the right way, give yourself the TIME and work consistent – if you make an agreement with yourself, that you are willing to do ‘whatever it takes as long as it takes’ – YOU WILL SUCCEED with your online business – simple as that – TRUST ME.

A thoughtful business strategy

When you start a new job in a company where you have limited or no experience, then it is very common, that you get trained for the position to ensure that you are able to perform the duties of the role the right way.

You are not just flung into the position and expected to be a high-performing employee right from the start.

To be a high-performing worker you need:

  • The right training.
  • The right tools.
  • The right support.

And you require exactly the same good training, the right tools and good support when you start-up your online business with no or limited experience if you want to be a high-performing and successful online marketer.

The right online training

With online business, it works the same as with other kinds of business. It is a new business for you, with new knowledge to learn. Therefore, if you are not willing to go through good and valuable training and to learn the basic ropes, then the chances that you will succeed with online business will be minimal.

Therefore, the better online training you get the bigger chance of success with your online business – simple as that.

With the training from a program with a good reputation about how to make money online you will have a PROVEN formula for how to succeed online.

Training programs with a good reputation have a PROVEN formula for online success, so follow the training and follow these methods, and you will also have very good chances for success.

It has worked for many others before you. But remember as mentioned before – use the proven general formula as your basis for creating your own individual formula.

With your personal adjustments to the general formula, you will have a serious and good blueprint that works for YOU with your way of doing the different tasks within your online business.

Working with the right training program you can start from Zero and make good results over time.

The right online tools

If you work for a company, then the company knows which tools you need to be able to do your job the best way. Different tools are required for different roles and jobs.

Of course, it is the same with your online business, without the right tools to use, you will not be able to fulfill the role of being a successful online entrepreneur, and working with the wrong tools will often result in, that you will fail or have to work longer time to get success with your online business.

The right online support

As in anything new that you learn, you will make mistakes. We have all tried that. To minimize these mistakes you will need guidance from like-minded people. Hereby you will also want reassurance that you are moving in the right direction with your online business.

Working with your online business has a lot of advantages, but it can also be a lonely process, where you need motivation from like-minded people who understand your business model and often have tried the same kind of problems/issues that you are going through in the journey with your online business.

That why support from the RIGHT community often is a very important factor for success with your online business.


The Formula for success with your online business

Do you have the right mindset to succeed with your making money online business ?

If you do, then all you need is


why ?

Because the Wealthy Affiliate Training platform has all the Training, the Tools and the Support, that you need to build your own successful online business.

If you bring the right MINDSET to the table then the Wealthy Affiliate Training platform will bring you the rest.

When you bring the right MINDSET, TOOLS  and SUPPORT, you have the FORMULA FOR SUCCESS with your online business.

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