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I am Morten and on a daily basis working in the consultant service industry but is also very interesting in building a business as an online entrepreneur together with my offline consultant business.

I am living with my girlfriend and have 2 two girls living with me.

For several years I have been in and out of the making money online business, but I decided about 1 year ago, that I will give it a serious shot because the way you work in the online business gives a very good balance between work and family. Further you can in the make money online business also work in teamwork and I love to work together with other people and helping other people give me a daily “kick” of optimism.

Suddenly when you attempt to help someone, or just be nice to them when they are having a bad day, it seems like everything else in your world gets a little better! And the more you do it the better it gets. I’m no saint by any means!

But I’ve been really working hard on practicing what I preach, and there has been some really cool stuff happening because of it!

Let me give you an example of this daily “kick” of optimism away from the making money online business:

the other day, I was out shopping and was hungry so I went over to McDonald’s – I know not very healthy but easy – because it was along the way to my shopping. As ordered my meal, I noticed somebody not sure who it was, outside of the restaurant.

I had my meal and a side salad – just to be a little healthy :). Didn’t finish the salad so I asked for a package and put my half-eaten salad in and left out the door. As I was about to go to my car I turned and an elderly homeless woman in her 60s, I assume, locked eyes with me. and I walked over to her and asked if she was hungry. She reached out to me, thinking I was going to give her my leftover salad.

I told her to come with me and let’s get you something to eat. I told her to pick anything she wanted for it was my treat. She got 2 small burgers and a medium Coke. I asked her she could have anything she wanted, you know there were better burgers other than small burgers.

That was all she wanted and was appreciative of the treat. I said goodbye, gave her a hug and I left the restaurant. She followed me out and asked for $3.00 for a bus ticket back home.

I knew the district and her place was about 10 miles away. I told her to sit in my car, and I drove her home. She was just so happy and gave me a big hug when I left her. This little help completely changed my day, and suddenly my day became much more positive.

I just had a great feeling in my body for the rest of the day, and I smiled a lot more to the people I met that day. So little effort for having a great day…………..

If you don’t believe me, put a post-it note on your fridge to remind you to do something nice at least once a day this week and watch what happens! I’m not saying that you should make someone’s mortgage payment! Much less can do it.

I’m saying, hold the door for someone and tell them to have a great day. Pay the toll for the vehicle behind you and tell the booth operator to tell them to have a great day! Random acts of kindness are, well, random!

I know the popular thought process is that you are receiving good Karma. However, how you want to take it is up to you. In my world, it’s simply the golden rule of action to have a better day!

Back to about my making money online 4 you 🙂

It is easy to start blogging, but make money through blogging require a good strategy.

If you are serious about your plans for money blogging and want a step by step guide, even if you have limited or no experience with making money online, then I would love to help you out with your online business and have you on my team.

You can do that by joining my recommended training platform, where I am a member myself, and at this training platform I will guide you and you will receive all the necessary training and tools you need in one place, to build your own online business. The good thing about this training platform is, that you can join for FREE and stay as a FREE member as long as you like.

As mentioned you don’t need any experience, if you just follow the step by step training at your own pace, you will have a proven blueprint for your online business with all the necessary tools for your online business, that has been working for a lot of people before you in the making money online niche.

Therefore, if you are working with your own make money online business or planning to start up in the niche and you have:

  • An optimistic mindset.
  • Motivation.
  • Perseverance.
  • A dedicated work effort.


I want to help everyone who would like to do money blogging with tips and tools that I am using in my making money online business, and that works for me.

You can sign up here for FREE to join my team – CLICK HERE 

I wish you all the best for your online business and personal life.


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