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Affilorama Affiliate Program Review – Here Are Some Useful Tips

Affilorama Affiliate Program Review
Affilorama Affiliate Program Review
Affilorama Affiliate Program Review
Affilorama Affiliate Program Review

A lot of people still asking if affiliate marketing is still an interesting online business model today.


And to this question I easily can say – YES indeed. Affiliate marketing is still a very interesting online business model if you want to make money online, and further affiliate marketing can be a very profitable online business model, if you are doing affiliate marketing the right way.


There is lot of evidence in the online business world to validate that affiliate marketing is still a very interesting business model, even in 2018 and the in the future.


The reason is, that business owners are more and more interested in advertising their products online, and online marketing is becoming bigger and bigger compared to off line marketing. Therefore, business owners will always be interesting in affiliate marketing as one of their tools of online marketing.


The good thing about affiliate marketing is, that business owners only pay commission to the affiliate marketer if a product is sold, and this is the reason why so many business owners now and in the future will be interesting in Affiliate marketing suppliers. No sale no payment, so it is a win – win situation for the business owner to use the affiliate marketing model for their products.

Affilorama affiliate program review – What is Affilorama

The Affilorama affiliate program provides affiliate marketing training lessons. The program does this using a range of content mediums including blog posts, lengthy tutorial articles, and videos.

If you are a member of the Affillorama Affiliate program you can get help and support in your training to build a profitable affiliate marketing business from scratch.

Therefore, Affilorama is also an affiliate training program for you that is absolute a beginner to affiliate marketing.

Affilorama is one of the largest affiliate marketing training websites in the online world, with a community of over 300,000 members worldwide. The Affilorama Affiliate Program was started in 2005 by the successful online entrepreneur Mark Ling.

Affilorama is mainly an Internet Marketing Course which consist of hundreds of hours of video training lessons and written materials intended to teach affiliate marketing to you. Affilorama provides to you a step-by-step program, over the shoulder training courses for beginners and advanced affiliate marketers with the goal to help you to build a successful affiliate business online.

Affilorama affiliate program review – What is the cost of Affilorama

The Affilorama affiliate program consist of a Free membership and a Premium membership.

While the Free Membership teaches the basic of Affiliate Marketing, the Premium Membership consist of hundreds of hours of video courses that goes more in depth into the topics discussed in the Free Membership courses and more.

The Premium Membership is both suited for beginner to advanced Affiliate Marketers.

Here you can see the different features between the Free Membership and Premium Membership:

Affilorama Affiliate Program Review

When you are a member at the Affilorama affiliate program you can buy 3 up-sells:

  • AffiloTheme $ 67
  • AffiloBlueprint $ 197
  • AffiloJetpack $ 497

AffiloTheme $ 67 – one time payment

The AffiloTheme gives you features where it gets a lot easier for you to work with the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) system, and gives you some useful features
to your Website like squeeze page, opt-in form templates, Affiliate Link Cloaking, Header Creator and Pop Over Generator.

These are some good features, that you can use for improving your website, but in my opinion it is not worth the $97. No doubt you can create beautiful websites with AffiloTheme, but you have so many free or low cost plugins within the WordPress community, where you can have the same features at a lower cost, than you pay for the features at AffiloTheme.

AffiloBlueprint $ 197 – one time payment

AffiloBlueprint is basically a collection of hundreds of hours of videos which covers topics from building a website, writing SEO optimized content, to SEO optimization of your website, that will improve your websites rankings.

AffiloBlueprint will show you exactly how Mark Ling build his affiliate website from scratch and you can use the videos as a step-by-step guideline to create your own website.

Each video lesson will have some “homework” for you to complete, so it is really like going back to school.

The videos are build up in a good and easy way to follow and it gives clear instructions on what to do step-by-step.

However, I do not feel that AffiloBlueprint is worth the $197 one-time payment. In my opinion you can get enough useful information about how to succeed as an affiliate marketer, and really don’t need the information from AffiloBlueprint if you already is a premium member.

You also have to remember not to get too overloaded with information/training before you start your journey as an affiliate marketer. It is very important that you find the right balance by learning/training while you at the same time is working with your affiliate business with the tools you are learning. The sooner you start working with your affiliate business the sooner you see results and results is what keep us motivated in our online business.

I think basically, AffiloBlueprint is for people who do not want to join the Premium Membership, but just want the education package from Affilorama.

However, people who buys AffiloBlueprint will realize they need the Premium Membership after the one-year free web hosting, because you will definitely need hosting service for your online business, unless you find hosting service outside of the Affilorama program.

AffiloJetpack $ 497 – One time payment

AffiloJetpack is targeted for people who do not want to spend all the time and training going through all the hundreds of hours training offered by Affilorama, but wants to start making money with as little effort as possible.

What AffiloJetpack offer you is to do 80% of all the needed work for you, and you only have to contribute 20% of your own effort.

Personally, when I start up a new business I think it is very important to know about all the key features of your business, because that way I can better control the development of my business.

By using AffiloJetpack you risk not to understand some key features of your business such as for example on-page SEO, off-page SEO, How to promote your website, content writing. Basically you will learn nothing from the AffiloJetpack system, and that is risky business if you want to control the developement of your affiliate marketing business.

So in my opinion it is pricey to get the AffiloJetpack ($497), and a risky strategy for your business, plus you need to pay for your own domain (Approx $10/year) and you need to sign up for auto-responder service (Approx. $10-20/month).

Affilorama affiliate program review – My conclusion about the Affilorama Affiliate Program

Here is my list of pros and cons about using the Affilorama affiliate program:


  • Free membership.
  • Solid an intuitive training courses, with free lessons, videos, articles.
  • Free access to online tools with basic options.
  • Free downloadable 32-page PDF getting started guide.
  • Help and support center.
  • A moderately active forum with 300,000 members.
  • Options to upgrade to premium content, training, access to boot-camp, more downloadable lessons, website setup and hosting, bonuses and more.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.



  • The basic free membership is limited and doesn’t give you all the tools needed to succeed online.
  • There is some considerable pressure to upgrade.
  • Premium training and upsells can mount up and seem quite expensive.
  • Outdated training material still exists within the system and can actually do more harm than good. Though these are clearly marked as out-of-date.


If you check out different reviews of the Affilorama affiliate program, you will see very few negative reviews about Affilorama. This is because the Affilorama Affiliate program is indeed a solid online business training program, and you can for sure do well with the programs training as your beginning point or next level training.

That being said, one of the problems I had with their membership package is the upsells. They push you hard to buy these upsells and it can be hard on a tied budget and as mentioned earlier I don’t think the upsells is worth the money.

Generally, I would recommend you to sign up for the free membership at the Affilorama affiliate program, and try to get as much value as you possibly can from the free membership. If you are a beginner to affiliate marketing, you will definitely gain some valuable knowledge, insights, and even learn how to get set up a website properly within the niche you want to work with.

After you have been working with the free membership – you have a much better background and knowledge to decide, whether you want to progress with the premium membership.

You can join the free membership of the Affilorama affiliate program – Click Here 

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