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FAQ For Making Money Online 4 You

At this FAQ section you will have common questions and answers that I often receive relating to the making money online business.

FAQ - Your money mindset

When I started working with making money online, the idea of having “the right money mindset” never occurred to me. I just wanted some extra cash to help me with some of my fast dreams.

What I didn’t realize was that it was my mindset which was keeping me in chasing “easy money” but also with lack and scarcity.

I didn’t know it, but my brain had been “programmed” to unconsciously focus on easy money compared with lack and scarcity. And with that kind of mindset I failed when first started up with my making money online journey.

So before you start thinking of making money online, you have to be aware of that the right mindset is your “super-power” which deliver the results in your life based on what you do, but also what you believe.

Unless you can resolve unconscious success “blockers” which are hiding deep in your unconscious mind, you will often continue to work the wrong way, even with a good work ethic, a huge amount of discipline and the right tools and opportunity.

Therefore, you need right from the start to focus on the right mindset, and not just “busying” yourself with mindless activities.

The make money online platform that I work with is no “magic bullet” platform. This platform teaches you, that if you want to succeed online, then it requires hard work and commitment.

If you follow the step by step system and put in the necessary work, commit to long term success, focus on developing yourself and your business, and never quit! – then you will end up having success with your online business.

But it is also important, that you also keep learning and get out of your own way, if you are unconsciously blocking your own success.

Working with the making money online business can be a lonely process, when you every day is sitting home with your computer, therefore having access to an online community and interacting with other people who have already achieved online
success is a massive help when it comes to succeeding online.

Therefore prepare your mindset the right way before you start your online business journey and next find a place to work with your online business where you have an active community with like-minded people.

Do you know that 9 out 10 people fail in the making money online business, and most people will fail because they start up in the making money online business with the WRONG MONEY MINDSET.

Therefore it is my opinion, that if you don’t have the right money mindset in place before you start up in the making money online business – there is no point talking about other important features relating to this business. If your foundation is not in place forget about the rest.

The reason why so many people start up with the wrong mindset is based on the fact, that when newbies start to research on the internet about making money online, they will find lots of offers from making money online projects that will try to attract people to the money online projects with the promise, that you can make lots of money online in a short time with very little work by joining their “magic button” projects.

Let me make this clear to you – Anyone telling that you can make easy money online with very limited work and no risk is SCAM projects. But the scam projects are playing with our human nature, which is that a lot of us dream of easy money for little work if we get the chance of doing that. For example, that is the reason why a lot of us are playing the National Lottery every week.

It is in our nature, that if we get the chance, then we will prefer, to avoid hard work, seek pleasure, and just enjoy the easy life.

And it is exactly these human instincts that the scammers are playing with to get you to sign up to their get-rich-quick scam projects.

Based on these scam project promises a lot of newbies in the making money online business will end up chasing all the “magic button” opportunities and never getting anywhere because there is no “magic button” you can use in the making money online business world – simple as that.

Therefore a lot of newbies start up with the WRONG MONEY MINDSET in the making money online business, and that is the main reason why so many newbies will fail when they start up in the making money online business.

The GOOD Thing is, that you don’t need to have any special education or knowledge to succeed in the making money online business. The most important factor for success in this business is, that you have the RIGHT MONEY MINDSET already when you start up in the making money online business.

Then, How do I get the right money mindset ?

There is not only one right way to get the RIGHT MONEY MINDSET, because we are all individuals with different background and personalities.

But here is what I have experienced that is important to have the RIGHT MONEY MINDSET.

First, you need to change your mindset from an employee mindset to an entrepreneur mindset. We are so used to get paid based on the amount of time we work. Am I right ?

That’s how many of us are taught and raised. It is also how the traditional community works, and there is nothing wrong with that.

But if you want to succeed with the making money online business, you have got to change your money mindset and to an entrepreneur mindset and think differently.

You start-up a new online business and the making money online business is just like any other business. It takes time for you to build your business foundation, set up your website, create quality content, get your content/products to rank in Google and other Search Engines (free relevant traffic) and build trust with your potential customers.

All these features take time and you should not expect to get PAID during this time period.

For those people who only focus on the results and how fast they can start making money, they will more likely be going to quit prematurely. Simply because they don’t have enough patience, because of a wrong mindset.

Instead, you should see your online business start-up phase as a learning process instead of an earning process.

Be prepared for, and take it into your mindset, that in the beginning, you’re going to put in a lot of hard work without seeing any results.

If you have patience and continue to focus and work hard with your online business, then slowly, your business will start to gain some traction over time if you keep putting in consistent hard work.

And if you work long time and hard enough, the RIGHT WAY, you will most likely see, that your traffic, sales, and income will just grow exponentially.

That’s the reality, and in order for you to enjoy the huge reward at the back, you need to be willing to WORK FOR FREE in the start-up phase and push through the tough times – if you are willing to do “whatever it takes as long as it takes” – there is a big chance that YOU WILL SUCCEED with your making money online business and in the long term, the time of free work will be paid well back to you later with a good passive income in the future.

FAQ - Making Money Online

Creating quality content is the key factor in an efficient Content Marketing Strategy. But what is content marketing ?

According to the Content Marketing Institute, “Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action”.

The key here is the words to describe the content that you’re creating: Valuable, relevant and consistent. While content can come in a few shapes and sizes, from blogs to webinars, to video marketing, etc. it’s consistency, relevancy and value that always stays the same.

Therefore, an effective content marketing strategy will help a business to engage better with its customers through their content, leaving the customers and potential customers better informed and interested to find out more about the companies products and/or services.

It is also very important to mention, that content marketing is not a direct sales marketing strategy. Instead, it is useful to think of content marketing as a way of opening up a better communication between a business and its target audience/customers.

Therefore content marketing is an efficient way to grow your target audience and customers understanding of your business by educating, informing, entertaining and engaging with them through the creation of great quality content.

Why Your Business needs content marketing strategy compared to other marketing strategies:

I’m going to let the facts speak for themselves on this issue:

  • Companies with an active blog/website will typically generate around 70% more leads per month.
  • More than 95% of marketing people believe that customer content has a positive effect on audience/customer attitudes, and content marketing will strengthening the bond with customers.
  • If your business use content marketing tactics, then it will typically save an average of 15% in overall cost per lead.
  • Business and brands, that have focus on content marketing will typically save over $15 dollars for every new customer acquired.
  • If your business focus on a content marketing strategy, then it will typically doubles average website conversion rates, from 6% to 12%.

Just to start out the right way, CMS stands for Content Management System and is a software that allows you to publish content on the internet. This includes creating websites, editing, organizing, adding features, and so on where you can manage the content for your website and give other people access to your website with different permission levels.

Now, let’s talk about why I recommend WordPress as the best Content Management system on the market.

WordPress is a Content Management System tool written in PHP that is commonly used to create websites, blogs, portfolios, web directories, and more.

WordPress started out as a blogging software system made by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little back in 2003 and has developed to be the CMS system to those who want to start their very own blogging website.

WordPress has been developed ever since it started up, and because of its many features and customization tools, I am confident to say that WordPress CMS is the most efficient and flexible platform that can accommodate different types of requirements in building your very own website.

Not yet convinced ? Check out these top 7 compelling reasons why WordPress is the best CMS platform for your website.


1. WordPress is a free CMS platform and will always be free to use

WordPress is a free software CMS platform and never takes a single penny for its services or offering platform. The WordPress CMS platform is easy to use and can be used to create any kind of website.

The WordPress platform is an open source system which means, that you with the source code can modify and play around with the source code as much as you want.

All you need to use WordPress is a domain and web hosting. The WordPress platform will always be free and for everyone to use.


2. With the WordPress platform, you can customize options, as much as you want

At the WordPress platform, you have thousands of free themes to choose from, suitable for different kinds of websites. Whatever look you want your website to have, you will have plenty of options to choose from.

As mentioned in the above point, WordPress offers open source, which gives you access to learn, modify and create your website as you want.

Also, you can customize your themes and sections through Appearance > Customize.

Further, the WordPress platform can also accommodate thousands of free plugins for additional functions. The different plugins are designed to extend functionality in your website with features that are tailored to your specific needs.

You can in the next section of this FAQ read about some of the plugins that I recommend for your website.


3. WordPress is the most popular and user-friendly CMS platform

Studies show that WordPress holds the largest CMS market share, where it quantifies to over a quarter of existing websites are powered by WordPress. Therefore, WordPress rules the web!

There has to be some reason for more than 80 million active websites that run on the WordPress platform, right ?

The number continues to grow, and WordPress is becoming the most popular option to use in building websites. Because of this, many users are now more familiar with it, so now it is also easier to find professionals who are well-versed in WordPress, if you need specific features or professional assistance with your website.

One of the main reasons why WordPress is the most popular CMS on the internet is because it’s so easy to use! Unlike other website software platform that can be intimidating, WordPress was built to attract the non-tech savvy business owners.

Even when it comes to setting up an online webshop, you don’t need an eCommerce developer or knowledge in coding to get started as almost everything is built-in at the WordPress platform – user management, site stats, RSS feeds, and more.

In my opinion, WordPress is amazingly user-friendly, and this is the prime reason behind its popularity. Further, almost all the hosting companies offer WordPress installations on a single click.


4. The WordPress websites are Search Engine Friendly

It’s essential for your website to be SEO-friendly to be seen in search engine results, and get free relevant web traffic.

Luckily, WordPress websites are super SEO friendly because of its structure and high-quality code. After installing your website to WordPress, you can make it, even more, SEO friendly by using WordPress SEO plugins.

Site speed and responsiveness are also requirements for good Search Engine results and both are also covered by WordPress.

Google’s Matt Cutts said that “WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues“.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to improving your rankings and get much organic traffic to your website, WordPress is the ideal option.


5. WordPress handles all the different media types

WordPress is a Content Management System – CMS – but it is not limiting to that. WordPress is not just about writing some text for your website.

WordPress also comes with built-in media support that can handle all the major file format like, Images, Audio and Video content. Insert any media type in between your content in just a few clicks!

WordPress can also be used for document and file management, where you can add YouTube videos, Twitter tweets, Soundcloud audios, and more, by simply copy-pasting the URL within your post.


6. WordPress is mobile optimized

Since a lot of people nowadays use their smartphones and tablets when searching the internet, it is very important for your website to be mobile-friendly.

If you have a responsive web-design, it will help very much in appearing in the search engine results and garnering qualified traffic, even if people are searching through smartphones or tablets.

if you have a WordPress website, mobile optimization is already part of the package. Whilst some websites from other CMS platforms still need special coding to make this happen, then everything is straightforward with WordPress because this is already part of what you will sign up for when you choose WordPress as your CMS platform for your website.

Therefore, in using the WordPress platform, you can rest assured that everything will run smoothly and in order to your mobile optimization.


7. WordPress is safe and secure

WordPress is developed with high-security standards in mind. Therefore you don’t need to worry about the data on your website, because all your information is secure and in good hands with the WordPress CMS platform.

There are also regular free security updates that are released within the WordPress platform every now to address and solve recently discovered security issues.

If you still want to take it up a notch, there are safe and available free security plugins that you can download to ensure double protection for your website.

One of the main reasons why WordPress is the most popular Content Management System – CMS – on the web is because WordPress is so easy to use! Unlike many other CMS systems that can be intimidating, WordPress was built to attract the non-tech savvy business owners.

Even when it comes to setting up an online shop, you don’t need an eCommerce developer or knowledge in coding to get started as almost everything is built-in with the WordPress CMS – user management, site stats, RSS feeds, and more.

Further, there are thousands of free themes to choose from, suitable for different kinds of websites. Whatever look you want your website to have, there are sure to be plenty of options to choose from.

WordPress is very flexible and can accommodate plugins for additional functions. Plugins are designed to extend functionality in your site with features that are tailored to your specific needs.

Here are some of the most popular WordPress plugins, that I can recommend:


Yoast SEO

The complete solution to all SEO website needs. Whether it’s about optimizing your blog posts with keywords or adding meta descriptions the free YOAST plugin is all you need. I recommend using it from the very first blog post. Just go to your WordPress dashboard –> Add plugins –> Search ‘Yoast’ in the bar.

Akismet Anti-Spam

This plugin protects your website from spam comments. Whenever a visitor leaves a comment to your site, Akismet filters out if it’s a spam or not. As your blog grows, the number of spam comments increases so this plugin will protect you from spammers and we all hate them, right ?

WP Smush

A must-use plugin for all image optimization needs. WP Smush is a WordPress plugin that allows to optimize and compress all of your images for free. Heavy images slow down your website. This plugin quickly smush every single image you add to your media library.


Social share buttons are required to share your posts on social media channels. Mashshare is a popular plugin that has pretty buttons which makes social sharing feasible. Once you start using them on your site, you will find how pretty they look.

Social Pug

Add highly customizable social share buttons on your website to enhance the interaction with your readers. Social pug allows placing the buttons before and after the content. It’s free, but you can always upgrade to enjoy the wonderful premium features.

All in One WP Security

It’s a comprehensive, easy to use and well-supported security plugin. It protects against login attacks and hackers. The best thing is it’s 100% Free and you won’t need to pay for anything.

Updraft Backup

When you run a website, you got to be very smart in taking backups very often. You never know when your site get messed up, and you would lose all the data on your site.

So, the free updraft gives you the one-minute solution where you can take manual backups every week, and just download them on your laptop. When you upgrade, you can enjoy automatic backups, etc.

The success path for your making money online business is never the same from person to person for the simple reason that our life experience and life situations are different.

How convenient it would be if there was a perfect online business blueprint that everybody could use for online success! – But there is not a perfect blueprint that
works for everybody, because we as mentioned are all different people with different backgrounds and life situations.

Therefore, you have to create your own successful online business journey – by using the “RIGHT BASICS” for your personal online business blueprint.

Your personal online business blueprint very much depends on how much time and effort you’re willing to put into your online business every week.

I will here give you input to what basics you, in my opinion, need to succeed in the making money online business. It is my experience, that if you don’t have these basics
in place when you are working with the making money online business – there will be a big risk, that you will fail in the making money online business.

To have these basics in place is no guarantee that you will succeed in the making money online business, but if you work with these 5 basics:

– Your mindset.

– Perseverance.

– Motivation.

– A dedicated work effort.

– A thoughtful business strategy.


And you get these basics in place, right from the start of your online business, then there is no limit where you can get with your making money online business.

HOW DO I KNOW THAT ? I have already been through the process – I have in previous years searched the internet on and off trying to make the “easy online money“, chasing the “magic button projects“. All I ever did was lose money on it to one scam money online program or another.

If you work with the above basics then you can avoid a lot of failures when you start up your online business and get on the right track right from the start with your making money online business.

No matter what other says or scam projects that try to convince you about “easy and fast money“, then I can tell you from my own experience, There are no “magic button projects” you can use in the making money online business world. To succeed in the online business world requires exactly the same dedicated effort to be successful as in any other industry – online or outside the online world – Simple as that.

If you do the work with your online business THE RIGHT WAY and give yourself the TIME – if you make an agreement with yourself, that you are willing to do ‘whatever it takes as long as it takes’ – YOU WILL SUCCEED with your online business – simple as thatTRUST ME

When I started up with my making money online business, I took some wrong turns in the start-up phase and never made any money with my online business. This set me back, and you can avoid these wrong choices, by learning from my mistakes.

The niche you choose has a great deal to do with the success of your online business.

My best advice is to choose a niche that you are passionate about and build your online business around that niche. Even if the niche turns out not working, then it is OK, because you have learned more about a niche that you are interested in and passionate about! Further, you have started your learning process with making money online, and got the feeling of what it’s like to go for it and make an online business.

It is important that you see your start-up phase as a learning process instead of an earning process.

Remember you can often learn a lot of important things from your failures and you will get experience and that is very important when you move on with your online business. Remember a lot of successful people did not succeed the first time they tried to establish a business, but the successful people learned from their failures and used it to the next business or to make their existing business project even better.

When you start up your making money online business, you will be writing a lot of content about your topic (to build up trust within your niche), and it is just so much easier when you are passionate about the things you are writing about.

I have tried to pick a niche that everybody said was profitable, but it did not interest me. Working with that niche was like going to a job that I just hated. I quickly lost motivation and of course, failed with that niche.

Based on my failure and experience with that niche I instead picked another niche that I was passionate about and this niche is just so much more fun to work with – like a hobby. I keep motivated to work with it and while I have been working with the niche I have not thought about money as the driver for the business, but my driver of that business is the kick I get when I can help other people, but as a bonus, I am now also earning money from that niche and it is
growing every month.

And you must also remember when you are passionate about something you will often also be good at what you are passionate about. Further, people can often “feel” if you are passionate about the content you are writing about.

Quality content for the niche you are working with is the main key to the success of your online business because that will build trust with your visitors and potential customers. Trust is a key factor if you want to earn money from your online business.

So picking the right niche for YOU is one of the single most important aspects to become successful with your making money online business.

How convenient it would be if there was a perfect blueprint that everybody could use for online success! – But there is not a perfect blueprint that works for everybody, because we are all different people with different backgrounds and life situations, so the time you can invest in your online business is different from person to person.

You can put in 2 hours a week or you can put in 2 hours a day in your online business. It’s totally up to you and depends on whether you have other commitments.

The fact is, the more time you spend on your business, the faster you can see results and the more money you earn.​

So, if you want to see better results and earnings, you should invest more time into your business, if possible.

But whether you are able to put 2 hours a day or 2 hours a week with your online business, you will see results in the future, if you remain focused and work with consistent and patience.

Therefore, I recommend that you every week put up a work schedule for your online business, because it will help you to keep focus and create quality content for your online business every month, if you want success with your online business.

Staying consistent and creating quality content every month will also tell the Search Engines to send over ‘sitemap spiders’ to your website and the more you stay on track the more spiders they will send to your website.

If you remain consistent and create quality content relating to your niche, the Search Engines will over time reward you with good rankings for relevant keywords, and that can give your website lots of relevant FREE traffic from potential customers.

Keep that in mind.

When you start up with your making money online business I recommend that you learn the basic stuff about the different topics that are important for your online business.

I am thinking of topics like:

  • Setting up your website.
  • Designing your website.
  • Understanding keywords and keyword research process.
  • How to create quality website content (that gets ranked in the Search Engines).
  • Search Engine Optimization –  Understanding the Principles of Website Traffic.
  • Social Media Marketing.

But you are only one person, and even if your business is your full-time job, there are only so many hours in a day. Therefore, you can’t be expected to come up with all of
the ideas, do all of the research, write all of the content, and promote all of your sites all at the same time if you want to be serious with your online business and scale it up.

Therefore, it is here where outsourcing comes in. There are many different things you can outsource, such as website design, content creation, promoting your website, Social
Media Marketing and more.

But before you start outsourcing things related to your business, it is a good idea, that you have a basic understanding of the things you outsource, so you are able to
test if the things you are outsourcing are done in a proper way.

If you spend your time on the things you’re good at (and enjoy), and hire someone else to do the rest, you’ll get a lot more done, with more quality, and get it done a lot

Maybe you have seen some of the successful Internet Marketing people promoting all of their products. Do you think they do everything themselves ? No – most of them have
multiple people working for them.

They do the parts, that they are good at, such as creating the products, and then have others do all of the promoting, customer service, and more. Only doing the things you
like the most and outsource the rest, also makes your online business more fun for you, since you’ll be doing what you like and what you’re good at.

Furthermore, since you are doing what you’re good at, you will often end up making even more money, since you will be able to get more done while you have people who know what they are doing do the parts that you aren’t good at.

When you have the right people helping you, you will get a lot more done, get it done faster, with more quality and will be making more money before you know it.

FAQ - Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you are promoting products or services of other company’s to earn a percentage of every single sale. Therefore an affiliate is someone who promotes other companies products or services.

As an affiliate, you will from the affiliate company receive a unique affiliate link that you share to promote your affiliate products. The affiliate link work, so that every time someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link, you earn a percentage of the sale of the product related to that affiliate link, known as a commission.

Companies get involved with affiliate marketing because often the company saves money and time on advertising by working with affiliates. With lots of the more traditional advertisement, it can be very difficult for the company to figure out their return on investment – ROI – when you compare the advertisement costs with the sale the company receives through the advertisement.

The big advantage with affiliate marketing is, that the company only need to pay advertisement costs, if their affiliates make conversion of the companies products, so by having an affiliate program the company will know the costs of their advertisement.

Affiliate marketing is a great business for a number of reasons :

  • You can start it from anywhere – all you need is a laptop and an internet connection.
  • It is very low cost to start-up with affiliate business, compared to almost any other business.
  • You don’t need to pay for business premises, staff or products.
  • There are no products to deliver or store yourself. Products are delivered by the “vendor” – the product creators/owners.
  • Customer service is taken care of by the product owners.
  • You can build up your affiliate business around existing work – as en extra income – until your affiliate income grows.
  • You can scale an affiliate business up with tools available online.
  • You don’t have to trade your time for money with affiliate marketing in the same way as you do in a normal job. Automation can allow you to earn more without working more.
  • Automation lets you make sales while you are sleeping and grow your business with online advertising, content creation and through various other means.
  • If you work with your Affiliate business THE RIGHT WAY, it can over time become your full-time job.

It’s easy to reel off all the positives aspects about affiliate marketing and never say anything negative. But of course, it’s not all plain sailing. Affiliate business is like any other kind of work. There is work to be done. There are things to learn.

So here’s a list of things which you have to be aware of with affiliate marketing:

  • Affiliate marketing is performance related. Depending on which side of the fence you stand on this might determine how you perceive affiliate marketing. If you are struggling with your monthly budget this isn’t such a great thing, because it often takes some time, before you start earning money with affiliate marketing. If you’re doing well with your monthly budget, then affiliate marketing can be perfect for you!
  • You don’t get paid every month unless you make the sales. This isn’t a job. It’s a business. Unless you make sales you don’t get paid.
  • It takes time to learn to work with affiliate marketing THE RIGHT WAY and then you need to implement that knowledge. The timescale for this can be different from person to person and the niche you are working with.
  • Like any business, there are also tough times in affiliate marketing. Some people quit when things get tough. The ones who don’t quit are the achievers in affiliate marketing.
  • You can spend a lot of time doing things which don’t move your business forwards without realizing.
  • Unless you personally know successful affiliate marketers it’s not so easy to get personal training and mentoring.
  • If you already have a full-time job you need to find time to run your business alongside it.
  • Affiliate marketing will often not be profitable immediately. Some struggle for years with affiliate marketing and others have success much earlier. If you will be successful with your affiliate business is very much about if you work with your affiliate business THE RIGHT WAY.
  • You get out what you put in. Don’t expect to be successful with affiliate marketing without a good deal of hard work.
  • It’s up to YOU if you get successful with affiliate marketing. You can’t just join affiliate marketing and make it successful just like that. Your success is determined by YOU entirely – but you can get a good start with the right knowledge and training.


If you want to read my review of what I think is the best affiliate training program that deals with how you THE BEST WAY way work with your affiliate marketing businessClick Here

I started learning about affiliate marketing several years ago. When I started up I made the BIG mistake to jump from one “shiny object” to another. Every different “Internet Guru” taught a different method. I kept changing tact so often that I didn’t stick at any direction for long enough to make it work.

Even though some results were coming through, I abandoned many strategies to make money online before they had a chance to come to fruition.

When you are working with affiliate marketing, it takes time to build a solid and sustainable business online and you shouldn’t expect too much too soon. Affiliate marketing is just like any other kind of business, it takes time to build the foundation of the business.

Therefore, find a strategy which works for you and stick with it!

Of course, you also need to work with your affiliate business regularly. Little and often is better than much and seldom.

If you are working with your affiliate business to become your side income, then try and spend time on your affiliate business every day/week and make it a habit.

Given time and doing the right activities, your affiliate business will then over time start to produce results.

As your confidence and knowledge about affiliate marketing grow you will start working more at the most important tasks which produce the best results for your affiliate business.

Therefore when you get more knowledge about your affiliate marketing business, you will use your working time on the right activities for your affiliate business.

The Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto discovered that 80% of effects come from 20% of causes. This is known as the 80/20 rule or as Pareto’s Principle and it’s important for affiliate marketers.

If most of your sales come from 20% of your activities, it’s a good idea to focus mainly on those activities, once you discover your best-performing activities – You can read more about the Pareto Principle Here

Your working schedule

It’s quite exciting starting your own affiliate marketing business. You can get to choose your working hours, work from home and do whatever you want. BUT, This is also a big danger because it can mean you waste a lot of time being a “busy fool“.

Sharpening your pencils, watching TV and browsing and chatting on social media are all obvious activities which won’t move your affiliate business forwards. Some activities you might do in the full belief that they will move your affiliate business forwards even though they don’t.

This is being a busy fool and it takes a wise affiliate to seek the wisdom out to learn which activities to pursue and which to abandon.

Therefore a good and effective working schedule for your affiliate marketing business is important to how successful your affiliate marketing business will be in the future.

I will here show you 4 simple steps that you can do to start-up your own affiliate business using the platform where I work with my affiliate marketing business – The Wealthy Affiliate Platform.


1 –  Choose an Interest

What interests you ? We all have a hobby or something we are passioned about or that gets us excited and motivated when we think about it. There are millions of different ideas that you could potentially tap into online and at the Wealthy Affiliate Training Platform you will get help to come up with your very own “topic”, that you can work with when you start up your affiliate marketing business.

Let’s say for example you were interested in “pets”. That could be the start of the idea for your website and what your affiliate business is built off of. There are 2.8 billion people online and regardless of the topic you choose, you can be very successful online!

This can be absolutely anything that interests you and at the Wealthy Affiliate training platform, you can even have pre-selected topics and training on how to narrow down your topic within Wealthy Affiliate.

The goal with your affiliate business is to have FUN with what you are doing. When you choose a passion, success is much more likely to follow.

2 – Build a Website

When working with affiliate marketing it is important to Build your very own website, and that is very SIMPLE within Wealthy Affiliate. The process takes less than 1 minute to build a beautiful looking, affiliate revenue ready website.

This website is going to be the foundation of your affiliate business and if you work with your website THE RIGHT WAY, that will ultimately lead to a successful venture.

In a matter of seconds, you will have your own website up and running, and you can hereafter choose a design for your website that appeals to you. If you are interested in pets, you are going to build my very own “pets” website.

This website is going to be the foundation for your affiliate business and where you will be able to write about, review, and discuss everything related to your topic.

3 – Attract Visitors

Your main goal before you try to make money with any website is to focus on getting relevant traffic to your website. Without people, you have no business so this is a critical stage.

Within the first few lessons at Wealthy Affiliate you are going to be learning all about the most current traffic techniques and how you can get an ABUNDANCE of relevant customers to your website through rankings in all the search engines…like Google, Bing & Yahoo.

More People = More Opportunity!

In the case the “Pets” website, you are going to focus on getting people that are interested in this particular topic to your website. This is very easy to do and you will be taught the exact process within the Wealthy Affiliate training platform.


4 – Earn Affiliate Revenue

Once you have an audience (traffic), you can begin to promote products and services through special programs called “affiliate programs” which are free to join. These allow you to promote pretty much anything you can imagine without having to own or create the product yourself. No inventory. No shipping.

You send the traffic to the company website, they pay you a commission of up to 75% if your visitors buy something.

There are MILLIONS of products/services that you can promote as an affiliate.

For example, there are over 400.000 different types of “pet products” on Amazon alone, and you can earn commissions for promoting any one of them.

Once you understand how the “initial” process works and how to get traffic, there are MANY more ways in which you can make money from your website. At Wealthy Affiliate Platform you will be taught all about the proper techniques to build, and scale your affiliate business.

You can be a FREE Member of Wealthy Affiliate Training Platform and you can sign up Here 

Before you get sucked into the rabbit hole of possibilities and start promoting all the wrong things before you even do any research about what affiliate marketing is and how to use it, do this:

Make a list of products, services, and goods that you actually love and use. Include everything that you have already mentioned on your blog and that is related to what you write about.

Now think about who reads your blog. Who is your audience ? What products would make their lives better ?

And only after that go hunting for the affiliate programs for the things on your list!

You have to be aware of, that not all business models are equal in affiliate marketing. Physical products, for example, pay you much lower commissions than digital products.

Digital products allow you to earn more because there is less cost in storage and delivery involved. Digital products can be delivered automatically over the internet, making the cost involved almost nothing. Storage of digital products too is very cheap unlike with physical products.

The savings can be passed on to affiliate marketers who often earn from 40% – 60% commissions on the sale of digital products.

Another affiliate business model is membership products, where affiliate marketers earn regularly from sales they made previously.

If you create content which will promote and sell products over and over again, wouldn’t it make sense for those products to offer you regular commissions each ? By choosing products which offer more value, affiliates can earn regular commissions from every sale they make. This is far better than selling single products for only one commission per sale.

If you don’t have a blog yet, but want to start-up affiliate marketing, then start by reading this article – Affiliate Marketing BeginnersClick Here 


How to find affiliate programs ?

Finding affiliate programs and applying to them is easier than you might think.

The first thing you want to do is look up all the products, shops and services in your list, and Google them next to the term “affiliate program”.

I also recommend you to join at least one or two affiliate networks (affiliate networks are third party managing systems that have hundreds of affiliate programs under them, but you use only one platform to access them all and get paid) such as AWIN or Share A Sale

If you join a specific affiliate program, then all programs have a different application process, but unlike ad networks, most don’t care about the number of page-views you have. They only care if you have a professional looking platform (a blog) and if you write about topics that are relevant to their products.


Where do you go from here ?

So you got accepted into all these programs but you don’t know what to do next. The idea is simple: start including affiliate links in your old posts first and then create strategies that can put your links in front of your audience.

Then take one new product at a time and create a strategy for it. Where could you promote it ? How do you get people to click on it to find out more ?

Get creative and don’t give up! Here are a few ideas about where you can promote affiliate offers successfully:

  • Create a resource library and list your favorite products and services.
  • Write a tutorial or a review.
  • Place affiliate links on thank you pages.
  • Promote your affiliate reviews on Pinterest.
  • Send a newsletter & share your experience with that affiliate product or service.


Is affiliate marketing a topic that you don’t know enough about, but want to learn more about ?

I can help you with this by simply clicking this link – FREE Affiliate Marketing Course –  – and this course will give you an easy step-by-step introduction to affiliate marketing.

The time it takes to make money with affiliate marketing is never the same from person to person for the simple reason that our life experience and life situations are different.

Each one of us has our own potential success story to be written.

How convenient it would have been if there was a perfect blueprint that everybody could use for affiliate marketing success! – But there is not a perfect blueprint that works for everybody, because we are all different people with different backgrounds and life situations.

Therefore, we have to create our own hero’s affiliate journey – by using the ‘RIGHT TOOLS’ for your personal successful affiliate blueprint.

Your personal affiliate blueprint very much depends on how much time and effort you’re willing to put into your affiliate business every week and every single day.

For me personally, I have now been working part-time with my current affiliate business since the start of 2018, and I have already for some time seen results of my work, and it is increasing every month.

It will be different from person to person, but let me repeat because this is important – if you have the right mindset and are willing to do ‘whatever it takes as long as it takes’ – YOU WILL SUCCEED with your affiliate business – simple as that.

If you are newbie to affiliate marketing it is very important that you find a good training program with a good reputation, where you can do your training/learning, set-up a plan and stick to that plan, and the results will come to you if you are working with your affiliate business the RIGHT WAY and is thinking long-term – Believe me. Whether it works for you all depends on YOURSELF!

This misconception is often based on common questions like: “There are already many high ranking websites and reviews within the affiliate marketing business out there, so how can I as a newbie compete with that” ? or “where can I find new products that have low competition and where I have a chance” ?

Questions like that are actually often the misconceptions which prevent many people from even taking the action to work with the affiliate marketing business, am I right ?


There are tons of opportunities in the affiliate marketing world. Do your work the RIGHT WAY and you will have plenty of interesting opportunities where you will be able to find your own “Blue Ocean” in the affiliate marketing world.

If you have done your research the right way, most of the time, you can find at least one or two posts/websites on the first page of Google which is easy to outrank with the right keyword phrase and some quality content, if you are working with your affiliate business THE RIGHT WAY……….

Therefore, you will succeed in your affiliate marketing business if you stop worrying about competition and focus on doing the actual work for your online business!

Affiliate marketing is different from traditional business where you often need to beat your competitors and win a bigger market share to earn more money.

In affiliate marketing, your job is to understand the needs/problems of your target audience and offer them solutions.​

As long as you can choose a good niche/target audience and market good solutions to them, you can make money with affiliate marketing.​

Therefore my best advice to overcome your fear of too many competitors out there is to pick a niche that you are passionate about.

You will be writing a lot of content about your topic (to build up trust within your niche), and it is just so much easier when you are passionate about the things you are writing about. And when you are passionate about things you don’t think about competition, you work with your business because it is fun for you to work with your business.

And you must also remember when you are passionate about something you will often also be good at what you are passionate about. Further people can often “feel” if you are passionate about the content you are writing about.

Quality content for the niche you are working with is the main key to the success of your affiliate marketing business because that will build trust with your visitors and potential customers. Trust is a key factor if you want to earn good money from your affiliate marketing business.

The brutal truth about affiliate marketing is that 9 out of 10 who start up with affiliate business will fail – why ?

The good thing is –  Everybody can succeed when they work with affiliate marketing, even with no previous experience with online marketing, so why will lots of people FAIL when they start-up the affiliate business ?

The main reason with the many failures in affiliate business lays in our nature.

A lot of us want easy money for little work. It is in our nature, that we dream of avoiding hard work and seek pleasure, if possible, and many of us are impatient and want to be rewarded as soon as possible.

And the problem is, that when you search the internet about affiliate marketing, then you can find a lot of affiliate projects, that promises you easy money with very little work.

Let me tell you right here from the start, that this kind of projects are scam projects, but it is our human instincts that the scammers of the affiliate and making online money projects are playing with to get you to sign up to their making money online scam projects, where the scammers offer shiny projects often programs with a “MAGIC BUTTON“, where you are promised to earn lots of money online in a short time with very little work.

A lot of newbies in the online business world will end up chasing all kind of new making money online opportunities and never getting anywhere.

After they have tried several of these fantastic “magic button projects” and discovered that it is not working, they lose motivation (and money), and THAT IS THE BRUTAL REASON WHY 9 of 10 FAILS IN THE MAKING MONEY ONLINE BUSINESS.

The truth is there is no ‘magic button’ you can use in affiliate marketing. To succeed in the affiliate marketing world requires exactly the same dedicated effort to be successful as in any other industry – online or outside the online world – Simple as that.

Most people will struggle when they start-up with affiliate marketing and work hard in the start-up phase and see no results, and therefore many people lose motivation and quit.

You have to remember that anything worthwhile business takes time to build-up. This is no different with affiliate marketing.

But if you work with these 5 important features:

– Your mindset.

– Perseverance.

– Motivation.

– A dedicated work effort.

– A thoughtful business strategy.

Then you will have a great opportunity to make your affiliate marketing business to a source of full-time or part-time passive income for you.

The short answer is NO

Often the concern about affiliate marketing that it will be saturated in the future comes from the fact, that more and more people are doing affiliate marketing online, and therefore affiliate marketing will become saturated one day.

This concern is understandable but redundant.

While it’s true that the number of affiliates is growing rapidly, don’t forget that the number of customers purchasing products online, with the rapid increase in internet trading, are growing at a much faster pace.

With the advancement in technology, there are more and more people having access to the Internet every day. This means there are more and more potential customers every single day.

Further, affiliate marketing is getting more and more popular among companies as an advertisement feature. The main reason is, that the company with affiliate marketing only will have to pay advertisement costs if the company get a sale through affiliate marketing.

With lots of the more traditional advertisement, it can be very difficult for the company to figure out their return on investment – ROI – when you compare the advertisement costs with the sale the company receives through the advertisement, but with affiliate marketing the company knows exactly the advertisement costs compared to the total sales and that makes the sales budgeting much more easy for the companies using affiliate marketing.

Therefore, affiliate marketing can only grow in the future.

I also don’t know anything about coding!

Even if you know nothing about coding your worry about website building is unnecessary because the technology today allows people to easily build their own professional looking website without any coding knowledge.

When building a website I recommend to use WordPress, because it is the most popular Content Management System (CMS), and WordPress allows you to manage and edit your website in a user-friendly interface without using any kind of coding.

There are several types of website builders on the market.

I use SiteRubix, which is a powerful website builder, that can build your website in minutes adopting WordPress as the CMS.​

The Amazon Affiliate Program – – is one of the most popular affiliate programs, but can you make money from it ?

Regardless of what stage of blogging you are at, you have probably at some point heard about the Amazon Affiliate Program. Maybe you are even using it to monetize your blog right now ?

If you are (or if you have ever tried to), then you know how hard it can be to make real money with this program; most bloggers don’t make more than a few cents per month!

The reason why a lot of bloggers struggle making money with the Amazon Affiliate program is that the cookies only last for 24 hours. Which means if the person who clicked on your link doesn’t buy something from Amazon within the next 24 hours after clicking on your link, then you won’t get paid.

Does that mean you should give up on the Amazon Affiliate Program ? No not at all

The Amazon Affiliate Program is actually on top of the list of the most joined affiliate programs for bloggers.

The first reason for this is because once you figure out how to increase the conversion rates from your Amazon Affiliate links, then the Amazon affiliate program can be very profitable.

Another reason why the Amazon Affiliate Program is on top of the affiliate program lists is that Amazon works for nearly every niche. There are literally millions of products available on Amazon, from books, to clothes, to screwdrivers, to anything you can possibly think of. No matter what your blogging niche is, there will very often be a product on Amazon you can promote to your audience.

Which leads me the third reason, everybody uses Amazon! It’s a lot easier to sell affiliate products to someone when that person is already using that platform all the time. Amazon is a highly trusted brand, and people won’t hesitate to purchase something from Amazon.

Last but not least, Amazon is a sales machine. Their sales funnel is incredibly good. From the moment you land on the site and start browsing through it, their algorithm will start saving information about your interests and show you exactly what you like. It’s hard to resist, making their conversion rate very high. So, once you’ll get someone to click on your affiliate link, there is a high probability that they will purchase something!

When you see other people’s progress, it gives you the confidence to move forward and take action and therefore, I want to show you that you actually can make money with the Amazon affiliate program.

I want to share with you how Craig made $4.197 online with the Amazon affiliate program – Click Here 

It has been a pleasure to follow Craig’s progress on Wealthy Affiliate, which is also the training platform, that I am using.

He started in April 2017.

Now his site is generating him a consistent passive income and It’s also growing step by step.

This is of course just a small piece of what will happen when he keeps on taking action.

I’m sure Craig will reach $5,000 or $10,000/month in this year 2019, and his website is only using the Amazon affiliate program.

As I always love to say:

If Craig can do it, YOU can do it too.

And the website is in the pets niche.

So, it’s nothing complicated.

Craig just followed the steps that The Wealthy Affiliate training platform is teaching and it works.

But remember this:

It is only working because Craig is taking consistent action.

So if you want results, you must take consistent action as well.

That’s the most important requirement.

You can join the Wealthy Affiliate Training platform for FREE – Click Here 

FAQ - Traffic & Search Engine Optimization - SEO

There’s one guarantee with the Making Money Online niche. Without traffic, you won’t make any sales. Without sales, you won’t make any profit. Therefore it is traffic generation which makes or breaks an affiliate marketer.

There are several ways to generate traffic to your online products and they all fall into two categories:

  • Paid Traffic.
  • Free Traffic.

Paid traffic is fast. It is like turning on a “tap”, and you get traffic to your website. Free traffic takes much longer. Free traffic can, for example, be generated by creating content and sharing it online.

Depending on your particular circumstances and budget, you may decide to choose one method over another or a combination of both. Not all traffic is equal either. All traffic doesn’t convert to sales. You need targeted traffic to get the right people to your products.

Targeted Traffic

Targeted traffic is the kind of website visitor who wants exactly what you have. If you are spending time or money creating content and advertising to sell affiliate products on the internet, you need to make sure you are promoting to the right people. Therefore, you want buyer traffic, not just any kind of traffic.

There’s a massive difference between targeted traffic and random traffic. Targeted traffic to your website (or offers) often turns into sales. Random traffic doesn’t.

Make sure you spend all your time focusing on creating content and advertising to the right audience for your products. Otherwise, you can end up wasting a lot of time and effort (and money).

Traffic with Content Creation

You can generate traffic to your website by creating and sharing content and this is probably the cheapest way to get started as an affiliate marketer.

By writing quality and compelling website content and sharing on social media you can generate interest in your chosen topic and bring visitors to your website from social media platforms and from the Search Engines.

This does take time and you need to write a lot of content to get regular targeted traffic to your website, but when the traffic is running through content creation, then it is very effective (and free).

Buying Traffic – Pay Per Click

Buying traffic and sending it directly to your website, your products or down your sales funnel is the fastest way to build an affiliate business.

Within a few hours, your adverts can be sending targeted traffic directly to your affiliate offers.

There’s a number of online platforms which allow you to do this and they allow you to test and measure all aspects of your online marketing. Google Adwords, Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo all have paid for advertising programs which anyone can join.

The fastest way to start an online business is to use a product with multiple income streams, which lets you benefit from a pre-built sales funnel. You can then simply send paid and well-target traffic directly to your offers.

Pay per click advertising allows you to build up your advertising expenditure slowly at a rate you can afford.

Once you are seeing a good return you can more easily scale paid for advertising by simply increase your daily paid advertising budget.

A common problem that many new bloggers face is not having anyone reading their blog when they start-up their new blog.

To get FREE traffic through the Search Engines can take time because first, the Search Engines have to learn about your blog/website, and see that you are making quality content at your blog/website before the Search Engines will start sending Free traffic to your blog/website.

I know all about the traffic issue in the start-up phase because I’ve been there too !

So here are 5 quick tips I have discovered to overcome this lack of traffic to my blog/website!

1. Create an email list and a freebie, and start promoting it BEFORE your launch your blog! You can read more about email marketing – Click Here 

2. Join Facebook groups related to your blog niche and interact and create relationships with your potential readers. Then, promote your blog posts if the group rules allow it!

3. Learn everything you can about Pinterest. Pinterest is what gives most bloggers traffic from Social Media, so believe me when I say you want to learn how to master it!. You can read more about Pinterest Marketing – Click Here 

4. ALWAYS create helpful, valuable content for your readers. Whenever writing a new post, then thinking about how valuable this post is going to be to your readers should be your #1 priority. Helpful articles will make your readers remember you and come back to your blog/website!

5. Start your blog the right way and get self-hosted from the start. This will give your blog so much more credibility, allow you to set up a beautiful & professional theme, allow you to have your own domain name which will be easier for your readers to remember and come back, and so much more.

I hope these tips will help you to bring more traffic to your new blog in the short run, but also remember to make proper Search Engine Optimization for your blog/website, because this will benefit your blog/website in the long run.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your blog/website, and content on your blog/website so that the Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo shows your content with relevant keywords as a top result, when people are searching for your relevant keyword.

In brief, SEO is the magic that makes your blog available for Search Engines and creates traffic to your blog/website.

But, it’s not just about finding the right keywords to rank for!

Wondering, what else SEO for your blog/website is about ?

Let me break SEO down for you;

  • Relevancy – This is about to be relevant to a given topic.
  • Authority – Authority in SEO terms is the qualitative that the Search Engines measure which strengthens the overall visibility and ranking of a website.
  • Keyword optimized blog postsYou can read more about keyword optimized posts – Click Here
  • General On-Site optimizationYou can read more about on-site optimization – Click Here 
  • General Off-Site optimizationYou can read more about of-site optimization – Click Here 
  • Website Speed – Website speed is your websites page load time and Google has indicated site speed (and as a result, page speed) is one of the signals used by its algorithm to rank pages.
  • Website design – Web design is more than just publishing some content for your blog/website. Web-design is also a matter of creating your blog/website in a way, so it is fast and easy to navigate for your visitors, and is also a factor when ranking your blog/website.
  • Trust (Authenticity and uniqueness) – Your blog/website will be ranked higher on specific Search Engine searches if the Search Engines see your blog/website a trustful site.
  • Links (Internal, external and backlinks) – Website links play an important role with the SEO process of your blog/website. Links can be used to drive traffic to your website, navigate visitors to the right pages and improve your SEO presence.


Next time when you think why your post is not ranking on Google, make sure to focus on these things above as well 🙂

In the next section, I will talk more about how you can do SEO for your blog/website.

As mentioned in the previous section links to your website are important. This is because links are a great way to give your readers some more relevant information about a topic, and creating links are also a very an important element when building an efficient SEO strategy for your website.

Your readers can have a big benefit from relevant links and it is a very good way to increase your reader’s user experience.

Here I will mention 3 types of links relating to your website:

External links.
– Internal links.
– Backlinks.

What are External links ?

When you insert a link to another website or blog from your own website – it is called an external or outbound link. External links are these kinds of links that take your readers/visitors from your website to content outside of your website.

You should not be afraid to use external links on your website. Sometimes bloggers are afraid of using external links because they are afraid of sending users away from their website, but when you connect your readers with great relevant information that helps your users to answer their question or solve their problem, then your readers will remember your website for that!

Relevant external links show that you are helping your readers and relevant external links are rewarded by the Search Engines by better ranking power for your website.

Therefore in every article I write then I try to use 1-2 external links to relevant authority sites, but you should also maintain a balance in your writing and not overdo your content with external links.

What are Internal Links ?

Internal links are the types of links that point to other pages on the same domain. Internal links are different from external links because external links take your readers out to webpages on other domains, while internal links keep your readers on the same website.

Internal links help the Search Engines to find, index and understand all of the webpages on your website. Therefore, internal linking is an important factor for any website that wants higher rankings in the Search Engines.

You should always have relevant internal links in your articles/posts because it is a way to help your reader to navigate around on your website. Therefore when you are linking to your own content with relevant internal links, your users follow these links and Google recognizes this as a signal that your website has something good and relevant to offer the visitors of your website.

Having relevant internal links also helps your readers staying longer time on your website and internal links can in that way also help your websites bounce rate. Bounce rate is an SEO factor that the Search Engines measures to determine the authority of your website.

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to your website who navigate away from your website after viewing only one page at your website. A high bounce rate tells the
Search Engines that people are leaving your website quickly after visiting it and a high bounce rate can be a signal, that the website doesn’t have very useful information
to the visitors. A low bounce rate tells the Search Engines that your visitors are visiting your website and then browsing around on other pages of your website looking for
more interesting information.

Therefore, it is important to have a lot of relevant internal links at your webpages to help your readers and to gain a low bounce rate, which will help your website to be looked like an authority website within your niche and hereby getting better rankings by the Search Engines.


What are Backlinks ?

A backlink is simply a link to your website from a source outside your website. In short, it is when an outside source “links back” to your website.

When you have a good number of backlinks from other authority websites in your niche, then it is an important factor for your websites SEO and ranking. The reason is, that
the Search Engines sees all these backlinks to your website as other websites value the content of your website and it is an important factor when deciding if your website should
be an authority website in your niche.

When the Search Engines see your website as an authority website in your niche, then your articles/posts will rank higher in the Search Engines.

When you focus on backlinks it is very important to focus on creating quality content and getting backlinks the RIGHT WAY and don’t try to cheat the Search Engines by “fake”
backlinks from link farms or black-hat SEO. If the Search Engines find out that you are trying to cheat the system, then you risk a penalty of your website and that can affect your websites Search Engine Rankings in a very bad way.

Therefore focus on creating quality content and getting backlinks the correct way that will create real authority and rankings for your website, that won’t disappear overnight when the Search Engines periodically changes its algorithm for catching the cheaters of the system.

In my opinion, WordPress is the king of the hill when it comes to blogging platforms and you can see how popular the free WordPress platform is when it supports more than 70 million websites online. If you are building your website through the WordPress platform THE RIGHT WAY, you have the potential to get massive of free traffic coming to your website, and can create a consistent and part-time or full-time income!

One of your key-factors about the SEO optimization of your WordPress blog/website is your websites page-speed.

You can use this free page-speed tool to test the speed of your website – Click Here 

One of the most important issues, that can slow your website is non-optimized images. If the images of your website are not optimized, then your images can simply take up too much space memory-wise and make your website very slow to load.

As mentioned your website speed is a key factor in your Search Engine ranking, and therefore it is important that you optimize the images of your website.

If you use the WordPress platform for your website, then you are able to optimize the images of your website automatically. Many people like to know how to edit and resize your images, but why not save that time and use a free plugin that can do everything about optimizing your images for your website in the background ?

My favorite free plugin for optimizing images in WordPress is called Smush Image Compression and Optimization, also known as WP Smush.

The great thing about the WP Smush plugin is, that not only will WP Smush resize the images of your website automatically, but WP Smush will also strip hidden bulky information from your images to reduce their file size without losing quality. This is known as image compression.

Therefore use the WP Smush plugin for your WordPress website to automize your image optimization and this will help your websites page-speed.

To summarize all the benefits of image optimization:

  • Your website will be faster.
  • Your websites Page-speed score will be better.
  • When your websites page-speed improve, then the Search Engines will like your website more and your websites search engine rankings will improve.
  • Your website will need less storage on your servers and your website will spend fewer resources on servers, which will save you money.
  • Your website will save mobile data plan money for yourself and your visitors.

If done correctly, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – will benefit your blog/website in four ways:

  • Good SEO will allow your website to come up in search results for the most profitable search queries (also called keywords);
  • Good SEO will improve your Search Engine rankings – that is, the position at which a page from your website appears in the search engine results;
  • Good SEO will ensure that the best page from your website appears in the results for each individual search query; and
  • Good SEO will improve the clickthrough rate to your website – that is, the ratio of users who click on your result as opposed to all others.


Performing good SEO is the only way for your website to rank higher in the search results without paying for advertising.

Good SEO helps you maximize the benefits of Search Engines as a marketing channel for your blog/website and good SEO can send a lot of FREE and relevant traffic to your blog/website.

So here is a SEO Checklist for newbies:



  • You must produce quality content.
  • Sometimes you need to reconstruct the format of the content (infographics, guides, blogposts).
  • Remember to write for readers, know what your readers want.
  • Often it is a good idea to give additional benefits to your readers – For example a freebie.



  • Use targeted keywords.
  • When you choose keywords, then imagine what your readers are looking for when they hit the “search bar” at the Search Engines.
  • Use long tail keywords, because they have lower competition and are more easy to rank for.
  • Insert keywords SMARTLY in the content – means use your keywords in a natural way, so you don’t trouble your readers!



  • Your headline should be well-written, so people want to read your post/article.
  • The title tag should have your main keyword.
  • Keep the title under 55 characters, including the keyword.
  • Try if you can use the keyword at the beginning of the title.



  • Make sure the description is under 150-160 characters.
  • The meta description should have the main targeted keyword.
  • The description should completely define the content inside the post/article.
  • Make a compelling meta description so that your readers find it interesting and appealing to CLICK at.



  • Use keywords intelligently in H2 headings.
  • Use relevant keywords in the H3 headings.



  • Add appropriate links to your posts/articles – both outgoing links and internal links.
  • A good website for outgoing links is Wikipedia
  • The visitor should find your blog pages informative and highly valuable.
  • Engage your readers with your content.



  • Make sure to add alt text for your blog images.
  • Remember to use KEYWORDS in the alt text.
  • Your blog visual should also be optimized for SEO.



  • You should add YOAST SEO plugin to your WordPress blog.
  • Yoast plugin is free and easy to use.



  • Test your blog speed for good SEO results.
  • Use free tools like Google Pagespeed, Pingdom or GTmetrix to check the performance of your website speed.
  • Make necessary changes to your cache, image optimization, and any coding to improve page speed.

FAQ - Social Media

It is important that you have a plan for promoting your website/blog so that you get traffic to your website/blog and here is Social Media Marketing an important factor.

Maybe you have heard about the loss of organic reach in Social Media, particularly on Facebook. While this is true, Social Media is still an important promotion factor for your website/blog and therefore, I will here talk about using Social Media for your business.

Building a Social Media audience is important for social proof. As new people encounter your blog, they will want to understand your authority and expertise before taking your advice. The number of followers you have supports that. And while yes, some organic reach has declined, it’s not gone. Not even on Facebook. In fact, Social platforms like Pinterest are generating more organic reach for blogs than ever before.


1. Which social media platforms are important to your Social Marketing strategy ?

In my opinion the key social media platforms to consider are:

  • Facebook – page for social proof and advertising, group to build community.
  • Pinterest – blog branded account for own pins and sharing others pins.
  • Instagram – blog branded account for own pictures and stories.
  • YouTube – channel for videos.
  • Twitter – profile for own tweets and retweeting relevant content.
  • LinkedIn – if your content appeals to a professional audience.

Realistically, you could spend way too much time on Social Media. Therefore, it is important to choose one or two platforms where you will focus and then set any others to largely run on autopilot by using Social Media scheduling.

My strategy is currently to focus my highest energy on Pinterest – You can read more about why Pinterest is important for your website/blog – Click Here 

My secondary focus is Facebook, in particular, my Facebook group – You can see my Facebook Group Here – Click Here 

By tracking my Google analytics I can see both these 2 Social Media Platforms are driving both my highest engagement on the platform and the highest click through to my website.


2. How will you create content for Social Media ?

Your Social Media communities will receive updates on your blog posts if you share links on your feeds. But that’s not enough. I use Canva – – to create visuals to support additional content for my Engage/Entertain/Educate strategy.

For every blog post, this is when you can create your own eye-catching images to help engage your readers and entice them to click through to your blog. The social media platforms have become extremely visual so it’s important to prioritize this.


3. How often will you post content ?

This is the tricky one. It’s different for every platform and at the beginning of your blogging journey, you will never feel like you have enough content.

Generally speaking, I post to Facebook once per day, and Pinterest around 30 pins per day. On Twitter 3-4 times per week.

But how is that possible if you’re just creating one blog post per week ?

That’s where the additional visual content comes in. I batch create quotes, tips, and thoughts in Canva to fill in those gaps. On Twitter, I curate other people’s content as well as my own. And on Pinterest, I share a stack of other people’s pins.


But remember that Social media is a very individual experience, so make sure you are watching your website/blogs progress relating to your Social Media and adjust your Social Media marketing strategy all the time based on your current Social Media experience.

My favorite Social Media marketing is Pinterest………………... WHY ?

Often when you post on a Social Media, such as Facebook or Instagram, it disappears within a day, and therefore you must hope, that people see that post within 1-2 days – right ?

But, when you pin something on Pinterest, that same pin could be working for you YEARS later, and therefore, over time one pin at Pinterest can give massive traffic to your website.

The reason why your pins at Pinterest can be working for a long time is that Pinterest is actually a Visual Search Engine, and work the same way as Google, but just with more visual images.

Therefore I love Pinterest and I want to show you how you can grow your blog too! So let’s dig in!



If you are planning to use Pinterest for your blog; you need to have a business account. You can either create a new account or convert your personal account to a business account. It’s easy and it’s still free. By doing so, you will be able to use exclusive features like Pinterest analytics.

Having access to analytics is very important because this is where you can gather information on all the activity happening on your Pinterest account and see which pins are doing well and which ones aren’t. Concrete data will help you improve your Pinterest strategy.



For your account to look and feel professional, you need to be consistent with your brand identity. You need to use the same aesthetics as you do on your website. This means using the same color schemes, fonts, etc.

Therefore, Once someone takes a look at your profile page, they should already be able to grasp your blog’s theme, without even reading the descriptions. This includes having a great profile picture as well. As a blogger, you can use a fun and inviting photo that shows off your personality.



You need to fill out all the descriptions, titles, and links on your account. Since you will be using a Pinterest business account, you are now allowed to fill up the name of your blog or business instead of your personal name. In your Pinterest bio includes keywords your targeted reader would be searching for.



Pinterest is full of amazing photos, recipes, products, etc., but it doesn’t mean you should pin everything.

What you pin should be consistent with what your business or blog is all about. It’s tempting to pin that delicious looking chocolate cake, but if your blog is about fashion then your followers might get confused.

Create secret boards if you want to use your business account as a personal account. For your public boards, create ones that reflect who you are as a brand and a business.



Group boards are Pinterest boards with multiple contributors and each contributor can add new content to the board and are an amazing way to get your pins in front of new pinners.

Most group boards will have rules that you need to follow. Typically, you can find the rules and instructions on how to apply to a group board in the board’s description.



The more pinning activity you have on your account, the more engaged your followers will be with your content and you will rank higher in Pinterest’s Smart Feed algorithm.

I recommend pinning at least 30 pins per day. However, you can absolutely pin more! If you are really trying to grow your account I recommend pinning 50-100 pins per day. That may sound like a lot, but luckily for us, there are schedulers to plan out your pins for the week.

Tailwind – – is one of the best Pinterest schedulers out there and it’s very easy to use. You can set it up and then it automates almost all of your pinning processes. It seriously is a lifesaver for busy bloggers!



Be selective of what you pin. In addition to only pinning content that is relevant to your blog, you need to pin posts with great images. Horizontal photos get less attention than vertical photos. Choose tall vertical photos with beautiful composition and colors.



Installing a “Pin It” button on your website makes it easier for your visitors to pin your content. It’s a quick feature that will boost your pins and direct more traffic to your site. Make sure that with each post you have a vertical, high-quality image specifically created for Pinterest that they can share.



Over 80% of Pinterest traffic comes from mobile devices. If your site is not mobile responsive once the reader gets there, they probably won’t stick around for long.

Mobile responsiveness is when a site automatically adjusts its sizing, layout, and proportions to display better on a mobile device.

Try viewing your site on a phone to see how user-friendly it is. There are many WordPress themes – – that are mobile responsive and SquareSpace templates – – are automatically mobile

Firstly, why Pinterest ? Why not Facebook or Twitter?

Because the best thing you can do for your blog is gaining organic traffic. Organic traffic comes from a Search Engine.

While Pinterest has a social aspect (you can follow people, be followed, leave comments on pins and join Pinterest communities) it’s also a Search Engine. I like to call it a prettier Google.

Being found on Pinterest (if you know how to do it) is so much easier than coming up on the first page of Google.

If people that arrive at your blog have found you on a Search Engine this often means that they are interested in your topic and, if your content delivers, they will stick around.

An issue with Twitter, Facebook or Instagram is that your posts are short-lived. They appear in the newsfeed for a couple of hours only to be replaced with some new content soon after.

With Pinterest however, the half-life of a pin is 6 months. This means that once your blog post is on Pinterest people can find it forever.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t use other social networks. In fact, I encourage you to also use some unconventional platforms.

But believe me, once you understand how Pinterest works, Pinterest will be your best friend for your business.


How does Pinterest work for a normal user ?

People use Pinterest to find content that they want to read or save for future reference.

People can go onto Pinterest just to browse around. If this is the case, they will scroll through the Pinterest smart feed and read or save what attracts their attention.

Let’s say that I’m waiting for the bus and I have 15 minutes to kill. Sometimes I would probably open Pinterest and start scrolling through the home feed. If I found a pin about my interest ex. pets I probably will click on it and read the post linked to it. If the post is interesting I will save that pin for future reference on my pet board. Or if I find the pin but my bus is approaching I will pin it on my pet board for later.

Another way to use Pinterest is to go there with an idea in mind and search for it (using Pinterest “search engine capabilities”). Next, you choose between the pins shown on the search result feed.

Let’s say that I’m planning a trip to Vietnam. What I would do is type in my keyword Vietnam on the Pinterest search bar and pin all the pins that I think are useful to my board “trip to Vietnam”. Then I can read them when for example I’m planning my travel.


How you should use Pinterest for your business

Your goal is to make your pins findable and clickable on Pinterest and you can read more about how to use Pinterest THE RIGHT WAY for your business – Click Here


Pinterest resources to use

To help my Pinterest grow I use some resources that are really valuable. 

Here are some Pinterest tools that I can recommend:

Tailwind – I use Tailwind as a scheduler for Pinterest and a life saver. We will talk about it but you can start reading why I love Tailwind so much here.

Canva – Canva is a really easy to use Graphic app. I use Canva to create some of my pins but I also use Visme and Photoshop.

Social Warfare – I use Social warfare for all of my social networks but primarily for Pinterest because it really does make Pinterest marketing so much easier, because Social Warfare makes sharing your content fast and easy.

MiloTree – MiloTree is a very good tool if you need to grow your Pinterest followers.

Pingroupie – You can use Pingroupie find Pinterest Group Boards, that can help your Pinterest Marketing.

Here are 10 ways Pinterest can help your business to make money:


1. Increase ad revenue from your website.

One of the most passive ways to earn online income is through placing ads on your website. With ads, it comes down to two things – traffic and clicks.

By using Pinterest you are able to send more traffic back to your website, and with more traffic to your website, then ad income will naturally increase.

2. Sending Pinterest visitors to a landing page.

Visitors on Pinterest are generally looking for ideas or help to solve a problem.

By creating a pin that sends readers to a landing page, you can help your visitors to provide a free, immediate solution in exchange for your visitor’s email address.

This creates a win-win for everyone. Your audience is able to receive free help, and your business grows as a source of authority in your niche.


3. You can through Pinterest promote your brand’s products and services.

Depending on your business model, you can through Pinterest promote an array of products and services, such as:

  • Book or ebook.
  • Services (web-design, photography, babysitting, dog walking, etc.).
  • Etsy shop.
  • Home decor.
  • Food-related topics (cook-books, kitchen equipment, meal plans, etc.)
  • Pet-related topics.
  • Fitness (videos, dietary, etc.)
  • Digital products (printables).
  • and more!


4. Give away a freebie through your Pinterest marketing.

As I mentioned above, you can send Pinterest visitors to a landing page in exchange for an email opt-in, and that is a great way to grow your audience and provide value to your readers.

If you are wondering what you can provide as a ‘freebie’, here is a few ideas:

  • Digital chapter from your e-book.
  • Tips about a service-based business (ex: 5 ways how making money online can change your life).
  • Recipes for weight-loss.
  • Exercise tips.
  • Dating tips.
  • Printable checklists (ex: travel checklist).


5. Through Pinterest, you can attract new customers for your service-based business.

If you have a service based company, you should also be on Pinterest!

Pinterest is a great resource to find new customers, regardless if you are seeking local customers or online customers.

With Pinterest you can get potential customers to these pages on your website so that they can learn more about your company and business:

  • Home page.
  • Work with us / Serviced Offered.
  • Where your business is located.


6. You can through Pinterest partner with companies to create sponsored content.

Depending on your brand’s niche, partnering with another company can help grow your business.

Here are some of the benefits of creating sponsored content:

  • Sponsored content can include blog posts, articles, videos, social media promotion, email campaigns and more!
  • Sponsored content is financial compensation and/or complementary products and services. This is a great way to increase your revenue!
  • Sponsorships can increase your brand’s authority, which can lead to more paid opportunities!

Creating pins that send readers to view your sponsored content can help grow your brand and increase your authority.

This is also a great way for the sponsor to promote your pins and send new traffic to your website as well!


7. With Pinterest, you can share your ‘About’ page so your Pinterest audience can get to know you and your brand.

Before making a sale or landing a customer, readers want to know who YOU are and what your company is all about!

Create a pin that sends readers to your ‘About’ page so they can learn about your background to build trust with your potential customers.


8. Insert affiliate links into high performing posts to increase your revenue.

If you have a Pinterest pin that is getting a lot of clicks, make sure you are optimizing the click-through content, such as a blog post or video.

Make sure to include at least one affiliate link within the content.

  • An affiliate link is a URL link a reader can click on that allows you to earn a commission.
  • A commission can be in the form of financial compensation, credit, etc.

For example, let’s say you are sharing a tutorial on how to find something, then it would be helpful to provide the reader with any necessary links needed.

This saves the reader time from doing additional research, and allows you an opportunity to make revenue!


9. Add a resource / recommendations page.

Through Pinterest Pin’s you can send your potential customers directly to your company’s resources page. This allows the potential customer to know what products and services you would recommend to others.

Only recommend products that you have personally used, trust and believe in!

This can include things like:

  • Products you or your company have used or tested.
  • Service-based businesses.
  • Sponsors you have worked with in the past.
  • Helpful tutorials or additional training.
  • Complimentary brands.


10. Increase the engagement of your audience with a “round up” or “category” page.

Create a one-page round-up that shows your website’s best content or a specific category that can help a reader that is visiting your website.

This is a great place to send your Pinterest traffic because readers will often bookmark this type of page and refer back to it for reference!

This can include things like:

  • List of niche-specific blog posts or content articles.
  • Your best selling brand products.
  • Gift guides (holiday, birthday, themed).
  • And more!

A lot of people are using Instagram with success to promote their business, but there are also a lot of people using a lot of time on Instagram to promote their business and getting very less in return.

Therefore, it is important that if you are using Instagram to promote your business you want to make sure, that you are spending your hours on Instagram correctly (otherwise you risk investing a ton of time and seeing no results!)

Read the Instagram mistakes below and make sure you aren’t committing these “insta-crimes”!

1. Posting too regularly to Instagram

Yep, you heard me. Posting too much is a real thing! While some insta-gurus may encourage posting multiple times a day, I suggest straying from that strategy. While it can work in some circumstances, most Instagram users don’t want to be flooded with content from one person, all day, every day.

Instead, sticking to one post per day, or even one post every other day (gasp!) can actually lead to much better results. One of my friends, that has great success using Instagram for her business like to keep her posts spread out because she finds that she is getting more engagement when she gives the posts time to “shine” if you will.

When she posts two images too closely together, the first image stops getting engagement. So, therefore she recommends, that if you want an account that has great engagement on every image (which is key to proving your authority and getting brand sponsorships!) try spreading your posts out.

2. Not engaging with people outside of your current audience (i.e. your “target market”)

Here’s the thing…. posting pretty pictures is not enough to grow a following. You 100% have to make time to seek out your potential audience and engage with them. That means regularly giving other users likes and genuine comments (like you want to receive on your posts!).

By doing this you show that not only are you a real, authentic Instagram user (IG rewards this!), you also create a stream of targeted traffic to your feed.

How many times has someone liked or commented on your post and you immediately went over to their feed to see who they were ? This will happen for you too! When they land on your profile they’re going to see your amazing content, well-written captions, strong focus and from there, they can’t help but follow!

Skipping this step is a BIG mistake, so please, set time aside and make this a priority.

3. Sharing content that doesn’t help your overall business goal

It is important to have a “strong business focus” for your Instagram account. Despite that, this is the #1 mistake I see on Instagram. It can be tempting to share your day to day life but it can be really detrimental to your growth if your audience isn’t expecting it or isn’t interested in it (no offense!).

You want to make sure that everything you’re posting falls in line with your business focus because that is what keeps your audience engaged and “retained”. They’re less likely to unfollow if you keep giving them the content they signed up for.

Need to break away from your focus ? Use your stories to stray a bit (but not too much!). These unpolished, behind-the-scenes pieces of content can give you and your audience variety without turning them off. Alternatively, create a personal profile where you can post whatever you want, whenever you want!

4. Following a ton of people, just to unfollow them a day later

Ahh.. the coveted “follow & unfollow” strategy. The more you learn about Instagram the more you’ll learn how much people hate this tactic. If you’re haphazardly following people and as soon as they follow you back, you unfollow them, you’re making a big mistake. You’re damaging your reputation and filling your following with people who likely won’t turn into customers down the road.

But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t merit to this strategy – you just need to adjust it to work in your favor (yes, I’m saying there is a way to follow people without it feeling slimy or spammy!).

Think of it this way: when you follow someone your name appears in their notification tab, they then check out your feed and maybe choose to follow you, like your posts, visit your link, etc. By simply tapping a button you’ve put your account in front of someone who’s potentially interested in what you have to offer. This tactic is NO different than buying an ad for your business on Facebook, except it’s FREE!


So, how are you doing with your Instagram account ? Are you making any of the above mistakes ? If so, now is the time to adjust! The longer you wait to improve your Instagram business strategy, the further you are away from reaching your Instagram business goals.

I want to share with you the top 5 lessons I learned from marketing my business on Instagram.

The purpose of sharing these with you is that you can learn from my lessons and get on the right path from the very beginning of your Instagram journey and you don’t have to wander around to find ‘what works’ like I had to!

Here are the lessons…

1. People follow for VALUE

Value can be in the form of motivation, education, awareness or even entertainment. Tell me how many accounts do you follow that put out random posts ?

I guess very few. At the least, accounts you follow will be entertaining you. You don’t follow a junk account and no one does. Therefore value-providing accounts grow faster.

What value can people expect to receive when they follow your Instagram business account ?

There are many ways you can provide value to your followers and these values can be in terms of:

  • Helping followers to decide which product suits best as per their needs.
  • Educating them about how to pick the right products or services.
  • Entertaining them by showing your product luxury…..


2. Competition is not bad

If you see similar Instagram accounts, it means that there is demand for it. But that doesn’t mean you let your guard down.

You need to think about:

  • How your account’s purpose is aligned with the underlying drivers behind why people follow an account and buy their products.
  • What is different about the value that your account provides.
  • Do a content audit of the influencers’ accounts that fulfill the same purpose as your account…

What value are they providing ?
Which hashtags are they using ?
How many times do they post in a day ?
Which of their posts go viral ?

The main purpose of this is to find out what is working for YOUR audience…

Now see what you can model for your own Instagram account so that you can grow faster on Instagram.

3. Marketing starts with the content creation phase

Most of us view marketing and content creation as two separate things.

But they’re not. I’ve made this mistake too.

Content creation and content strategy is a part of the marketing strategy. The earlier you understand this and start implementing, the more successful your Instagram account will be.

4. Don’t make the only purpose of your Instagram account to MAKE MONEY

Most of the Instagram accounts make this mistake once they start making money… But this is not what you are supposed to do.

Your purpose should be solely to help your audience, and can you help your audience the money will also come to you.

People will trust you from their hearts if they feel they are getting value from your Instagram account.

I can’t tell how many products I’ve bought from a brand over other competitors only because I love the brand’s services! And trust me, I’m not the only person who does this.

Therefore, think of your Instagram account as a service you are providing to your audience.

This will pay off in the long run…

5. Your content strategy can make or break your Instagram success…

The content marketing strategy is there for a few reasons. These are the phases through which your account should go through…

  • Get your audience (= followers) aware of that they have a problem that needs to be solved (It could be as small as to lack of motivation!).
  • Get them to view YOU as an expert and trust you with the subject.
  • Gather their interest, their constant engagement; and,
  • Build anticipation for your upcoming product/an affiliate product.

An Instagram content marketing strategy is built to fulfill all these phases successfully so that your followers move smoothly towards your end goal.

You can read more about building an efficient Content Marketing Strategy – Click Here 

Here are some of the best tools available for obtaining insights, driving results and leveraging Instagram:

PlanolyPlanoly is a fantastic tool for Instagram planning. It allows you to put your photos into your grid and move them around until you have the cohesive look you want. You’ll end up with a gorgeous grid, instead of a set of 9 haphazard photos.

TailwindTailwind is another Instagram planning app that allows you to plan and schedule your photos ahead of time.

IconosquareIconosquare is the ultimate Instagram analytics app. It’s got numbers on engagement rates, follower rates, and pretty much everything else under the sun.

A Color StoryA Color Story is a photo editing app with amazing filters.

VSCOVSCO is a photo editing app with awesome tools and filters to make your photos stand out.

Facetune 2Facetune is a photo editing app that’s great for editing faces. It’s got tons of fancy tools to get rid of blemishes and other such undesirable things.

SnapseedSnapseed is a powerful photo editing app that’s great for editing the details in any photo.

AfterlightAfterlight is a photo editing app with great tools and filters.

OverOver is a graphic design app that allows you to make illustrated graphics or promo graphics with or without text.

CanvaCanva is a fantastic graphic design tool on desktop or app that allows you to make all kinds of graphics.

Word SwagWord Swag is a great app for making quote graphics.

BoomerangBoomerang makes 4 second GIFs of your videos on a loop.

StoreoStoreo takes your video and breaks it into 15-second segments so that it fits into Instagram Stories.

Layout – Layout is a great app for creating photo collages.

QuikQuik (by Go Pro) is a great app for creating videos or photo slideshows, with or without music.

HashtaggerHashtagger allows you to find new hashtags. You input the hashtag that you’re using, and it suggests other hashtags that are commonly used with that hashtag.

LinktreeLinktree allows you to create a little landing page with buttons for all of your links. You can then use your Linktree link as the one link in your Instagram profile. When people click it, they’ll get the landing page with buttons for all of the places you want them to go. Pretty nifty.

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