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10 Good Side Hustle Ideas – Online ideas that Can Earn You Good Extra Money

Good Side Hustle Ideas

It is important to start out to say, that a side hustle is not the same thing as a part-time job. A side hustle is a side job that you do in your spare time to earn some extra income.


Therefore, a side hustle is a way to make money outside of your 9 to 5 job. It allows you to make more money that’ll give you the freedom to pursue your passions, buy things you need or want, and lower any financial worries.


There are so many good reasons to make extra money with a side hustle.


Here are a few reasons why you want to earn extra money with good side hustle ideas and maybe you can relate to one of these reasons:

– Get out of debt.
– Save for vacation.
– Pay bills.
– Save for college.
– Extra spending money.
– Pay off student loans.
– Pay off your mortgage faster.


I have compiled a list of 10 good side hustles ideas for you, and all of these side hustle ideas you are able to try out online.


1. Start Blogging

The best way that I know how to make side income is making money online. Specifically, by blogging. The amount of money you can make online is unlimited. If you’re just starting, maybe you’ll make $100/month.

But over time, you can increase your earnings to $1,000/month and before long even more than that. I don’t know another side gig where the income growth potential is so high.

Therefore, blogging is one of the best side hustle jobs. It allows you to build a personal brand while owning your own asset. You can even write about your passions. Having a singular niche that you write about such as yoga, garden, DIY, pets or any other hobby you are passionate about allows you to build an audience who shares the exact same interest due to the singular focus.

You can monetize your blog in a few ways: affiliate links, sponsored posts, or adding a shop link where you sell drop-shipping products.

How much money can you make trying a side hustle like this ? In the beginning, you should be aware of, that you’ll make nothing because first, you have to build traffic and authority to your blog.

But if you are passionate about what you are blogging about, and you don’t need money fast it is ok that you don’t earn money for a start, because you will see it as a hobby, but over time you will slowly work your way up, and some bloggers  who stick it out past the first few years have made enough money to quit their job and do it full time.

Affiliate marketing is one of those side hustle ideas that can either make you a lot of money or nothing. It’s not just about finding the right product to sell but also finding the right brand to partner with.

If you want to read more about blogging and making money online you can read this – Click Here 


2. Create a service or virtual assistance business to help others

You can also think about turning your hobby or something you excel at into a service that helps others. This could, for example, be creating stock photos, web-design, writing newsletters, researching articles, helping with social media marketing – there is a ton of things out there that people need help with.

Seamlessly putting words together on a screen or doing web-design is a talent people are willing to pay a lot of money for. If you’re skilled in these areas and you prefer the work-at-home kind of side hustle, becoming a freelance writer or freelance web-designer is as easy as creating an account and making yourself available for jobs.

Top side hustles have one big thing in common: there’s a high demand for it. A virtual assistant is an assistant who works in a remote location.

They can help with tasks such as administration, writing, marketing, social media, SEO, web-design, bookkeeping and more.

There’s been a growing demand for virtual assistants from business owners who need help on various projects. As a virtual assistant you can as mentioned specialize in countless areas. In the past, I’ve hired virtual assistants for social media and there are countless other businesses around the world who rely on virtual assistants to grow and maintain their business and brands.

How much money can you make as a virtual assistant ? Most virtual assistants trade their time for money so you might get capped based on the number of hours of work you can do each week. You can choose to set a total earning per task or get paid by the hour. Some make minimum wage while others might make $35 an hour depending on their skills and experience.

When starting this side hustle, you can find clients on popular websites like:

However, you could maybe also start to see better results when you branch out on your own as an independent contractor.

Starting up by yourself might be a bit harder as you need to find clients but you could earn more money this way. One way can be to join popular Facebook groups for businesses or online retailers to offer your services.


3. Write an e-book

If you love to write, then why not write an e-book ? This is such a great way to make money and can turn into passive income. Anyone can write a book and self publish it on Amazon.

Anyone can be a self-published author now and it is one of my favorite side hustles. Whether you want to share tips on how to do something or want to write a fictional story, any topic can be published. How much you make depends a lot on how much competition there is for the same type of book.

You can self publish or if you have a platform such as a blog with associated social media you can pitch to publishers and generate interest there. Publishing a book increases credibility and leads to other opportunities such as speaking, course, freelance writing, and a lot of media exposure. Depending on how you do, what niche it is, how well you market it you can make anywhere from nothing right through to lots of money.


4. Sell Information Products

If you’re looking for side jobs to make money, why not trying selling information products ? This side hustle requires some research, invested time and marketing skills for you to flourish.

Are there topics that are really popular right now that you know a lot about ? Did you find a popular topic that there isn’t enough information about ? Monetize these opportunities by creating content around it. You can publish books on Amazon or sell courses on Udemy 

How much money can you make selling information products ? It depends on the niche, your marketing execution and a variety of other factors. But a side hustle like this can result in a few thousand dollars each month. However, more often, people usually have created several different pieces of information products (e-books, courses).

If you are planning to sell information products, then focus on niches where people have a huge problem they need to solve. If you’re in the dog niche, you can create a dog training video course or if you are working with weight loss, then you can create a diet plan with recipes e-book.

If you know that people are desperately trying to solve a burning problem, then there is an opportunity to provide value by helping them solve that problem, because the information product you create can guide them towards a solution. And as a bonus – you can make money at the same time as you actually help people.


5. Sell Your Photography

If you have an interest in photography, got a camera and some basic Photoshop skills, then photography can become your side hustle.

If you like taking pictures of your city, you can sell your photography to your local publications such as city newspaper or blog. Sites like Foap – allow you to sell your pictures on their platform and you can earn money with every photo you sell. You can also seek clients to venture into wedding photography, pet photography or product photography.

How much money can you make as a photographer ? If you sell your pictures online you might make an extra couple hundred or thousand dollars a month. If you venture into wedding photography, you could make from a couple of hundreds to thousand of dollars or more per event.


6. Ibotta

This cell phone app helps you to make money off your grocery receipts.

You just use Ibotta – – after you go grocery shopping and use your receipt. Ibotta is basically a rebate app, so you can earn anywhere from 50 cents to $5 off everything you buy.

My favorite part about Ibotta is that it’s not always brand specific, like a lot of other coupons are.

So you will be able to scan “any brand of bread” for 50 cents off, etc.

For the diehard couponers out there, this will often result in getting an item for FREE. When you sign up for free, you will receive a $10 cash bonus when you make your first scan!


7. Get Paid to Share Your Opinion

While these kinds of side hustles don’t pay as much as the other side hustle items found on this list, you can healthily earn an extra $10 per hour online just by sharing your opinion.

You can get paid to answer surveys and to test products all from the comfort of your home. Due to this, I think it’s one of the easy ways to make money on the side as you don’t need any experience, skill, inventory, or anything like that.

All of these sites are completely free to join and don’t require any credit card information.

Not only that, but a lot of them give you sign-up bonuses just for registering as a new member.

Online surveys have always helped me out when I’m in a jam.

I have made lots of dollars over the past few years from taking surveys online!

For this reason, I highly recommend trying out a few survey sites and then deciding which ones work best for you. From there you can stick to the higher-paying ones.

Here is a short list of some of my top 5 favorites:


8. Ebates

Ebates is my absolute favorite company to use when I’m shopping online. Hello, it’s free money!

Every time I shop online, I always start at Ebates. They have a list of all the places you normally shop at and you just click on the store you want to visit online.

After you make a purchase, you earn a percentage of the sale! They literally give you cash back on every purchase you make.

The cash back ranges from 1% to 14%. The money is then deposited into your PayPal account.

I’ve made over $1000 from shopping online and earning cash back. You can join Ebates here –


9. Create an online course

If you have a skill that could help others, why not create an online course ? You can start with a free online course or charge for your online course. Think of what type of skill set you have that can benefit other people.

Here are a few ideas for your online course:

– Craft tutorials such as knitting, how to use a Cricut machine, calligraphy and more!
– Woodworking
– Mechanic / car related
– Interior decorating
– Professional services like bookkeeping
– Cooking

Learn more about the Teachable platform – – if you would like to create an online course to help other people.


10 Sell on eBay or Craiglist

One of my favorite ways to make extra money is to go around my house and find some things to sell on Craiglist or eBay every week (particularly on Fridays right before the weekend when everyone loves to get rid of their money ;)).

Whether you have old clothes you want to sell, a car, electronics, or something else, eBay or Craigslist can be a great way to sell many different types of items.

If you aren’t sure how to even get started on how to sell and ship things on eBay, this tutorial – will walk you through everything you need to know about selling on eBay.

Selling on eBay or Craiglist is a classic side hustle and still lucrative.


With all of the options available to earn additional income, finding the right side hustle for you shouldn’t be too hard. Just as I mentioned before, analyze your abilities and interests before diving into a side hustle that’s going to consume your valuable time.


And as always, have a goal for your side hustle income. It’s not going to do you any good to make more money if you’re not going to tell that money where to go and make progress on your financial journey.

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