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How To Avoid Scams For Making Money Online – Here Are Some Useful Tips

How To Avoid Scams For Making Money Online
How To Avoid Scams For Making Money Online
How To Avoid Scams For Making Money Online
How To Avoid Scams For Making Money Online

Many people find it attractive to make money from home, and having more freedom to plan your time and work as an independence, without having any boss but yourself.

Therefore, the digital entrepreneur lifestyle appeals to many people, and that is a main reason, why the make money online (MMO) industry is flooded with scam projects, that promise people to have attractive products and programs – often programs with a ‘magic button’.

But after you have paid your start up investment these programs either don’t deliver or deliver a product, that is far from what you have been promised.

When you start up in the internet business many people find it of course attractive if they can make good and easy money with a minimum of work and lots of free time. It is the human nature that nearly everyone wants the fast track to a better life.

A lot of us want easy money for little work. It is in our nature, that we avoid pain and seek pleasure, and many of us are impatient and want to be rewarded as soon as possible. And it is these human instincts that the scammers are playing with to get you to sign up to their scam projects.

THIS IS IMPORTANTso let me repeat this again. It is in peoples nature, that they want the fastest, easiest, laziest way to make money. So that is exactly what most SCAM PROGRAMS offer.

But there is no ‘magic button’ you can use in the online business world. To succeed in the online business world requires exactly the same dedicated effort to be successful as in any other industry – online or outside the online world. Simple as that.

To get success in the online business world it requires:

  • Motivation.
  • A dedicated work effort.
  • Perseverance.
  • A thoughtful business strategy.

Therefore the reality is that you have to work hard to start up a profitable online business. As mentioned you need commitment and passion. But the rewards of your work can also be incredible with daily consistent work and proper guidance.

Here I will give you some useful tips about how to avoid scams for making money online:


In the make money online industry, a common tactic is to sell digital products that only give you one piece to the puzzle. Sometimes it is because that’s the only piece the seller knows, and other times it’s because they’re leaving a trail of crumbs that just leads to have you to spend more money to receive more information to the total puzzle.

For example some scam programs promise you to show an easy way to get to the top of Google search results with your website, if you join their program. No one can make that  promise, and if by chance, someone stumbles upon a simple “trick” that does work, and can get your website to the top of the search engines, they’re not going to share it publicly…..


How To Avoid Scams For Making Money Online – Right from the start, You will be making money

The most obvious ‘sign’ that tell you have found a scam is the get-rich-quick promise.

Any program that offers you a chance to make hundreds of dollars per day or even 1000’s of dollars per month right from the start of your commitment is a scam project.

As mentioned before – Making money online just doesn’t work like that.


How To Avoid Scams For Making Money Online – The scam programs don’t tell you how you will make money online fast

If you go out in a shop a buy something, you will not put your credit card into the machine without knowing exactly what you are paying for.

However, many of the scam programs don’t play that way. They will ask for your money up front. You will often be shown a sales page or a video, with a lot of promoting and sales pitches, but the real ‘secret’ is only revealed AFTER you pay for it. The truth is, there is ‘NO SECRET‘.

A legitimate make-money-online program will usually explain, in at least some detail, what they teach and what you will be doing.


How To Avoid Scams For Making Money Online – Is it easy to contact their website or customer support

One way to test if a program is a scam, you can write an email about returning a product or having a faulty issue with the product and see what kind of response you get. If you haven’t heard from the program in 48 hours, then you should be suspicious.

If you don’t hear from the program for several days or a week, that tells you a lot about who you are dealing with.

Don’t test their customer service with an email or call to get a product, of course they will be very responsive to that. You want to see how they respond if something goes wrong or you want a return of the product.

If the program/business don’t even have a contact page, STAY AWAY from doing business with this company.


How To Avoid Scams For Making Money Online – You are offered constant up-sales

If you are in a making money online program that have low starting costs and when you have joined the program, you are constantly being encouraged to buy other products within the program to get new valuable information, that will make your online business a success. Then you are in a SCAM program.


How To Avoid Scams For Making Money Online – The scam programs will often focus on selling you a lifestyle rather than a training program

If the sellers sales video, free webinar or even free membership, spend more time telling you about how great of life they have, after being a member of the program, then you have to be aware.

Usually these programs start by telling, that it will start out with a little introduction ‘about me and my life’. Suddenly this introduction turns out to often be most of the presentation.

You will be told a rags-to-riches story, probably shown pictures of family vacations, and luxury retreats. The videos and pictures will often also show the luxury home life, which will probably include an exotic car in the driveway, and a huge estate home in the background. ‘The happy and easy life’ you will have when you participant in this program.

So if you find yourself in one of these pages and you can’t go to the about section and check out the company or individual. You’re most likely at Scam page.

Their intention is to show you a lifestyle video with just enough actual information thrown in to get you interested and appealing to your human instincts – easy money for little work – as mentioned earlier.

But the truth is generally, that people who make money online are just like you. They live in a regular home, drive a normal car, get up in the morning and sit down at a computer and do their daily task and work with their online business.


How To Avoid Scams For Making Money Online – Scam programs often use scary tactics

The online world moves quickly. Therefore, if you want to sell a product, grabbing someone’s attention and keeping it for more than a few minutes, you often have to be creative.

Scarcity tactics is one of features you can use to grap and keep the attention from a potential buyer. Even legitimate marketers use scarcity to keep you on the sales page, and moving you closer to the buying process.

Legitimate marketers often use ‘scary tactics’ with limited time offers if they sell a physical product with limited products. If you for example have a special edition of a product you can advertise, that you only have 10 pieces of this product and when these 10 products are sold they are gone and you are not able to get more of this kind of product.

But when you are selling digital products you can in theory have unlimited copies. So if there is no physical product involved and the digital program is using the term ‘limited’ then the program is probably a scam.

There can be an exception to this if the digital program include some kind of personal consultation, because a persons time is not unlimited.


How To Avoid Scams For Making Money Online – Be aware of fake testimonials

There is nothing wrong with testimonials, reviews and recommendations. In fact, they are a very important factor in our buying proces, whether to buy, or to not buy a product. When we read reviews at Amazon, Google or Yelp… it is very much based on these reviews we make the decision whether to buy a product or not.

And because testimonials, reviews and recommendations are so important and valuable, scammers love to use (fake) them.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find out if testimonials are true or fake. Fake testimonials are often written by the same person. So if you notice a certain repetitive of tone, the same use of words, same type of grammar etc. in each testimonial, there’s a good chance they were written by the same person – a scammer.

But what about video testimonials – different people make recommendation, so they can’t be fake. Just head over to Fiverr and write testimonial, then you can see how easy it is to order a ‘fake’ video review.

Although testimonials can be extremely valuable, then with a keen eye and some intuition, you can often spot a scam testimonial from the real deal.


How To Avoid Scams For Making Money Online – Use Google to check out the program

Google is your best friend, when finding the right programs for you.  Once a program has peaked your interest, do your homework. Get on Google and take the product or guru’s
name and put the word scam after or before the product or guru’s name.

Then see what Google come up with for you. This information can be a very good indication if you should do some further checks about the program, or you should stay away from it.


How To Avoid Scams For Making Money Online – Ways to know if a program is legitimate

Here are some important things that you often find at the good legitimate making money online programs:

  • The program has a REAL free membership available.
  • The Content and process of the program is described BEFORE you enter your credit card information, Not AFTER.
  • There are persons behind the program with good reputation, not just a so called ‘internet guru’ or persons with previous scam programs.
  • The program has a strong community, with plenty of posts, comments, engagement and helping.
  • The program has a good contact and support site.
  • The program has a history and has been around for several years.
  • You can find several good reviews on the internet about the program.
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