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How To Create Facebook Business Page – Here Are Some Useful Tips

How To Create Facebook Business Page
How To Create Facebook Business Page
How To Create Facebook Business Page
How To Create Facebook Business Page

Facebook for businesses

Facebook has apparently more than one billion registered users worldwide, and through Facebook you can reach your customers, build relationships and create increased sales.

Facebook serves as an informal forum where focus is primarily on the social network and, to a lesser extent, the professional. However, many people use Facebook to promote their business and promote events, and associations, as Facebook provides a very clear way of managing functions and groups.

By people put things on their profile, news comes in circulation via online word-of-mouth. If you have a strong visibility on Facebook, your business will be able to be shared between friends – that is, a strong form of mouth-to-mouth online marketing.


How To Create Facebook Business Page

As a business, you must not create a personal user profile or a public group. Instead, you create a Facebook Business page.

The difference between a regular private facebook profile and a facebook business page is that the relationship on a facebook business page is based on fans or followers of friends and that the information you can add to your page is business-oriented rather than private interest-based.


How To Create Facebook Business Page – Choose from different types of Facebook pages

The first step is to choose what kind of Facebook business page you need.

There are six different types:

  • Shop or place in the local area.
  • Company, organization or institution.
  • Brand or product.
  • Artist, Band or Public Person.
  • Entertainment.
  • Community.

If you are shop in the local area the first option will usually be the right place to start. If you run a larger organization or business, choose the type of company, organization or institution. If you want to create a page for a single kind of product, you can choose Brand or Product.

As soon as you have created your Facebook Business page, you can use all of Facebook’s services freely and decide to what extent your profile should be visible and accessible to others. This makes it easy to keep track of what of your business should be publicly available to other users.


How To Create Facebook Business Page – Know what you want

Before you choose to make a Facebook business profile, it is important that you make some strategic considerations about your business Facebook page. In fact, it is pretty much the same considerations as if you are going to make a website:

  • What do you want to achieve with the Facebook business page ?
  • What should the facebook business page be used for ?
  • What kind of content should you share on your facebook business page ?
  • How should you create and maintain the content to your facebook business page ?


Common to both a website and facebook business page is that there must be activity and especially on your Facebook business page is important that you on a regular basis make updates to the page. If you don’t have updates on your facebook business page, the pages send a negative / dull signal to potential customers.

Some even choose to focus on activity at their Facebook business page and sometimes completely drop the business website. But most often it is most effective to have both a normal website and a Facebook business page.

But remember it is important if you choose to have a Facebook business page, that you take your time to update and share your business activities on a regular basis at your facebook business page.


How To Create Facebook Business Page – Promote  your Facebook page

It’s important to enrich your company’s page with valuable information relevant to your customers and potential customers and the more you can stand out the better.

  • Start with a striking fan page photo that utilizes the 200 x 600 pixels that is available.
  • Fill out all standard information about your business such as mission, company description, products, opening hours, contact information, etc.
  • Create events, image galleries and relevant quality content to the extent that it makes sense for your business and allow your customers to engage. If you are able
    to engage your visitors, then you can really have a valuable facebook business page.


How To Create Facebook Business Page – Pop your business page

Unlike a personal profile, you can not invite anyone to be a fan Facebook Business Page. Instead, invite friends from your personal facebook profile who will be interested in becoming a fan of your Facebook business page.

At the same time, consider adding a Facebook Like Box on your website that allows your existing customers to easily become fans and follow your business and / or brand in the

You can generate the source code of a Facebook Like Box for your website here or if you have a WordPress website you can have different plug ins that makes it easy to integrate the Facebook like box on your website.


How To Create Facebook Business Page – Be active

As mentioned earlier one of the most important thing about a Facebook business page is that you as a business owner involve you with the visitors of your facebook business page. Share interesting and relevant information and engage people by putting up questions to your fans and hereby create a basis for dialogue with your fans.

Hereby you can also learn more about your fans/customers and what they would like from your business. This could be very valuable knowledge for your business that you can use, when you are developing your business in the future.

How To Create Facebook Business Page – Add added value

Consider what you can give your fans / followers of added value that will make it attractive for them to be fans and to recommend your Facebook Business page to their friends. Perhaps you can offer a special discount, or give access to exclusive events. You can also let your fans be the first to test new products or use your Facebook page for support and customer service.

The more you can involve your fans and make them ambassadors, the more chance you will be successful with your Facebook business page.


How To Create Facebook Business Page – Social ads on Facebook

If you want to use paid advertise on Facebook for your business, then the most common ad type on Facebook is the social ads that appear on the right side, which consist of headline,
small image, and descriptive text. The special thing about ads on Facebook is:

Social Features – The users can rate your ad with a “likes”, and thereby be ambassadors for the ad, or they can become “Become a fan”, which requires your business to have a Facebook fan page (this can be set as the landing page for the ad) . Similarly, users may vote your ad if it is misleading or too offensive.

Ads on Facebook target specific audiences by segmenting – if you are a man or woman, age, location, keywords, education, workplace, civil status and interest.

The form of payment for Facebook ads is based on CPC (CPC) or CPM (Price per 1000 impressions), and the price is adjusted according to segmentation and number of competing

How To Create Facebook Business Page – Here are some tips about how you can work with your Facebook business page:

1. Use links to link users to your website

All activity on your Facebook business page is about putting the spotlight on your business and one purpose could be to get users to click on your website. Quality comments/posts with links helps to bring users to your website.

2. Use engaging images and video

Interesting media such as images and videos give more attention and help you stand out in the number of all the postings that all the time is put up at Facebook. Always try to keep your posts between 100-200 characters for optimal interaction.

Try sharing photos of your products, your experiences with customers, or an accomplished task. Something that you think can add value to your fans, because this tells your fans about the way you are working with your business.


3. Create a two-way call

Ask your audience for feedback on your product and services. As mentioned before your Facebook business page can be the framework for a new way to listen to your customers
who can help develop your business.

By breaking up content that shows that you appreciate their ideas and taking their feedback into consideration, is a good way to build customer relations and customer loyalty.


4. Share good discounts and benefits

Engage your fans with great deals and benefits to maintain your interest and hereby increase your online sales. In order to improve the interaction with your campaigns, you must show clear calls for action, information on how the discount is redeemed and when the campaign ends.

In this way, there is a sense why the fans on your facebook business page should trade quickly, when you come up with these good discounts and benefits.


5. Increase your loyalty with exclusive information

Reward your users who are linked to your facebook business page, and increase loyalty and online sales by giving them exclusive information.

Make your fans feel exclusive, and let them know first when sharing product news, competitions and events with them, before everyone else. This will increase loyalty and attachment with your fans.

6. Timing is everything

Depending on what kind of business you have, sometimes there is greater chance of success when having your audience interacting with your postings if they can relate to the topics you post, such as current events – Black Friday – or feasts, such as Christmas and Easter.

At the same time, it is always important to be present and reply to comments on your postings. The sooner you respond, the more likely your fans will interact with you in the future.

Often Social Media are seen as a cheap way to get out to customers, because in most cases you can do it yourself. And it is also often a cheap and extremely efficient way to market your business and get new customers.

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Facebook should be one of your business Social marketing platforms, because it can be a very effective source for new potential customers to your business, if you work with Facebook the right way.

Here you can set up your Facebook business Page – Click Here 

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