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How To Increase Traffic For Your Website Free – Some Useful Tips

How To Increase Traffic For Your Website Free
How To Increase Traffic For Your Website Free
How To Increase Traffic For Your Website Free
How To Increase Traffic For Your Website Free

If you want to be successful in the online world, then there is an absolutely crucial thing for your success TRAFFIC.

Without traffic to your website – no success. Therefore, when you work with online business, you need to:

  • People.
  • An audience.
  • People who will read your posts/articles.
  • People who want to buy your products.

Lots of people enter the online world with a huge motivation to create an online business. They quickly make a great website, but unfortunately many of these motivated people do not have a strategy for how to get traffic and people to their website.

Often, this results in the fact that after a few months without traffic to their great website, they begin to look potential traffic sources, and often they are offered to participate in different kind of ‘fantastic projects’ With a magic button, where lots of traffic will easy come to your website, and the money will begin to roll in to your pocket.

Of course, it costs some money – often a lot of money – to participate in these ‘fantastic projects’- scam projects – and of course, there are not a lot of people coming to your website and buying your products when you participate in these scam projects.

The only thing these scam projects sell are unrealistic dreams of working smart not hard and at the same time earning a lot of money – just by pressing the “magic button”. I know it because I have been one of the dreamers who would like to earn quick money easily.

After a few months, many of these people end up dreaming of working with online business because they have disappointed dreams and no one finds their great website. The motivation to work with online business disappears and many feels it’s a waste of time and money and therefore leave online business.

Then there are a few of us who after spending a lot of money on scam projects become stubborn and thinking, of course one can make money in the online business world, but as with anything else, the online world also requires:

  • Motivation.
  • A dedicated work effort.
  • Perseverance.
  • A thoughtful business strategy.


To succeed in the online business world requires exactly the same dedicated effort to be successful as in any other industry. Simple as that.

The degree of success also depends on in the online business world of the business strategy you put in to succeed.

Traffic to your website is, as mentioned, a decisive parameter for success in the online business world.

Here I will come up with some useful tips for how to increase traffic for your website free.


How To Increase Traffic For Your Website Free – Keyword research

The first thing to do is to find good relevant keywords for each page of your website. The reason is that when people search for topics that they are interested at the internet, they often search for topics using keywords.

For example, they are interested in making money on the internet, so they could, for example, search for ‘making money online’. If we take this example, Every month about 13000 people are searching for the keyword phrase ‘making money online’, but at the same time there are
about 300 websites that use this keyword on their website and that you have to compete against if you choose to use making money online as the keyword phrase of your post/article on your website.

However, if you choose to use the keyword phrase ‘making money home’, there are a few smaller searches per month on this keyword phrase about 7000, but you will only have to compete against about 80 websites that use this keyword phrase.

There is thus much less competition on the keyword phrase ‘making money home’ than the keyword phrase ‘making money online’, and although there is less traffic on the first keyword phrase, then you have a much better chance to rank well in the search engines with the first keyword phrase.

And if you have just started up with your online business and maybe has a relative new website, it is important to find keyword phrases with little competition to get traffic to your website.

Therefore, I recommend long tail keywords because they’re easier to rank, less competitive, and the people searching for long tail keywords are interested in a specific topic or product, thus making the traffic much more targeted.

The product I prefer to find relevant long tail keywords is Jaaxy – click here to read about jaaxy – which gives me all the relevant information when to find relevant long tail keywords to rank for.


How To Increase Traffic For Your Website Free – The use of long tail keywords phrase in your content

Once you’ve found your long tail keyword phrase about an interesting topic within your niche, then the next step is:

  • Quality Article/post – Write a quality article/posts that you think may be of interest to the readers you would like to attract to your website. The article should be a
    length between 1000 – 2000 words, then the article has a length so the search engines perceive the article as a serious article/post.
  • Incorporate your keywords phrase in the content – It’s important that you know where and how to incorporate your keyword phrase into your article to get the best SEO optimization.


Quality Article/post

This is absolutely crucial and fundamental to your website. If you want traffic to your website,  then there must be quality content on your webpage, if not, then everything else relating to the website does not matter.

Quality content need not be very complicated and/or unique content. Quality content is about helping the reader with a problem or information, as the reader is looking for and where your article/post help the reader with problems/information in a clear and easily accessible way.

A good way is to put yourself in the reader’s place – what would you like to know if you did not know much about the subject’s topic. Then write as if you are going to explain it to a friend and use your own style to explain the subject’s topic in an easy and understandable way.

Remember practice makes you better, and once you have started to write articles, it’s a learning process like everything else. You will of course get better with time. Therefore, it does not have to be perfect from the first article/post you write, just seeing a development in your writing process, you are well on your way – learning by doing.


Incorporate your keywords phrase into the content

You must place your keyword phrase this way in your article:

  • Place your keyword phrase in the title of your article/post.
  • Add your keyword phrase as a subtitle into your post/article’s URL on your website.
  • Place your keyword phrase into at least one heading – H1, H2 or H3 in your article/post.
  • Add your keyword phrase into the ‘alt text’ if you have pictures in your article/post.
  • Add your keyword phrase at the beginning of your article/post.
  • Get inserted your keyword phrase at the end of your article/post.

But do not focus too much on your keyword phrase when writing your article. The most important thing is that you write quality content in the article/post, and then integrates your keyword phrase in a natural way in the article/post.

Some believe that it is about mentioning the keyword phrase as many times as possible in the article/post – BAD IDEA. It’s about writing a quality article, where the keyword phrase, is included in a natural way in the article.

If you use WordPress as a CMS system, Yoast has a plug-in that gives you a checklist of whether your article meets the standards of an on-page writing SEO optimization. This is a very good plug-in as I always use as a checklist when I write articles.

You do not have to meet the checklist 100% to write a good SEO optimized article, but it gives
you a good indication if your article/post has a good SEO optimization.


How To Increase Traffic For Your Website Free – Internal Links

If you can naturally make relevant internal link referrals to other pages on your website, then it’s something that the search engines appreciate. This tells Search engines that you have several pages on your website that deal with topics in your niche.

As soon as more and more relevant internal link references come across the pages on your website, search engines will eventually perceive your website as an authority’s website within your niche, and the authority websites get better rankings in search results.


How To Increase Traffic For Your Website Free – External Links

If you can make 1 or 2 relevant link references to other authority pages within your niche, such as or, then it’s also something Search engines reward when they rank your website.


How To Increase Traffic For Your Website Free – index your article/post in the Search Engines

Now you have written your article/post with quality content and SEO optimized your keyword phrase and article/post.

Next step is to index your article/post as quickly as possible in search engines. If you just publish your article then your article will be at some point crawled by the search engines’ robots, but you do not know when.

It is much easier to help the search engines and advise them that you have now published a new article, and for this you can use Google and Bing’s webmaster tool. If you fetch your articles in Google Search Console and Bing’s Webmaster Tool, your article will be indexed quickly by search engines.

You can read some tips about using Google Search Console Here


How To Increase Traffic For Your Website Free – Share your content to social bookmarking sites

To share your article/posting on social bookmarking sites will give your post added exposure and increased traffic.

Remember only post to one social bookmarking site per post/article you write, otherwise it comes off as spam.

You can typically use these Social Bookmarking sites to start off with;,,, etc.


How To Increase Traffic For Your Website Free – Share your content Socially

Typically social share of your post/article can be in Facebook/Facebook Groups, Google Plus/Google Plus Groups, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

If you start building your social profiles, and then every time you publish new content, you send it to your social sites.

What really helps is to be in social groups that are related to your niche. If your niche is organic foods, then you need to be a member to as many organic groups as possible.

Make connections with bloggers in your niche and interact with their website, they’ll return the favor by leaving comments, sharing your articles, and linking back to you.

It’s not that hard, just take some time to reach out and get to meet some people that share similar interests as you.

Then make a quality comment about their post – leave your post and ask them to kindly return the favor. I guarantee they’ll return the favor in kind.

You can easily make some commenting buddies to share and comment on your posts. Content that is being read and interacted with gets recognized by search engines. This has a positive effect on your websites rankings which will result in increased traffic.


How To Increase Traffic For Your Website Free – Send a message to your emailing list

When you have been making your post/article send it out to your email list. The message doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a quick note that you’ve put out new content and would love to get any feedback, comments, or social shares on it.

You can read more about email marketing strategies here  

If you do some or more of the above steps, there will be a good chance that you will get a lot of FREE traffic to your website.

Remember when you start up a new website, there can go up to 6 months before you begin to see traffic on a more regular basis. This is because the search engines would like to see, that you have good quality content on your website.

But just continue to add articles/posts to your website and do the above steps and the traffic will come to your website. Perseverance is here a key factor.

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