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Instagram Tips For Business – How To Use Instagram The Best Way

Instagram Tips For Business
Instagram Tips For Business
Instagram Tips For Business
Instagram Tips For Business

Facebook is the social media that is being used by most people worldwide, but both Instagram and Snapchat are also very popular, and therefore it is a good idea to pay attention to these media as well if you want to make money online. But why use Instagram ? People visit Instagram to be inspired and to keep track of others’ lives in pictures and videos, including exciting content from companies and brands.

Instagram is currently one of the most cost effective media to market its brand and its products.


It is especially younger users who have taken the medium, and it is more on Instagram than traditional media that they find inspiration and make an opinion about what they think is cool. Globally, there are 200 million active users on Instagram every day, sharing 60 million images.


If you promote any good products, there are lots of “social proof” to download Instagram. For consumers, it’s not just an advertisement in a magazine. It is their friends and acquaintances who are backing up your products. It gives a completely different impact.


Unlike Facebook, Instagram does not yet insert a filter that will prevent many of your followers from viewing your posts in their feed. Often, therefore, there will be a greater value in an Instagram like than in a Facebook like. You should also be aware of, that you can not purchase Instagram ads, or boost your postings as you can on Facebook.

So through Instagram you should be able to get some conversions so why should not you be there ?

Instagram has for some time been the place where it moves fast. The experts know it and the users know it. Business has also begun to figure it out, but how does Instagram create value for businesses ?


A lot of famous people/brands are on Instagram, so maybe you think, that your brand is not hot enough for Instagram ? You’re wrong, brands around the world prove right now that Instagram and other visual media are not only for the big brands and Michelin supplies. If you understand the rules of the game, Instagram is also for your business. Instagram has room for all those who understand playing the Instagram game rules the right way.


Instagram started as an application in 2010, today Instagram is the most successful image sharing medium to date. When Instagram came up with web profiles and your online feeds in 2012, Instagram became a real-time player for business. Why ? Because the images can now be part of the overall marketing effort online, because they are no longer limited to mobile applications. Visual marketing has been a bigger and bigger trend since 2013 and has come to stay !

To succeed at Instagram, your brand/product should be staged as a lifestyle product, as Instagram is just about showing lifestyle in images to others. Otherwise, you should really consider if you should be on Instagram with your business, because you risk spending too much time on instagram with to less output.

Instagram Tips For Business – How To Use Instagram The Best Way


Instagram Tips For Business – Interacting with your customers

Instagram is perfect for communication, with your customers on different levels. If we briefly look at Facebook versus.

  • On Instagram, the user’s desire to interact quite high on Instagram. This has the simple reason that Instagram’s less content, which leads to less competition.
  • On Instagram, your posts do not share 1st place with a lot of other posts, which means that more of your followers see and respond to your posts.
  • At the same time, the visual history, images are generally something that gives a higher commitment, allowing your product/brand to become more vibrant and dynamic because you add personality, life and passion to your posts.
  • If you talk to your customers you will quickly have an idea of how your brand/product actually is experienced by your customers. Your customers can communicate with you, and Instagram is a medium that can create cross-border relationships.
  • You can also ask simple questions about your posts to get more user involvement.


Instagram Tips For Business – Accept Instagram’s terms

You’re probably not a designer, a star graphic designer or a professional photographer, but it’s not the essence of managing an Instagram profile, but it is important that you understand what Instagram expects from a brand/product and what your followers expect of you. Instagram is an image sharing medium and it demands your creativity and quality of what you are posting at Instagram.

The image must be the essence of your message, the text should preferably be short, precise, clear, related to the subject, and you should say in a few words something at your heart.

Instagram users become a circle of contacts you will learn to know! They expect a visual presentation of your brand/product, a brand that differentiates. Give your followers a VIP behind the scenes in your business so you build a relationship with your brand/product, a social media is about the mention, likes, visibility of your product/brand and you need all the factors that promotes this.


Instagram Tips For Business – Be patient

When you start up with Instagram you need patience, because you will not be an Instagram star in 24 hours!

But with an effective and lasting effort, you will find that the more of your content being shared, the more followers you get. Press images, product catalogs are a “don’t do it” on Instagram.

At Instagram, you should think that if you do not have the resources to produce original and relevant content for your profile, don’t spend time on instagram of find a professional company, that can manage your profile.


Instagram Tips For Business – Tell visual stories

Tell all the good stories about your product/brand, all companies have them – what you do, how you do it and who does it why you do it, tell about the passion you have with the product.

Collages tells good and more full-bodied visual stories, collages are often divided and similar to ordinary images. The collage has an advantage because each single image is small and you can cut a bit on the quality of the individual image. A collage will often consist of three or more pictures, try to play with Instacollage, it’s a good and simple tool to work with.


Instagram Tips For Business – Who is in and what is your brand ?

The next step is to develop and maintain a consistent brand/product identity. The goal is to appear as a brand/product with an overall identity, rather than a fragmented series of random images.

Start by selecting a few filters and try to use them as far as possible. It creates a better overall impression as you descend through the profile’s images.

The same goes for hashtags, which is a kind of keyword where you can gather content and conversations in specific topics. The rule for business and hashtags is that less is more. Select a few hashtags and stick to them. It provides consistency in your posts, while allowing your followers to remember and apply your hashtags in other contexts in the future.


Instagram Tips For Business – Instagram and networking

Instagram’s users become a circle of contacts that you will learn to know! Hashtag strategies are about shared Conversations – Sharing experiences, stories, the innovative. Instagram has potential for an engagement that goes beyond all boundaries.

You probably know all the songs “Blurred lines” with Robin Thicke and Pharrell, clever boys who know what sells on Instagram. Their hashtag strategy in the music video of “Blurred Lines” is easy and tricky! #blurredlines had two months after the release, collected over 16.000 images on Instagram, smart marketing & branding!

Instagram users become fans, give them what they want, but get to know them first, do not believe you know what they want! So how do you get to know them ? Turn all notifications on to your business profile, stay updated on your profile every time you receive a notification, then look at it and analyze it. Communicate whenever you can 
and always answer !.

Social media is only difficult if you do not think of it as a strategy in your daily life. To make this effective, it’s an advantage to know what your followers think is interesting – What are they going on when are they active and when they interact. It is not that hard!


Identify active periods when will you respond ? When do you get the most likes, who follows your tags ? What do they say ? Statigram or Simply Measured, can track comments, measure growth in your followers, see comments and likes, tell which hashtags your followers are looking for.


There is a lot of help you can get by different features, and the more you know, the more you see, and it makes you efficient and fast, simply because you do not fancy anymore – you work now based on facts! So work smarter, not harder! Online marketing always gives you the opportunity to combine platforms that provide high power with some efficient tools – if you choose the right one.

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