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Make Money From Google Adsense – Some Useful Tips

make money from Google Adsense
Make money from Google Adsense
make money from Google Adsense
Make money from Google Adsense

The work on Google Adsense websites has changed significantly in recent years, and Google has had a huge impact on how many people that have been successful to make money from Google Adsense  websites. It is not as easy as it once was, because the demand for quality has  increased significantly, making it harder to make a profitable business to the same extent as before.

Conversely, the market has opened completely different opportunities for those who take their Adsense websites seriously, as it now requires more to get the same organic placements in the search engines. This extra work has removed many of the user-free websites that have been a bit too easy – so if you are willing to do a good job while you are patient to wait for the results, the Google Adsense market could be perfect you.

Make Money From Google Adsense – Some Good Tips


I have gathered some useful tips to earn more on Google Adsense and if you are adhered to use these and if you are having something in mind in your strategy, your chances of success to make money from Google Adsense are much bigger and you are will definitely be many steps ahead of your passionate competitors. Depending on your niche, it may require a lot to beat the big and serious competitors, but if you are doing these 10 tips your chances are great.


Make Money From Google Adsense – Choose a proper theme

Although many choose to save money and go for a free theme, you should consider going out and pay for a proper theme. First of all, many of the free versions look similar, and there will be many others who use them. It is hard to get a unique look with a free theme, and I think this reduces the credibility you are supposed to achieve.

Secondly, many of the free themes are so limited, with bad code and lousy speed. Therefore, you often need to install a lot of plugins for more features, which could affects load speed negatively, and adjusts the design to suit your look, while not resembling all the many other sites with the same theme.

I buy all my themes at Themeforest , and I have only positive things to say about the experiences I’ve had. Good support, delicious themes with lots of cool features, and much more user-friendliness when you are need to tailor them to your own needs.


Make Money From Google Adsense – Content, content and more content

I know that this is constantly being mentioned, and the phrase “Content is King” has gradually been used so much that it is insignificant – but whatever would the point be in this article. It is becoming more and more important to focus on good content as time goes by, not just for Google, but also for your visitors.

Previously, in relation to Google Adsense websites, there has been a theory that if you are writing indifferent and useless content, but in Google’s eyes it seems relevant in terms of keywords, titles, etc., there was a greater chance that the visitors clicked the ads. And it actually makes sense – in theory.

Let’s say you are had a window cleaning blog where you would like to advertise for window cleaners, equipment, cleaners, etc. You write a guide to “How to tidy your windows in record time – free and easy” with a lot of good captions, images and several thousand words.

However, those who actually read the article never actually get the answer to how they cleaned their windows in record time, only captions that, in principle, do not matter, and only explain that it requires the right technology, tools and cleaners – without telling which or where you can buy them.

The theory of this kind of content is that the visitors eventually become desperate after finding the answer to their problem as they visited the website to get them looking for the answer, seeing an Adsense advertisement relevant and then clicking on it.

Today, focus has changed a lot to act about actually delivering a good piece of content to get the good rankings on Google and that the large amount of traffic could lead to sales. I can not say if the theory still holds, but it’s not really future-proof in my opinion. Google does everything to get smarter, and develop their algorithm to better understand content.

At the same time, Google also understands how users act on your website, and leave them quickly, or have behaviors that appear to be as if your site does not match your query, and it will aggravate your rankings.

And again, if you are doing good, relevant and future-proof content, then you are far ahead of most of your competitors, and actually end up doing something good for your visitors, rather than “cheating” them to earn you money.

Instead, if you are having the window cleaning website specifically written which technique and tools and tools needed to get the best results, you will had a website, where people will come back to, and thereby also increase your chances with clicks on your Google Adsense Ads.


Make Money From Google Adsense – Focus on SEO

In order to create profit with a Google Adsense website it is important that a large part of the traffic comes from organic search if not the entire strategy should be about this channel.

Therefore, it is important to keep up-to-date with the latest new SEO, and something has really been happening on that front that has really changed with the website owners strategy that will earn money on Google Adsense.

Just a couple of years ago, it was much easier to get high ratings on Google with a thin website page without content, but with a lot of advertisements, where you today instead need to make some proper content.

Without real content it can be very difficult to get favorable rankings, and thus traffic. The strategy is therefore shifted quite dramatically from being “the easiest way to create a website with rankings and traffic” to “how to actually make a website people can use and want to share with others.”

It is especially when it comes to link building that it has become very difficult because in “old” days you could just get some spammy links in forum profiles, directory directories, article databases etc. and your website would rank. Today you can be directly punished to use this kind of strategy, and if you have used this strategy before, you are in risk to be punished today if you still have these inbound links.

Link building today has to be focused on links from relevant and credible pages, so today you should look more at the quality of links rather than the quantity. And this is where it will be difficult, because it requires good content and a lot of patience to get these quality links.

Today many people make Google Adsense websites using WordPress, which I will also advise people at any time. WordPress is brilliant in so many different areas, and if you combine it with Yoast’s SEO plugin, then you are well on your way to optimizing your website for more organic traffic.

However, your On-Page SEO focus should not only be on good content, but your site should also be optimized to have good user-friendliness on all devices (desktop, tablet and mobile), as well as it has to be speed optimized.

Here are some useful tips about how you can increase the traffic to your website – For free – Click Here


Make Money From Google Adsense – Create credibility

Credibility is one of the things that should be high on your list when you are making a Google Adsense website. Instead of just creating a website with a lot of articles and advertisements, you are should also try to show your visitors that there is a real company or person behind.

Therefore, you should consider making a contact page as well as an “About Us” page where you are providing information about you and how to get in touch with the owners of the website. Google also appreciates information like these, and when you are providing a phone number, address, this will also be recognized in your SEO efforts, which ultimately can help improve your websites organic placements.


Make Money From Google Adsense – Observe Adsense Rules

You should read Google’s rules carefully if you are planning to use Google Adsense, because in case of violation of these, you may risk being banned from Google Adsense. If you are banned, all Google Adsense earnings that you have earned, and still not paid out will be lost – and nobody is interested in that.

The rules you should be most aware of are the following:

  1. You are allowed to have maximum of three AdSense ads on each page.
  2. There must be a visible privacy policy page. If you do not want to write it yourself, you can install a free plugin for WordPress, that takes care of this for you.
  3. Now, click on your own ads. I know it’s tempting, but don’t do it. And if you are telling someone about your site, it might be smart to tell them that they should not click on your ads to be good, because clicking on ads should be natural.

Once again we come back to the talk about good content and focus on SEO. Because even though Google monetizes these ads on your site, they’ve also reported that you are may risk lower ratings if there are too many ads on a site, ads over the fold, and if the ratio of content versus advertising is too small.

You know it with the guarantee of yourself. If you are landing on a website where you are see many banners and text ads as one of the first, and it’s mast between a lot of poor content, then you are will not be on the site for long time. You should keep that in mind.


Make Money From Google Adsense – Placement of ads

There are several case studies on where to place their Google ads, and I myself tried out several of the combinations that have been suggested. The one I have had most success with earlier, and as most others also recommend, have been the following combination:

  1. Banner at the beginning of the content – possibly. Just below the fold if you are not sure to avoid a possible degradation of Google.
  2. Banner in the sidebar – again, possibly so low in the sidebar that you are had to scroll to see it.
  3. Banner at the end of the content.


Next, the question is whether it should be Google Adsense image or text ads – and here you will have to test yourself what works for your website. Start if necessary with a combination of both, and choose which one works best for your website. I myself have had the most success with the text ads, and it seems as if they are earning a higher earnings per click.

Make Money From Google Adsense – Selecting ad dimensions

Ad dimensions should of course fit the theme and where you are choose to place them – that’s clear. So far so good. If you are going with the solution I suggested before about placing ads, you will need to grab some of these types of ad sizes.

  1. The banner at the beginning of the content can either be a rectangle located in the right or left side of your content, such as the sizes 300 × 250, 336 × 80, or an elongated banner centered in the content, for example 728 × 90 or the good old 468 × 60 .
  2. A banner in the sidebar must be high and in a width that fits the design, eg 300 × 600, 120 × 600 or 160 × 600.
  3. The last banner at the end of the content may respond slightly to the first at the beginning of the content. However, I would suggest an elongated version as previously suggested 728 × 90 or 468 × 60.
Make Money From Google Adsense – Color

Choosing colors in Google Adsense text ads can had a significant impact on your CTR, which is an important part of generating earnings through these types of websites. The main rule says that you should try to match its design on the website, so it is connected to that way, but other experts argue precisely for the opposite.

Because you want people to click on the ads, it’s important that visitors are noticed by them – and it makes it easier if they differ from the rest of the content. Therefore, it is important that you are testing it yourself so that you can find out what works best for your website. And here we come to the start of the next point – split test.

Make Money From Google Adsense – Set up split tests

Imagine if you could earn $ 500 more a month by changing a color on a button, or changing your ad sizes, change the color selection in Google Adsense text ads. It’s really time and worth working with it, but there are so few that actually do it.

And to make it easier for yourself, consider paying for a tool like either Optimizely or Visual Website Optimizer, also known as VWO. However, I would wait until you are get some traffic, otherwise it will take you a long time to get results from your tests. However, you are can also choose to start right away so that you are can get your results as early as possible.

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