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Make Online Business – Some Useful Tips

Make Online Business
Make Online Business
Make Online Business
Make Online Business

Today there are not many quick and easy solutions for success online. There was a time when online business was the new business trend, and at that time, it was a lot easier to “cheat” the new online system and in a quick way make online business success.


But today where everyone knows how to act online and the online world has become far more complex, the online business today, is very much with the same rules as out there in our “real world – you have to do things properly if you want to make online business succes.


Although still being advertised with it many places, there is no miracle cure that can give you success with a very small effort in the online business. Just like in the “real world”, to make online business success in the online world requires hard, persistent and dedicated work.


Even harder it will be, of course, if you want to be successful in the online world, but only have a very limited budget. But if you are prepared to spend the necessary time, you can actually succeed in the online world with a very limited budget.

Make Online Business – Some Useful Tips

If you want to make online business success I work on the basis of 4 keywords:

  • Knowledge
  • Quality
  • Focus
  • Perseverance

My experience is that the above keywords will make you online business success if you live all of them at once. Let me just elaborate on what I mean by these 4 words.


Make online business – Knowledge

Online business and marketing is a very broad subject, so it is a matter of selecting a few areas that you will be committed to enriching you.

For example, be writing texts, Affiliate Marketing, Onsite SEO, offsite SEO, Facebook announcement, email marketing, Social Media specialist, creating apps, etc.

Content (especially text) is the key element of almost all online marketing, so if you have the smallest capabilities here, you can come a long way in developing them.

Even I am very envious of those who are both proficient and quick to write a good and flawless text.

There are no people who are proficient in all online marketing disciplines. You also will not be there, so you should choose a few and train these skills, so you will be good at them.

Knowledge is important in order to survive the rest of the points. You can empower yourself by trying out, following the experts in the area and reading everything they share and participate in networks (online and offline) with experts and peers.

The big advantage that you know a lot about a subject is also that you will be better at finding suppliers to those areas you do not want to handle yourself – Outsourcing.

So when you have a day, you have the opportunity to spend money outsourcing, it is easier to outsource if you have a basic knowledge about the area.

So it’s a good idea to have knowledge of the areas you do not want to be an expert in too.

For myself in online marketing, I have chosen to focus on 2 things as the primary one. Onsite SEO and to be better at writing.

For the past 10 years, I have gradually improved through working with it. I have learned everything I know about SEO by working on it and by reading all the experts have shared about the topic.

I’m not an SEO expert, but I know a lot about it. Enough to be successful in attracting lots of traffic to my projects and making money on it.

I am definitely not a writing expert, but I have written most of the text at my projects myself. It has yielded results and I am much better at writing today than I was 10 years ago.

It’s primarily the 2 things that have developed me as an affiliate marketer.


Make online business – Quality

To get out with a message or become visible on what people are looking for, your content must be relevant, with quality, selling and converting.

That is not easy. It is both difficult and time-consuming. But it is important that your content and your other work is of high quality if you are to succeed. Without quality the likelihood of success is significantly reduced.


Make online business – Focus

If you want a project to succeed, it is important to focus on it.

A big problem for many of us is that we constantly have too many projects ongoing. I myself is no exception.

A project will very often not be successful until you can focus on it 100%. At least for a longer period. Recognize it now before spreading your energy on too many projects at the same time and thus much easier to fail.


Make online business – Perseverance

Persistence may be the most important factor as many online marketing disciplines require it.

Some more than others, but for most topics in online marketing, the results do not come from one day to the next. Don’t believe those people saying, that you can be succesful in a short time with very limit knowledge using their magic button or business plan. This is NOT going to happen, you will just lose your money and motivation by entering this kind of projects.

You need to work to get results and although it is difficult and the results are out-of-date for a long period, even if you spend many hours on it, it often pays to be persistent. These people who are persistent will be the ones, that will succeed in the online marketing world.

Take for example Seth Godin – he has posted a post on his blog every single day – every single day since 2002. There are over 5,500 posts on his website.

It has given him a huge follower on his blog – a media he owns and decides.

This has meant that he can sell 10,000 copies of his latest e-book in one day – every time he publishes.

People have tended to get more followers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media.

These media are volatile and the atmosphere can quickly turn around, and you can risk in a moment to be back with 100,000 inactive followers on Twitter.

If you start a blog then the consequences of your blog are YOURS and if the amount grows or falls depends on YOU. The most important thing about your blog is that you find your own style. Are you good to guide, so make your visitors happy with ultimate guides.

If you are sharp on strategy, then come up with perspectives on good strategies, leadership and look like.

Blogging is a long-term strategy – but believe me, if you are persistent, so traffic and thus the customers will come to you.

The above are not specific tips for success in online marketing, but perhaps more of a mindset and that is something I am trying to live when I work with my projects, And it works for me.


You can not do everything yourself if you want to be successful. Online marketing is a giant subject and there is no one who master it all.


It is important that you acknowledge that you can not do everything yourself. It is impossible. Therefore, you should try to know a bit about everything and much about a few topics.


When you one day have money to outsource, do it. The sooner the better. It gives results much faster. And you can spend your time in your strong areas, where it makes the
most benefit for you, and you will be much more motivated to work in the areas which you are interested in and good at.

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