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Network Marketing Opportunity – Some Useful Tips

network marketing opportunity
network marketing opportunity
Network marketing opportunity
network marketing opportunity

Network marketing opportunity – Are you following your dreams ?

Are you satisfied with your life and have it all the freedom and finances needed to get your dream life ? Or do you go into the eternal hamster wheel and have dreams, as you think you might never achieve ?

Perhaps you have a stressed daily life where you struggle to get things connected with jobs, homes and young children.

Perhaps you are burning out of stress as self-employed, and working 60 hours a week. Perhaps you have been fired after 20 years of employment, a job that you thought was safe! – Then maybe you should consider Network Marketing.


Network marketing opportunity – Why Network Marketing ?

There are many reasons to be part of the Network Marketing industry, where everyone is welcome. Some of them could be:

  • An extra annual holiday.
  • Extra part-time full-time income.
  • Supplement to the pension.
  • Economical freedom.
  • Social relations.
  • Personal development.

Basically Network Marketing is about making a difference for people and very often an interesting personal development.


Network marketing opportunity – Personal development

When you work with network marketing, you are on a journey in personal development. It is a lot about relationships and wanting to make a difference for other people. Here you learn to become a better person, you can not really escape the journey.

Here are some benefits of personal development in the Network Marketing industry:

  • Positive thinking.
  • Good relationships.
  • Rows its own comfort zone.
  • See possibilities beyond limitations.
  • Following your goals and dreams.
  • More motivated and gain self-discipline.
  • Get more joy and health into your daily life.


Network marketing opportunity

Network Marketing is called the 21st Century Business Model, and is one of the fastest growing business models in the world – there has been a growth of 300% since 1997. Network
Marketing has become more popular than ever and it still grows.

When you choose to go in and work with Network Marketing, you get a turnkey concept, where everything is ready to start. You should not think about inventing new products, obtaining office space, storage rooms, logistics, administration, etc. for all that matters.


Network marketing opportunity – What is Network Marketing ?

Network Marketing is a distribution model where goods are sold 100% faster through this model than the usual model. Network Marketing is about recommending products and
services that you are excited about for people in our network.

You have also tried to be at a good restaurant where you have been given excellent service and good food. Of course, we would like to recommend this restaurant to our friends. It is no different in Network Marketing. We do not sell anything but buy directly from the manufacturer and we will be paid by the company to tell about its products or services to our network.


Network marketing opportunity – Other benefits

There is usually a very small investment, that will always be when you start independently. You can not start a business without investing some money. Think if you would like to open a store ? What would it cost ? It could easily cost a lot of money for rent of store, warehouse, fixtures and much more.

Even a window cleaner needs to invest money, to get started, he must have at least a ladder and some rags. But here in Network Marking your start up investment is very little, you can typically start up for around a couple of hundreds dollar, and you even get goods for the money.


Network marketing opportunity – Who can work with Network Marketing ?

Your background and education do not matter. It is for everyone – for young, elderly, accountants, real estate agents, nurses, cash men, the cleaning assistant, the carpenter
and so on.

I know people with high and low education and without education, which earn very good money by working with Network Marketing. The advantage of combining it with other work
or education is that you decide when and with whom you want to work with.


Network marketing opportunity – You are your own boss

At a normal workplace, there are regular meeting times, lunch times and when you have free so you might even race home in traffic to pick up the children in the kindergarten before closing time.

In Network Marketing, there is no other boss than yourself who decides when to meet at work, eat your lunch when you have free so you can pick up your children, go for yoga, go for a walk, and so on.


Network marketing opportunity – Personal development and fun

It is fun working in Network Marketing, and you are personalizing along the way. But you have to learn how to work in Network Marketing, you have to have the driving license.

Everyone can find out to recommend a product, it is not hard, but there are other things to learn along, especially if you want to live from Network Marketing, it requires knowledge, learning, how to practice and learn along the way. We learn while we do.

So often the Network Marketing company have some guides and it is a good idea to read your
own development books, view webinars, attend courses and meetings, and get some coaching by the one who introduced you to Network Marketing.

You must also be able to motivate yourself, because even though you are a big team in Network Marketing where everybody helps each other, you must also show that you are
willing to make an effort.


Network marketing opportunity – Residual income

On the other hand, as a team you also have great fun and make money together. You build what we call residual income.

What is residual income ?

You probably know the pop group Wham. They recorded the hit Last Christmas sometime in the 80s, and it is being played again and again every single Christmas. They did some work as they recorded the record, but now they get recurring / residual recesses on the record every year. A pretty good way to get residual income. You could also have written a book or made a number of webinars located online.

Residual means recurring, that is, once you have built up a large team, you start to receive a recurring income every week and hereby also earn money when you go for a vacation,
sleep, have children in school and so on.


Network marketing opportunity – No fixed salary

In Network Marketing you do not get a fixed salary, you actually start at zero crowns and have even invested a little investment to start up. Then you have to work up your salary through your recommendations of the Network Marketing product to your network and if you are able to build up your own team – you will receive coaching about building your own team.

And the more that is being sold in your team, the bigger bonus you get from the Network Marketing company who is very happy for your efforts and therefore would like to reward you accordingly.


Network marketing opportunity – No ceiling

On the other hand, there is no ceiling in income, which you often see in the normal labor market, where you often only get a few percent wage increases throughout an entire working life.


Network marketing opportunity – What are your dreams and needs ?

Do you have any dreams that you just think of, but find them unattainable ? To fulfill your dreams Network Marketing could be a possibility.

It may be that you are dreaming of an extra day off so you can stay home with your children that you and your family can get an extra trip a year, buy a new car, dream house or fly in a hot air balloon. Opportunities are many, it is about what you want to achieve.


Network marketing opportunity – 40 years versus 4 years

I read a book that described it like this. In a normal working life, we get four years of education, we work for 40 years to retire, where we will enjoy life, then old age.

But many elderly people have no healing to enjoy life even though they have the money. They have been working by a long and hard work life and may have become ill so they can not spend their money on pleasures, traveling, etc. And if you, like the elderly, have a good health, you may not have the money.

We must have both good health and money when we reach the retirement age to enjoy our retired life. Once you have worked with Network Markeing and get a good residual income, you have a great chance of having good health and having the money, because you have not worn your health for over 40 years in the labor market.

In Network Marketing you can even plan your working hours, to suit your needs and family life. And then we have to remember that the working time in Network Marketing is far less than 37 hours. As mentioned earlier, most people in network marketing work less than 10 hours a week, and at the same time have a lot of fun. 🙂

Do you want to achieve more in life than what you have now ? Do you have any lifestyles that you want to achieve or want to have a living with more freedom so you can be more with your family and children ? Then maybe you should consider the Network marketing opportunity.

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