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Pinterest For Business Marketing – Here Are Some Useful Tips

Pinterest For Business Marketing
Pinterest For Business Marketing
Pinterest For Business Marketing
Pinterest For Business Marketing

Very often the biggest motivation for people to search the internet is personal interest. And it is exactly this strategic focus Pinterest has, because Pinterest purpose is to attract people’s interest through images.

That is why Pinterest as a Social platform is a catalog of global ideas. It is one of the least-valued social networks, but its opportunities for companies are many.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, which focus their activities on dialogue, Pinterests focus on interests as mentioned above. Users of the Pinterest social network are not looking for new friends, they are looking for new ideas or sharing their own ideas.

Therefore, Pinterest could be the perfect channel to spread the knowledge of your business, spread content and generate traffic to your e-commerce site or business website. The content of Pinterest is designed to inspire users to put pins (save images) on their profile as a source of ideas for projects.

In addition, pins can spread 100 times more than a tweet and 1,600 times more than a Facebook update.

Pinterest For Business Marketing – How can you optimize your Pinterest profile

As mentioned, Pinterest is really interesting for companies. Therefore, you should optimize your profile so users can easily find you and your business.

Let’s look at the main elements that shape your Pinterest profile:

  • The title of your Pinterest profile must be the same name as your business site.
  • The username must also be your business name.
  • The description is also important. It is advisable to add a few lines describing your business, your website or other relevant information.
  • The description must be visible under your profile picture, which must also be a picture that represents your business. The most logical image to use in this case is your business logo.
  • It is important to indicate the URL on your business website.


The names of the bulletin boards or boards should be eye-catching and attract the attention of your business audience. In addition, it must also contain keywords so that you also are found through the search engines.

For example: “dog training”, “travel accessories”, “Gifts for Valentine’s Day”. The titles must describe and represent the content on your board. If you focus to have content of each bulletin board on a subject or product category, that works extremely well.

It is important that the products are named correctly. Pins can be tagged and categorized under hashtags (for example: #dog training). This is important as your pins act as keywords that hereby act as search criteria and will be found by people of interest in your products.


Pinterest For Business Marketing – Pinterest for companies is an important and relevant tool for creating traffic to your website

Globally, Pinterest is primarily for women, since 80% of all users are women. But for example in Spain, this percentage is slightly lower, with 4 out of 10 male users (40%) in Spain.

Pinterest is therefore a good marketing tool that can reach many of both men and women, but mainly women. In fact, Pinterest has already become one of the social networks that creates the most online sales.

Each time you share a pin, you share a photo and a URL at the same time. The visual part of the PIN will alert users, while the URL points to the final destination where we want the target audience to land.

Ideally, this landing page should be the product page at your business website, where the user can see all the features of the relevant product and buy it. This is how you promote conversions.


Pinterest For Business Marketing – Search Engine optimization (SEO) on Pinterest

Pinterest is not just a social platform. It is also a search engine. Therefore, optimization is important when it comes to achieving maximum visibility on your pins, when using Pinterest for business marketing.

Optimization of product headlines, descriptions, names and image details:

Be sure to get all the details on your products – if you have a physical product then describe materials, colors and brand. All keywords that you think your customers will search for and relate to your products must be included. These keywords must be added to the product headings, descriptions, tags, image details and in the name of the files.

Therefore, to optimize the SEO for your Pinterest product – it is a good idea to make a good keyword research, so you optimize your product with the best keywords.

You can read more about one of the best Keyword research tools on the market – Click Here 

It is a good idea to use the pin description to expand your product information. You can have up to 500 characters. But keep in mind that too much text can be negative, so if descriptions do not add value, it’s better to keep them short and simple and straightforward with one to two lines.

When writing the descriptions, especially on your products it is a good idea to put yourself in the customer’s place and think – what information of I like to have for this product ? Or how can I make someone interested in buying my product ?


Pinterest For Business Marketing – Pinterest for companies a good tool for increasing sales

More than two-thirds of all Pinterest content is pinned from a website or an online shop. Therefore, the Pinterest social network is the ideal place to shop (and we’re not the only ones who claim this, as 93% of all Pinterest users have used it to plan purchases).

Unlike other social platforms like Instagram, Pinterest shares not only pictures. Pins also works as a Call to Action platform. Thanks to the different types of pins, it is possible to add additional information that encourages users to interact with the content.

There are different types of pins:

  • Product pins – Allows you to indicate the price, availability and description of a product from your website.
  • Article pins – Allows the user to make a blackboard to a list.
  • Recipe pins – Change a description of a pin to a list of ingredients and step-by-step instructions.
  • Place pins – Make a card on which you can place your pins based on a geographical location.
  • Movie pins – Allows you to view video clips without leaving Pinterest.


When it comes to e-commerce, product pins are the most useful, when using Pinterest for business marketing. Pinterest allows an online shop to perform better as the new buying pins allow users to purchase directly through the social network without having to go to other websites.

Buying pins are similar to regular pins, but they have a price of the product, the description and a “buy” button. With it, customers can buy directly from the Pinterest mobile app.

These buy pins have been shown to generate twice as many conversions from mobile phones as common pins. So Pinterest becomes an important tool for increased sales in online


Pinterest For Business Marketing – How do you get to know your target audience with Pinterest

Pinterest analytics contains data that can improve your website conversions. You must be aware of the pins that have the most likes and those that are most shared.

You can also use this information to improve your business marketing strategy and spend your time more efficiently using Pinterest update and, for example, dedicate your focus and effort to the most popular boards and topics.

If you work with Pinterest the right way, Pinterest can be one of the important Social Media marketing platforms for your business, because Pinterest as mentioned earlier can be a very efficient way to market your business and get new customers – But only if you are working with Pinterest the right way! – Here you can join Pinterest – Click Here 

As mentioned Pinterest is one of the popular Social Platforms that can help your business and you can also read more about Social Marketing in general – Click Here 

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