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Setup Google Plus Business Page – Some Useful Tips

Setup Google Plus Business Page
Setup Google Plus Business Page
Setup Google Plus Business Page
Setup Google Plus Business Page

Google plus is one of the fastest growing social media with million of registered users. The reason why it is so an important social media is because, among other things, it is owned by Google, and hereby already has a long list of contacts to people who have, for example, a Gmail account, Google Analytics accounts, and YouTube accounts.

In addition, Google plus is integrated with the entire Google system, so a Google plus page can affect your website search results in a very positive direction.


Setup Google Plus Business Page

Google Plus gives your business new opportunities to communicate and reach existing and potential customers. Google Plus makes it possible for companies to create and develop
customer relationships, as private individuals are also here.


Setup Google Plus Business Page – Targeted communication

Google Plus allows you to divide your network into “Circles”. In these so-called circles, you can add people that you follow and categorize companies, friends, family, etc., which are in your network. The circles make it possible to target the company’s communication, where it is possible to communicate with customers, employees and suppliers in one place.

Through your Google Plus account, you can collaborate with customers and colleagues through Google Hangouts, which is Google’s communications platform. Here you can conduct
video conferencing with customers and employees.


Setup Google Plus Business Page – Create credibility

A so-called “secret SEO weapon” is the Google Plus 1 button. This button can make your website look better on Google’s search engine in the future.

Google Plus has added the +1 button, and this button can be placed on your website. Each time a person visits your page and presses the +1 button at your business, the person’s circles will be notified. Hereby, the person tells his network that your page is something that they should “check out”.

Pressing +1 button is therefore a kind of recommendation. You can count on each click on this button that matches your website. Therefore, work to get as many +1 clicks as possible.

In addition, the +1 button is an integral part of Google’s search engine as well as the web’s many websites. Therefore, recommendations can be seen directly in search results on Google and various websites. Next time someone searches for a product on Google, it will appear in search results if someone from the person’s network has recommended it.


Setup Google Plus Business Page – Create traffic

A Google Plus page as well as the +1 feature will allow your business to improve its location on the Google search engine. It can also create better and more qualified traffic to your website.

This is because, among other things, people with relationships to each other tend to influence each other. Therefore, more people will visit your website if it has good recommendations and a good and updated Google Plus page. Google Plus can therefore improve your company’s online performance.

Here you can find some useful tips that can help you to get on Google’s first search page without costing you anything:


Setup Google Plus Business Page – Put your page up

Your Google Plus cover image gives a first impression to those who visit your site – so be critical of what image you put on your Google Plus page. It does not necessarily have to be one image. For example, you can also make a collage or optimize your search page by adding targeted keywords in your tagline and introduction text.

Tagline and introductory text in Google plus is part of the information you add on the Google My Business page to be found on Google when you create your business on Google. Tagline is similar to categories where you indicate what kind of business you are in. Introduction is the text where you welcome your visitors to your business. Use relevant keywords in this short introduction.


Setup Google Plus Business Page – Do not be afraid to use Circles

Google Plus is an open network, like Twitter. As mentioned before, that means you can follow someone and someone can follow you. It’s quite easy to organize your contacts in Circles – which are categories you create to split your content and to choose what content you show on your wall.

Do not be afraid to use circles and add contacts, potential customers, local businesses / stores or colleagues from your industry that share the same interests as you.

Note – When working to optimize content, be sure to share only those circles that share the same interests as you. This way you avoid circles feeling spammed by a lot of information they do not find relevant.


Setup Google Plus Business Page – Be a part of the community (Groups)

‘Communities’ is Google Plus response to ‘groups’, as we know from Facebook. It allows people to participate in certain specific topics. There are currently over many thousands of communities on Google Plus with topics ranging from Making Money Online, photography to various different business areas.

Google Plus allows businesses to join communities as a brand. It gives you a good opportunity to spread your network by linking to potential customers, influential people or others you are interested in.

Businesses can create their own communities that increase their brand’s visibility. As a community moderator, you can share your professional know-how and get others’ feedback. In this way you build an area around your brand, where there is constant conversation and debate.

Keep in mind that it’s not the purpose of communities to advertise your business, but rather to create a place where you can share relevant content that will end in conversations and discussions.

Note – Make sure it becomes part of your daily life to review the communities you are in. Stay active and engage in others’ posts. Give your support by the +1 button and by commenting on posts, sharing new ideas, and sharing your opinion. Make sure that the content published in your own communities is of top quality. Ask your followers regularly to keep your communities running.


Setup Google Plus Business Page – Make good posts visual

Google Plus is an extremely visual platform with a clean design that is particularly suitable for photos, videos and info-graphics. It has showed that posts with interesting pictures get 3 to 4 times as much response as other types of posts. If your image looks great on Google Plus, it can be clicked and hence link directly to your content.

Google Plus can upload and save images in standard size with a good resolution on desktops as well as on tablets (2048px on the long edge). You can also upload full-size images – just select this feature.

Note – Name other Google Plus users in your posts, which they tend to engage in your posts. Like Twitter , you can search Google Plus on all hashtags, so it’s smart to add a few hashtags to each post. Share your posts publicly and in relevant groups you participate in.


Setup Google Plus Business Page – Hangout with your followers

Video marketing is a very hot trend at this time, and it is estimated that video usage will just increase in the future. Google Plus makes it easy for you to join this trend with Google Plus Hangouts on Air (HOA).

Hangouts are video chats with up to 10 active people at once, which others can follow. Videos are recorded and saved so you can easily publish them on YouTube or your Google Plus page.

Note – Make sure your Google Plus profile is connected to your Youtube account, so your HOA will automatically be saved to Youtube. From your YouTube account, you can edit your video and share it when you’re satisfied with the result. You can then share your video on your website, other social media, via your email, etc …

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