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The AWeber Autoresponder Review

The AWeber Autoresponder Review
What is AWeber ?

AWeber is a Pennsylvania based company offering email marketing solution, sign up form, and autoresponder software that helps you to send out a sequence of email marketing messages to subscribers in a particular order or frequently.

AWeber develops and runs an opt-in email marketing service used by over 125,000 small businesses, bloggers, and entrepreneurs around the globe. Their web-based tools help companies to grow their business by staying in touch with customers and prospects through email.

AWeber reports are great. You can choose from account reports and list reports. With account reports, you can see how many opens, clicks, and revenue all of your lists accumulated over time.

With List reports, you can do the same for individual lists, plus view daily/weekly/monthly subscribers, follow-up and broadcast totals and percentages, subscriber growth, ad tracking, and view subscriber data based on location. Having this kind of information is extremely valuable when you are going to analyze your potential customers!

AWeber allows you to automatically send follow up messages to your subscribers after a set amount of days and at whatever day of the week and time you choose. This is an essential feature for busy business owners! You can also test emails before you send them out to see what they would look like and make sure everything shows up properly.

Along with the customizable follow-up messages and sign up forms. You can choose from many designs and easily copy and paste it into your blog or website – The AWeber features are very easy to work even if you are not a tech guy!


Who can benefit from the AWeber email service tool ?

The AWeber email tool is mainly for those who have a small/large business where you promote your business through a website. One of the best proven online marketing features is building lists via email to get your product/service to reach the customer base.

AWeber is primarily a marketing tool for online business, so you must be capable of writing a marketing piece that encourages readers to become buyers.

Who is AWeber best suited for ?

– Internet marketers.
– Affiliate marketers.
– Home based business owners.
– Network Marketers.
– Info product marketers.
– Authors.
– Coaches.
– Bloggers.
– Consultants.

If your business falls into any of the above niches, then Aweber is a great starting point for your email marketing and will work well for you.

The AWeber tool could be for you if:

  • You do not currently have an email marketing service or system in place.
  • You realize you must get some email service up ASAP.
  • Your Internet marketing budget is tight, but you also need a reliable email service provider.

Email marketing can be one of the most important marketing features of your online business and therefore it is well worth investing some time in understanding email marketing and autoresponders and using them effectively.

You can read more about email marketing here 

What is an autoresponder ?

Before progressing with the AWeber review, I will give a short introduction to what you and your business can do with autoresponders.

Autoresponders are simply e-newsletters that are sent to your mailing list subscribers at pre-defined intervals – for example, you can set them up so that straight after somebody signs up to your email list, they will receive a welcome message or a confirmation of email message from your business;

Next day they can receive an introduction mail from you, so you start connecting with your new subscriber, some days later they could receive encouragement to follow you on social media, or what you are planning to show your subscriber within the next couple of weeks, and so on!

The idea behind autoresponders is that much of your email marketing gets automated, and hereby save you a lot of time – it’s a sort of ‘set and forget’ scenario that saves you the bother of sending out e-newsletters manually (although you can still, of course, do this as and when required).

What Results Can the AWeber service bring to You ?

I often get the question about why focus on collecting subscribers for your online business ? What are the results ? Especially when communication is increasing over social media, then do we really need to collect subscribers that can receive our newsletters ?

Here is why you need to collect subscribers:

  • Your readership will increase through email marketing.
  • Promoting a new post on your website is much easier via an email.
  • You will be able to build your own email community.
  • Through quality emails, you are able to build a strong relationship with readers and subscribers.
  • If you send out quality emails it builds trust, and trust drives leads and sales.
  • Your blog/website gets regularized when people expect your newsletter.
  • Safety – You own the list of your subscribers. If you focus on Social Media to communicate with your potential customers, you don’t know if the Social Media, that you are using now in the future will close down, or your account will get banned. That can not happen with your own list of subscribers.


Why should you use AWeber e-marketing service ?

An autoresponder will as mentioned help you to send out a specific set of messages/post automatically to your subscribers and also allows you to set up the time gap between each email. Now that is the job of any autoresponder service, but how is AWeber different ?

With AWeber, you can collect and manage the contact details of your website visitors when they leave their name, email id, or contact number on your site. This way it helps you to build real subscribers to your mailing list.

With AWeber autoresponder service you are able to send each person on the mailing list a series of pre-written emails at defined intervals, and this will save you a lot of time and effort.

The design features at AWeber allows you great customization options, that can improve the look and feel of your emails. For example, you are able to personalize the emails with subscribers’ name, and other features will help you build a strong relationship with customers and subscribers, eventually boosting leads and sales.

Another great feature with AWeber is, that you are also able to measure/track each email you send out, like who opened the mail, who read it or clicked on the link provided in the mail, etc.

Finally one of the most important things about the AWeber service is, that you can be sure that your emails deliver in the Inbox of the reader and not in spam-filter when using AWeber.

You can download this Free email guide from AWeberClick Here 


Functionality and Features of AWeber

Currently, I am using AWeber for my email marketing and I must say, that AWeber it does a lot of good work to make sure my emails are delivered to all subscribers without much of bounce back rate.

Here are some of my favorite features from AWeber:

  • Email Deliverability Rate – AWeber proactively seeks out and resolve potential deliverability issues to ensure maximum deliverability of emails.
  • Drag and Drop Editor – Drag and drop is an easy feature to deal with even if you have low tech knowledge and with this AWeber feature, you can create professional looking emails adding rich-images and links in no time.
  • RSS to Email – The AWeber service not only send out pre-designed emails to subscribers but you are also able to transform any recent article from your website/blog into a newsletter and broadcast them to your subscribers.
  • HTML Email Templates – If you know about HTML, then you are able to create impressive emails by choosing over 500 HTML email marketing templates from the AWeber tool.
  • Manage Subscribers – AWeber makes it easy for you with your subscribers. AWeber manages everything from collecting, managing and segmenting your subscribers and also tracking their actions.


Pros and cons of the Aweber email tool


Here are some pros of AWeber:

  • You can create up to 500 subscriber lists and unlimited emails in one account.
  • Therefore you can build marketing follow-up systems for multiple products and services.
  • AWeber is easy to integrate with other Internet marketing tools.
  • AWeber has an autoresponder feature obviously. Send follow up messages automatically.
  • You can send broadcast emails whenever you want.
  • You can use AWeber to automatically publish to the major social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • The emails send from AWeber protects you against SPAM complaints. Therefore, emails send from AWeber are less likely to end up in spam folders because they analyze the content for spam potential. This spam score allows you
    to modify your emails for maximum delivery results. Maximum deliverability of emails gives you peace of mind.
  • By AWeber features, you have both version HTML and Text Emails.
  • AWeber has very good Analytic feature, which is very important for the optimization of your emails.
  • AWeber offer 24-Hours Customer Service.


Here are some cons of AWeber

  • AWeber is not a contact management system.
  • AWeber is not a comprehensive CRM.
  • AWeber is just an email marketing software system.
  • AWeber can be a little high on the price for some newbies.
  • AWeber does not offer a free trial, only a $1 sign-up plan that you can cancel if you do not like their service.
  • AWeber even charges me if all my subscribers unsubscribe.
  • AWeber even charge duplicate emails.


Pricing, of course, is an important factor when considering any business. What is good about AWeber is even though it is a little high on the price compared with some other email services, it does offer maximum benefits.

Further, it does have flexible options to choose from, the standard pricing starts from $19 per month and high-value pricing goes up to $149 per month.


My conclusion about the AWeber Autoresponder Review

I think that nowadays many people still underestimate the power of email marketing. The potential of email marketing is huge. You can send tens of thousands of emails just by using a few minutes and an autoresponder like Aweber.  Imagine how big your hourly salary would be for writing that email.

One email can generate you thousands of dollars over time because if you use it in your follow up series, it can make you money again and again.

Your email list is a big asset for your online business that becomes more and more valuable when growing your email list. Imagine that you start building your email list today and do it for the next 10 years. What would you do with an email list of more than 50.000 people ?

That will probably give you thousands of dollars per year. Of course, that requires some good email marketing work but it’s completely possible.

On your journey with email marketing, then AWeber is not only for sending out newsletters, you can also use the AWeber service to send out upcoming product release, invitation to meet, online courses, e-Book or even birthday wishes.

The bottom point is, that AWeber is a very useful tool to grow your business in a number of ways including making money online. I would recommend investing in AWeber if you need to have a strong online presence, great brand value and a reliable deliverability email rate!

Why should you listen to me ? Well, I have been an Aweber customer for over 1 year, and I use the AWeber platform every day with great satisfaction.

I have tried other auto-responders and email marketing platforms for my own business like:

  • Get Response ($15/month)
  • ConvertKit ($29/month)
  • Constant Contact ($20/month)
  • Mail Chimp (Free)

But in the end, canceled them, and returned to my familiar, faithful, and versatile AWeber.

Based on the quality that Aweber delivers, it is in my opinion reasonably priced at $19/month. You can get the first month for just one dollar.


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