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The Neobux Review – Here Are Some Useful Tips

The Neobux Review
The Neobux Review
The Neobux Review
The Neobux Review

Neobux is a pay to click (PTC) site, and PTC sites are basically sites where you will be getting paid some small money whenever you watch ads in your web browser.

You can read more about PTC sites – Click Here 


How to earn money from PTC sites ?

Working with PTC sites is a very simple process. First you have to register typically a free membership account with a PTC site. After successful registration, you just login to your account and go to the view advertisement section. In the advertisement section you will see the list of available ads that you can watch.


Then you start watching ads, and you just click one link at a time and it will be opened in a new browser. All ads run for different times, and you just wait until the timer or scroll bar ends and the browser automatically credits the money into your account. Simple as that.


Once you receive a reply from the browser, you can close the AD window and go back to the advertisement page and start viewing the next ad.


You can then repeat this process until you have watch all available ads of the day.


For each ad you are viewing you will typically be paid between $0.0001 USD to $0.1 USD depending on the kind of ads and the length of the ads your are viewing.


Some ads may run for 5 secs others for up to 30 secs. The longer the single ads are running normally will give you more money.


Therefore, it is easy to work with PTC sites. They are typically free to Join (and often with some upgrade options), you don’t need any special Skills or previous experience to work, and you can work anytime, anywhere.

The Neobux Review – What is Neobux

Neobux has existed since 2008, but there is not much more information about the company behind. On the other hand Neobux has been around for a while and has many members.


PTC is one of the things Neobux is famous for, by clicking ads in their network. At the Neobux website there are quite a lot of ads you can click every day. Clicking Ads will not be a way to earn a lot of money, and on average it will only take you around 10 second per ad you watch.


You will get around $0.001 per ad you watch, but this earning can be higher, if you upgrade your membership.


It does not take long to click a few ads, and it will also give you access to certain possibilities at Neobux that is only available when you have clicked a certain number of ads – you can for example not upgrade your membership until you have clicked 100 ads.


The Neobux Review – Other things you can find at Neobux:

You can also  earn money on other things than pay to click at Neobux, and these are:

  • Doing Mini Jobs and surveys.
  • Doing Coin Offers.
  • Referring Others.
  • Paid games.


Mini jobs:

Neobux mini jobs and doing surveys do not have very high rewards – at least not in the beginning. But if you continue doing them, you will eventually qualify for higher paying jobs, and then it can bring in some nice extra cash.

Neobux offer a pretty good bonus for doing CrowdFlower tasks, as you get an 18% bonus every time you have earned $1. As mentioned, it can take a while to get to the dollar in the beginning, but it is an earning method worth looking into.


Coin offers:

Coins offers are what you see on many other sites called paid offers or offer walls. This means that you can find different online offers and you can be earning by taking these offers. It can for example be to download apps, making extra surveys, signing up for free trials on different websites and more.

Sometimes there can be some pretty good offers, but you should be aware that with Neobux you earn coins by taking these offers – not cash. However you can exchange these coins into cash, but it makes it a bit confusing to figure out exactly how much you earn in cash for the offers. Therefore, in my opinion these offers are better to do on
other PTC websites.


Refer people:

Neobux has a referral program, where you by inviting other people to join Neobux can get a small commission every time that person earns money at Neobux. Referring people are used by many PTC sites, and is usually very simple. You share a link with people, and if they join through your link, and start using the platform, then you get a small reward.

However, Neobux referral system is one of the issues, where Neobux is complicated and confusing compared to other PTC sites. First of all, there is a limitation in the referrals you can have depending on your membership type. Second, you do not get paid for your referrals click on ads unless you have clicked at certain number of ads yourself the last 24 hours.

The commission for ad clicks is between $0.005-$0.01 per click from your referrals, 12% of the mini jobs they do, and 20% for coin offers. So you need a lot of active referrals to make some money, and you need to upgrade your membership to be allowed to get many referrals, because as mentioned, there are limits on the amount of referrals you can have, based on the level of your membership.

How your earnings from your referrals are calculated is again complicated, so the referral earning system with Neobux is not very user-friendly.


Paid games:

Yes, you can get paid to play games at Neobux – but not a lot, so do not get too excited. There is actually a rather good selection of games you can play. Everything from card games, casino games, arcade games, strategy games and more. So you can definitely find some fun games that you like to play.

To get credits for a game you have to play it for at least 2 minutes. For each game session you will get $0.001, and you can only get paid for a maximum of 250 game sessions a day. It will however take you longer than 2 minutes to play a game, because you first have to watch small ads, before you get to the actual game.

But even if it was just 2 minutes, and you could do 250 games a day, it would only earn you $0.25 and take you more than 8 hours. So as you can see – only play games for fun because this is not the way to earn money at Neobux.

The Neobux Review – Who can join ?

This is probably one of the best things about Neobux, because nearly anyone can join no matter where you live in the world. What opportunities you have of earnings can however
vary depending on the country you live in. In many countries you will not find a lot of surveys, and there are also some limitations to the coin offers.


But you can use the PTC ads and the games no matter where you live in the world. But as mentioned making money from the PTC ads will not make you a lot of money unless you refer a lot of people, but again then you need to upgrade membership.


If you are planning to do this, it is nice to know that you can refer people from all over the world.


The Neobux Review – Membership levels

Here is an overview of the different membership levels at Neobux:

The Neobux Review
The Neobux Review

The Neobux Review – How do you get paid from Neobux

When you do your tasks on Neobux you will be paid in cash, coins or points. By clicking on ads, doing mini jobs and surveys and playing games are paid in cash. You can get your cash paid out through Skrill, Payza, or Neteller.


The Neobux Review – How much money can you make from Neobux

It is difficult to say how much you can earn on Neobux. But you have to be careful and do your calculations carefully, if you plan to go for the membership upgrades without having a good plan.


The reason is that it can end up costing you money to join paid membership Neobux, because you can risk to pay more for your membership than you earn from the different tasks, if you are not a very active member at Neobux.


I would say that Neobux has potential, but I also have to say, the structure of Neobux is made in a very confusing way. So if you are not careful, you can risk, that it will cost you more than you earn.

The Neobux Review – My conclusion about Neobux

As you can see from the Neubux review, the website  has quite a lot of different opportunities and Neobux is not a scam site.

However, I am not impressed with the opportunities Neobux offers.

Let’s sum up the pros and cons of Neobux to get a better overview:


  • Anybody can join.
  • Has several earning opportunities.



  • Very confusing to use.
  • It takes time and investment to have a to really earn some money.
  • There is only small earnings for almost all the different kind of earning methods.
  • Not mobile friendly.


Overall the Neobux review show, that this opportunity has some potential. But for me the biggest minus is that it is very confusing to use, and the whole system and rules are made in a way, so it is difficult to figure out how to use Neobux the best way.


I also think it is a huge minus that you have to pay to upgrade to really have chances of earning some money, and that you more or less need to refer other people if you want a chance of earning money.


However, if you have a plan and calculate the risks, Neobux might be a way to make some nice extra money. But it will not be easy, and it will take some investment. I would suggest not to invest anything until you have made enough on Neobux to use on your investment.


To invest in upgraded membership on Neobux right away is in my opinion risky, as the membership upgrades are quite expensive.


Overall Neobux has some potential, but it is very confusing to use, and it takes a good plan and investment to make any money.


You can join for free, but make sure you know what you are doing before paying for an upgraded membership.


If you want an easy-to-use PTC site Neobux is not for you.

You can visit the Neobux website – Click Here 


If you just want to make some nice extra money on the side without all the complications and rules, then there are many better PTC websites to join, which are a lot more simple and easy to use.


Therefore, If you still are interested in PTC sites and similar sites, and want my number 1 recommendation of this kind of websites then Click Here


If you want to make money online and want to make a long term strategy, where you can earn really good money in the long run, then you should seriously consider learning and building an online business by doing affiliate marketing the right way. 

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