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The Wealthy Affiliate Review – My Personal Experience

The Wealthy Affiliate Review
The Wealthy Affiliate Review
The Wealthy Affiliate Review

I have now been a member of the Wealthy Affiliate program for a couple of months and will here give you my honest review of the program. During the last couple of years I have tried different making money online training programs, so I have a good comparison basis when I am now making the wealthy affiliate review.


Here are the main features I am going through when making the Wealthy Affiliate review:

What is the Wealthy Affiliate program ?

Does the Wealthy Affiliate program has a proven blueprint ?

Has the Wealthy Affiliate program a free membership available ?

How to get started with the Wealthy Affiliate program ?

– Features at the Wealthy Affiliate program ?

Can you make money with the Wealthy Affiliate program ?

What is my conclusion about the Wealthy Affiliate program ?

The Wealthy Affiliate Review – What is the Wealthy Affiliate program ?

Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform for people interesting in making money online and the community of Wealthy affiliate has a social network with thousands of bloggers.

So when you join the Wealthy Affiliate training platform you will get access to an online training facility, with a lot a like-minded people, who are there to motivate, and help each other to create a successful online business. You are simply joining an online training community.

The Wealthy affiliate program was founded back in 2005 by Kyle and Carson, and has during the years become one of the most popular making money online training programs as of today.

The training is mainly conducted by Kyle (one of the owners) and there are several modules and forums that will assist you with the training.

The training is built up in a very educational way and you can go through and follow the training at your own pace, so anyone can learn from what is being taught within their own platform.

The big difference between Wealthy Affiliate and some of the scammy making money online programs being offered is that the Wealthy Affiliate program doesn’t promise you to make you rich overnight or anything like that.

That is exactly what is often advertised with various scam programs, and you can read more about this making money online programs scam issue here 

What the Wealthy Affiliate program promises you is to educate and teach you everything related to affiliate marketing, SEO, Social Media (no matter if you are completely new to the making money online business or have some experience with the online business) and how to build a successful and legit online business.

So, if you have expectations to become rich overnight with the make money online business, then you can stop reading this review, because this is not for you. This goal is only for dreamers, and it is not going to happen, no matter what program you are joining – simple as that.

With the Wealthy Affiliate program you will learn the ropes of how to start your online business THE RIGHT WAY.

The Wealthy Affiliate Review – Does Wealthy Affiliate program has a proven blueprint ?

Following a proven successful step by step plan of making money online will increase your chances to be successful in the online business industry – right ?

But at the same time you have to be aware of – that the only one that will ensure you will succeed is – YOU.

However, following a step by step plan that WORKS, will get you there faster and a lot easier – and with much bigger chances of success – than trying to figure everything by yourself and doing it by yourself.

Kyle and Carson the owners of the Wealthy Affiliate program, have spent years perfecting their training platform for making money online, and over the years through trial and testing, developed and broken down each step into an easy to understand course – that works for everybody no matter what experience level you have with the online business industry.

Basically the training is a 4 step process when you are joining the Wealthy Affiliate program, and tens of thousands of online entrepreneurs have passed through the Wealthy Affiliate programs training and followed the exact same blueprint and succeeded in establishing profitable online businesses as a result.

Here are the basic of the training process:

1 – Choose an Interest – There are affiliate programs for every product and service imaginable in the online business industry. If you have a hobby or something you are
passionate about, that would make the perfect niche for you to start an online affiliate marketing business.

2 – Build a Website – The next step is to build a website around the niche you have chosen. It is through your website that you will be able to start earning money as an affiliate. You can get a WordPress website set up and ready to go within a few minutes through the Wealthy Affiliate program.

Off course, it won’t be filled with any content yet, but you will with the website setup be on your way. The Wealthy Affiliate program guides you through every step of the process, and it is nowhere near as hard as you might think.

3 – Attract Visitors – There is no point of having a great website with quality content, if no one knows about it or reads your content. As you go through the easy to follow training at Wealthy Affiliate, you will be shown how to create content in such a way that the search engines will find that content and send visitors your way.

As your website grows, so will the traffic it receives. Traffic = Dollars, and the Wealthy affiliate program can show you how to get traffic for FREEYou can also visit this site to get and idea of how you can get traffic to your website for FREE – Click here

4 – Earn Revenue – As I mentioned, just about every product in every niche will have an affiliate program somewhere. Depending on the platform and the product, commissions can actually be as high as 100% in some cases.

Now that you have chosen a niche, built a website and are getting a steady stream of traffic, the money will start to flow in. It may start out slow, but it will snowball over time.

If you are working with Knowledge, Quality, Focus and Perseverance you can make a very good living within the online business industry, and the Wealthy Affiliate program give you an easy and proven step by step process for that.

The Wealthy Affiliate Review – Has the Wealthy Affiliate program a free membership available ?

To make it short – YES – The Wealthy Affiliate program has a free membership available, and you can remain a free member as long as you want. You can start building your business on your free websites and decide later if you want to go premium. Every person has different needs. So, there is not any pressure to become a paid member like other making money online programs.

When you join, you can communicate with others on the platform as a premium member for the first 7 days. This happens to show you what benefits you will have, if you choose to become a part of the Wealthy Affiliate community as a premium member. After seven days, you lose some of these benefits because they are only for the premium members.

It does not mean that you lose your free membership. You still have access to training, and if you have created any websites at Wealthy Affiliate, within the first 7 days, you will still have them with the free membership.

Later, if you decide to upgrade, you will again have access to all the Wealthy Affiliate resources and you will be able to communicate with everyone in the community, even the owners, that plays a very active role in the community.

Here you can see an overview of what you get with the free and paid membership:

If you choose to go for the premium membership and if you are looking for the best way to get maximum benefit from Wealthy Affiliate with the best discount, then yearly is the way to go. Normally the premium membership would cost you $588 ($49 x 12 month) per year if you are paying monthly.

But there is a Wealthy Affiliate discount offer on the premium membership for the first month ($19), but going with a year payment takes the cost down to just $359. That is a huge saving of $229 and then the premium membership will only cost you around $30 per month.

The Wealthy Affiliate Review – How to get started with the Wealthy Affiliate program ?

When you are new to a business and have to learn new skills, you must be able to find all the steps as you apply them. And for all of us, it is unlikely to know all the skills that are needed, when you start up a new business.

So a lot of start up businesses are really struggling by making a good and realistic business plan, that can help their business to create some profit. And with this task the Wealthy Affiliate program can help you and even in an easy way to understand.

The Wealthy Affiliate’s training takes you from zero, explains why and how it works, and guides you all the way. The lessons are on article and video format, and below the lessons, there are tasks which you complete to make sure you follow the right steps and understanding the training.

You can do the training in your own speed. So if you feel you need to take a lesson 2 or more times, you just do that, you are 100% in control in what speed you want to take the training education.

Here are an overview of your lessons in phase 1 of the Wealthy Affiliate program – Getting Started

The Wealthy Afiliate Review
phase 1 of the Wealthy Affiliate program - Getting Started

In phase 2 is about building your own website and getting traffic to the website.

Here are an overview of your lessons in phase 2 of the Wealthy Affiliate program – Building website and get traffic.

The Wealthy Afiliate Review
phase 2 of the Wealthy Affiliate program - Building website and get traffic

In phase 3 you should already have learned about how to write content on your website the right way, you know how to generate traffic and you might be getting traffic, if you already has created a website.

So, in phase 3 you will learn ways of converting that traffic into revenue. There are plenty of ways of generating income with your website, so pay attention carefully. Phase 1,2 and 3 are super important to your success.

Here are an overview of your lessons in phase 3 of the Wealthy Affiliate program – Making Money with your website

The Wealthy Afiliate Review
phase 3 of the Wealthy Affiliate program - Making Money with your website

After these first training lessons the Wealthy Affiliate program also have training lessons about:

  • Mastering Social Engagement.
  • Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation.
  • Every week you have a Live Webinar about an important issue relating to making money online. If you are not able to attend the live webinar, all webinars are recorded, and then you can just watch the webinar when it suits you.

The Wealthy Affiliate Review – Features at the Wealthy Affiliate program


The premium membership has the following features:


1. 5 Levels of complete training courses that take you from a beginner to an experienced online business player.

From the first lessons, you learn about the making money online business as mentioned earlier, where I have shown what the first 3 modules consist of training.

When you get deeper into the training, you will discover more advanced training, everything very useful when creating your own online business. And a very nice thing is, that you can do the training in your own speed, based on your previous experience and how many hours per week your can spend on your new business.


2. Hundreds of additional video training courses covering every aspect of building an online business.

One of my favorite tools of the Wealthy Affiliate program is the video live training. Every week there is a live video class around a certain relevant topic. It could be related to social media, designing websites, latest SEO updates, or whatever you imagine, that is relevant and important, when you want to make an online business the best way.

These video classes help a lot on keeping you up to date with the latest updates within the online world, and this is important, because especially the online world is moving fast. Most other training programs I have tried lack on this aspect, as they often offer old, irrelevant and outdated stuff. The Wealthy Affiliate Program is always updated with the newest development within the online business world.

When you are inside the live class, you are also able to interact with all the other members and with the “teacher”, so you can ask all the questions you need. If you are not able to attend the live video training, all live classes are recorded, so you are able to see the training at a later time, when it suits you.


3. Access to the Site-Rubix website builder. This makes building a website really simple.

The Site Builder is the place where you will be building your website. The good news is that it only takes 4 steps to build it. It’s really fast.

  1. First step you select whether you want a free domain or a paid domain.
  2. Second step you select the domain name you want (be careful, this can not be changed!).
  3. Third step is to select a Title for your website (don’t worry, you can change this at any moment).
  4. Fourth step is to choose a theme layout for your site. This can also be changed whenever you want.

When this is done you are ready to start creating some quality content for your website, and here you can use the training sessions to do this the right way.

When making content to your website you can use the site content tool.

This site content tool is a very useful tool for your website and will allow you to centralize and organize all your writing activities. These are some of the things you can do with site content tool:

  • Checking your grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Plagiarism Checker.
  • Direct publishing to your website.
  • Content structure analysis.
  • Vocabulary Enhancement.
  • Build a template and replicate it for future articles.


4. Everything that you need to get your website online (including website hosting!).

I must admit that I like this tool a lot. Not only because the hosting costs are the cheapest in the market (and there is only a cost if you buy a domain), but also due to all these features included (for example SSL certificate, Privacy protection, email accounts and premium DNS).

The best part is that all this features are already included in the price of the domain cost. Just take a look at some of the other Domain Name companies, where this kind of features will cost extra, but at Wealthy Affiliate is FREE.

Here are a few features that come with Wealthy Affiliate Hosting:

  • WordPress optimized servers.
  • The most secure hosting anywhere.
  • Full redundancy.
  • Daily backups.
  • 24/7 website monitoring.
  • Fully managed.
  • Email & forwards.
  • Site Health analyzing.
  • Website auto login.

Now the best part of this is that it comes with your premium membership, there is no additional cost to host your website with these features.

SiteBuilder and SiteHosting are available to both Starter and Premium members, but some of the hosting features are only for premium members. Here is a quick breakdown of what you get with each hosting.

Starter Members = 2 Free Websites (on domain)

Premium Members = 50 Websites (25 free website and 25 on your OWN Domains)


5. Online keyword research tool that will guide you to success.

You can use the Jaaxy keyword research tool for free. The Jaaxy keyword research tool is in my opinion one of the best keyword tool for affiliate marketers, because it can search and analyze data in a few minutes, being a very big help, when you are going to find content and niche ideas, and you keep track of your rankings automatically.

If you are not a Wealthy Affiliate member, this keyword research pro version tool actually cost you $49/month. But if you are a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, you get a version of the tool with unlimited searches for free.

So if you are booking a 1-year premium membership of around $30/month, this cost will cover the use of the Jaaxy keyword tool alone, and as a bonus you also get all the other features within the Wealthy Affiliate program within the premium membership.

If you are a beginner, you may do not see how a keyword tool can help you. Believe me – proper keyword research will be a key factor to your future success in online marketing, and you will learn about this at the Wealthy Affiliate training.

You can read my review of the Jaaxy keyword research tool – CLICK HERE


6. An active and helping community, where you have hundreds of other premium members ready to help you with issues relating to making money online.

Kyle and Carson, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate have created a community, where you from their platform can meet other members, that are ready to help new affiliate marketers.

They encourage everyone to be an active member and answer questions of other people daily. There is a rank system for the members of the platform, and you can earn points from your overall activity and helping others.

As you can understand, when you ask a question, many people are willing to help. Also, there are many ways to ask a question.

You can ask your questions below the lessons as expected, but you can also leave a message to the profile of any member, or send a personal message to everyone.

While the other members of Wealthy Affiliate can help you with the most marketing and website building problems, then for the technical issues, you can contact the support of Wealthy Affiliate, and they are very fast to respond to you.


7. Fast online support from both members of the community, technical experts and the owners themselves. Support is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week!

I have contacted the support 2-3 times during the last couple of month. Every time the support have replied and solved the problem within 1 hour and one time in less than 5-10 minutes.

So, any help you may need as a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you can expect to get it fast.

The Wealthy Affiliate Review – Can you make money with Wealthy Affiliate program ?

With every new business opportunity online you have to assess the risk versus the reward. Wealthy Affiliate is no different.

So what’s the risk of joining Wealthy Affiliate ?

Well at the moment – it’s a big fat ZERO – why – because it is free to join the Wealthy Affiliate program. You only risk your time.

Building a website takes some time. Many people complain about not getting traffic for their website within a few months. This is something you can/should expect, when you create a new website.

It takes time before Google trust your website, and begin to give it credit and rank your website. It is the same for all new websites.

Therefore, when you start a new online business, then it will not work and give profit overnight. Be aware of this from the start, so you don’t lose motivation and stop after 1 month or a couple of months.

Most websites starts getting organic free traffic after 3-6 months, if you steady put quality content into your website. If you just continue working and stay focused, you will be rewarded
for all your hard work.

Maybe you will have to wait for a year before you see the real interesting results – but they will come if you are perseverance – trust me, and just ask about this issue at the Wealthy Affiliate community forum, and you will hear lots of success stories about this issue.

What if it doesn’t work ?

Well, that’s really up to YOUYOU are the key to your success not the Wealthy Affiliate program – It is all about having the right mindset, but the Wealthy Affiliate Program can help you to shortcut your succes in the online business world.

You can at the Wealthy Affiliate Community find many people who have succeeded with Wealthy affiliate, so why wouldn’t you ?

If you have the right mindset you will have success in the online business world, and the Wealthy affiliate program can help you with that.

My conclusion is that you can make money with the Wealthy Affiliate program, but here are the things that I need to warn you about before you join the Wealthy Affiliate program:

  • Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You have to work hard to get success – just like in any other business – online and offline.
  • The starter membership is maybe too basic. I discovered that I relative quickly needed to be a premium member, but I have to say
    that the premium membership has given me more than value for the money.
  • The 7-day Free Premium trial is maybe too short.
  • There are so many tools and education possibilities at the Wealthy Affiliate program, so it is important, that you make a plan for your business and stay focused.
    Building a business is not about jumping after every shiny feature/project.
  • The education may be overwhelming, and can make it difficult to focus on your business. So find the right balance between education, video training and building
    your business.
  • The active community and the live chat can be time-consuming, where you can find new relationships. It is fun, but don’t forget to focus on your business.
  • You can start with a free domain, but if you want to make a long term business succes, you need to buy a $10 .com domain.

The Wealthy Affiliate Review – My conclusion about the Wealthy Affiliate program

Creating an online business is like a 26.2 mile marathon not as fast as an Olympic 100-meter final. To get success takes time, and you need to work in a structured and focused way where factors such as learning/knowledge, focus and perseverance are key factors.

Wealthy Affiliate provides all the tools, that you need to start an online business and the training is well-structured and easy to follow. What is one of the strongest factors in the Wealthy Affiliate program is the support from the community, and this is very important for a beginner.

There is always help to get when you need it. The community is great and people are helping each other. Therefore, Wealthy Affiliate is more than just an online training platform, it is a community of people helping each other to succeed.

A lot of people, who start up in the online business have the wrong mindset about the lengthy learning process that is involved regarding one’s being able to successfully make money online.

With everything that is offered at Wealthy Affiliate, and if you at the same time is looking at the price – even if you upgrade to the premium level membership plan, there simply is no like program that has everything in place similar to the Wealthy Affiliate program – Simple as that.

I talk from experience, because I have tried several other making money online programs, but I have never seen any program coming even near to the Wealthy Affiliate program, when you compare price relative to the value you get.

If you want to give the Wealthy Affiliate program a try, then you can sign up with the link below. If you sign up through my link, I will of course assist and quide you, when you have become a Wealthy Affliliate member 🙂

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