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Tips Using Google Search Console

Tips Using Google Search Console
Tips Using Google Search Console
Tips Using Google Search Console
Tips Using Google Search Console

Tips using Google Search Console – What is Google Search Console ?

Google Search Console is a free service that lets you find information about your website and the users who visit it.  You can find things like how many users visit your website and how they find it, whether they come from a mobile device or desktop computer. You can also see which pages on your website are most popular.

Google Search Console can also help you find and read any errors on your website, and submitting a sitemap for your website. In addition, you can create and control robots.txt.

Google’s algorithms always ensure to deliver the best search results for the user. This means that you as a website owner should be updated on what changes Google makes in their algorithms. Likewise, you should be aware of any error and index barrier that may be on your website.

Indexing barriers can help prevent Google’s robots from “reading” your website, so your website will not be indexed in Google search results or perhaps put you at the back of the last pages, which means you will not be found among your customers.

Google Search Console is the former Google Webmaster Tool, and it’s the closest we get to Google whispering secrets to you. The secrets can help improve your locations in Google search results.

Google Search Console gives you insight into how Google robots see your website, how it appears in search results, and how users interact with search results.

Google Search Console helps you monitor, optimize and maintain your website. If you use Google Analytics (which you hopefully do), you’ll find that there is some overlap between Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

For example, you will find an overview of the most popular landing pages in both places, but the Google Search Console takes you a step further and shows you locations for specific keywords in search results.

As with many other analysis tools, there may be fluctuations. You must therefore see the placements as estimates. Regardless, it can give you a good idea of ​​which direction to work on with your website.

Here are some important reasons why you should be using Google search Console to optimize your websites:


Tips using Google Search Console – Get automatic message – if there is a problem with your website

With Google Search Console, you will be notified from Google if any problems occur with your website.

Examples of things Google can report to you:

  • If your site is hacked or it contains malware.
  • Your CMS system should be updated.
  • Your link profile contains bad and unnatural links.
  • If Google can not access your website.
  • If your site contains too bad content or content already on the web.

It’s just a quick selection of messages you can receive – common to all of them, however, they are typically very relevant. If there is a problem with your web-page, then it is important as soon as possible to fix the problem.

You’ll find logically enough your messages under ‘Messages’ If you want an email when you receive an internal message in Google Search Console, you must set it  under “Settings” on the cover page – when you are logged in.


Tips using Google Search Console – Keep track of your 404 pages

Crawl failure in Google Search Console tools ‘a 404 page’ is a page that appears if your visitors come to a page that no longer exists. For example, due to the fact that you has deleted a page or has made a typing error in the creation of a websites URL. No matter what it is, it’s something you should do something about.

A 404 page both sends a negative signal to the search engines that you do not control your content, and also to the visitors to your site, where it is also a bad thing to hit a page that does not exist anymore. This kind of error can cost a potential customer quickly.

In Google Search Console, you can quickly get an overview of which pages Google has registered as 404 pages (‘Health -> Crawl Errors’). And thus you can use the data to correct your errors, either by fixing the error, or making a 301 redirect to other relevant content.


Tips using Google Search Console – Check your inbound links

With Google Search Console you also have the opportunity to get an overview of which other websites that link to your content. In addition, you can see which content is most linked to.

There are tools on the web that give you better opportunity to view this data, but since they typically cost money, Google Search Console Tools is a great free option. Getting the possibility of seeing even inbound links can be used for many things, for example, it is a good way to find out what’s popular on your page.

It’s hugely important for one’s success in the search engines that you have other websites linking to one’s page. Therefore, it makes great sense to find out what kind of content attracts links to your website, so you can work on similar topics.

You can check your inbound links at Google Search Console at ‘Traffic -> Links to your website’.


Tips using Google Search Console – See which of your keywords, that are well-placed in the search engines

With the menu point ‘Traffic-> Search Queries’, at Google Search Console you can get a quick overview of how your website performs in Google on selected keywords.

With Google Search Console, you can see which of your keywords that are:

  • Giving you visitors.
  • How many impressions the keywords have.
  • How many percent of the impressions that become visitors (CTR).
  • Your average position in Google on the search.

These data can be used for many things.

For example Click Through Rate (CTR) is extremely useful to optimize your websites Titles and Description.

If you can see that there are many views on a search and you are well placed in the search engines on the keyword, then a low CTR number may be due to your title and meta description being not inviting enough – people obviously choose to visit the other websites that is shown in Google on the search with better titles and description.

Finally, however, it should be mentioned that the numbers in Google Search Console are not as accurate as in Google Analytics, – you can read more about Google Analytics Here – but they are still extremely good at optimizing your titles and meta description.


Tips using Google Search Console – Remove website links

If you are lucky to have been granted website links to your domain, then you also have the option to remove some links. Google determines 100 percent which pages they think are relevant to display as website links, so you have no option to add any pages.

But you have the option to remove links that you think are irrelevant or could hurt your websites credibility. Which may be very reasonable if Google has chosen a website link that is not so good or relevant compared to the content of your website.

Website links can be removed under ‘Configuration -> Website links.’


Tips using Google Search Console – Get Google to index new pages faster

Google is usually flashing fast to index new pages on the web, and usually you do not have to worry about a page being indexed. However, there are some cases where you want the process to happen faster. It could, for example be, if you have written a news article about an event that has just happened and you know that people pt. is already searching for this in Google.

All of your competitors are also describing the event and you want to take an early lead by coming first to Google on the search for the topic.

With Google Search Console, you can through “Health-> Google bot Simulator” submit new pages to Google’s index. That way, you can boost the indexing process and get your news
indexed faster.

When using the same tool, you can also test how Google sees your individual pages. For example, it could be in a case where Google says your page has been hacked and links to malicious pages. But hacking is so clever that it only turns out when Google is visiting the page. Via the tool you can see which tags Google sees when their bot visits the page.

You can see more tools and tips using Google Search Console at Google Search Console own website, and you can get to Google Search Console Here 

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