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Use YouTube For Business – Here Are Some Useful Tips

Use YouTube For Business
Use YouTube For Business
Use YouTube For Business
Use YouTube For Business

YouTube marketing


From Google Account to YouTube Channel

YouTube was founded in 2005 and was purchased by Google in 2006. You can easily watch other people’s videos on YouTube without signing in with a Google Account.

But as soon as you want to create a video via your own channel, indicate that you like someone else’s video, comment on someone else’s videos or, for example, subscribe to other business channels or add Videos you want to see later, then it requires a Google Account – If you don’t have a Google account – Gmail account – then you can create a Google Account Click Here 

As soon as you have a Google Account, you also have a YouTube account and can sign in to YouTube with your Google Account in the upper right corner at

YouTube is today the world’s second largest search engine (Google is No. 1), and it is watched worldwide, YouTube is also the 4th largest website. It also means that there is endlessness opportunities to market you or your business with a so-called Youtube channel.

Videos are becoming more and more popular and you can create a really good brand for your business if you use a Youtube channel to upload relevant videos relating to your  business.


Use YouTube For Business – Good advice when making Youtube videos

  • Don’t make too promotional videos about your business, but instead create videos that your audience can use for something.
  • For example, if you have a hairdressing salon, do not just talk about how skilled you are and then list your prices. A lot has big success on Youtube making “how to” video’s. (Do-it-yourself guides). It will therefore be easy to make videos where you give good advice to healthy hair, hairstyle selection or guide the viewers through the suggestions they can make.


Use YouTube For Business – What is the good visual communication ?

Visual communication covers both photo, video and graphics, and good visual communication can:

  • Create an experience that leaves a good impression. Therefore, consider what impression your business would like to leave to the viewers.
  • Tell a story that supports the purpose, you want to share with your viewers. Your story must therefore be close to the core of your business product or brand.
  • Talk to the feelings of your viewers. Therefore consider the emotional parameters that can be used in the video. Some examples of emotional “triggers” are: Surprise, frightening, daydreaming, humor, sex, money, enthusiasm and competition.

Keep in mind that the goal is that your viewers tag or share the video – it must make an impression to your viewers!

Use YouTube For Business – Good startup tips for YouTube

– Channel Description: “About You”

Once you’ve created a channel on YouTube, make sure that the “About” field is filled in. Here you can tell others on Youtube where they can find out about you and your business.

Therefore, note what you think the viewers should know about you and your business in the box “Channel Description” and also add an email address in the box “Email for business queries”.

Customize your channel’s appearance

You need to make yourself and your business recognizable on YouTube.

You do this by adding channel graphics that will appear on all devices. Go to the top of the menu item “My Channel” to add a suitable profile and cover image.

Support videos with text and links

Each time you upload a video, you will be able to add both a title and a supporting text. Make use of this. For example, after a good text, you can integrate a link to your own website, etc., which supports your link building work.

Use YouTube in your business

When it comes to videos, many talks about the possibility of creating a “viral hit” that cascades and turns into the social networks. To many companies the main purpose of making a video is not to create a viral hit and thus a video that reaches thousands of all kind of audience with a lightning speed.

As a business, you more see a successful video as a video targeting to a niche audience that has an interest in your business and product/services.


Use YouTube for business – Below are some tips for producing good video content for your business:

  • Keep your video short and sharp. It makes it fun and easy to share on social media.
  • Use the video as marketing material. With a well-worked video, you can make sure you tell the story about your business at the right angle, the right pictures and a presentation that suits your audience best.
  • Use can also create fast video’s to show current moods. A handheld mood video recorded on the smartphone and uploaded directly to YouTube often seems authentic.
  • Always make a short text for the videos you upload – both on your website, Facebook profile etc. Your network/viewers should know why it’s important to watch the video.
  • Make sure what you say is what people see. If you are missing ideas for video content, consider how to support your message and the action you describe through visual effects. It can be via video and image. But often it is just enough that you sit and talk to your video audience the same way as you were talking to a friend about your business or other things you want to share with the viewer.
  • A good rule of thumb is that formats in max 30 seconds, 1 minute or 5 minutes are good to work with.


Use Youtube for business – Focus on the niches

It’s a good idea to make video relating to your business niche when you’re going to produce a video.

Make sure to make relevance video’s to this the audience in your niche.

You can, for example make video about:

  • Make “How-to” videos that relate to your business and the niche in general.
  • Consider how your business can make some choices easier for a specific audience in your niche.
  • Check if any of the written material on your website or other platforms, instead, can be conveyed via a video ?


Use YouTube for business – Tips for optimizing the search of your Youtube video’s

You can improve your search results on YouTube by tagging all your videos with relevant keywords. Try to notice if the pages on your business website that contain video get
more visitors than others.

Notice if your Facebook business updates get more interaction if there is a video within the updates.


Use YouTube for business – Use Google ‘Analytics’ for your YouTube videos

YouTube has a set of built-in Analytics options that you can access through analytics. Here you can view data of the videos you have uploaded and in the upper right corner you can set the period for which you want to view data.

On the front you get an overview of all the videos, while on the left side of the screen you can click on a lot of other information:

  • Demographics – Here you can see details of the views your movies have had. You can, among other things, see gender and location.
  • Playgrounds – Here you can see if your videos are viewed through your channel on YouTube, via embedding on websites or elsewhere.
  • Traffic Sources – Here you can see how users find your videos – for example is through search directly on YouTube, via Google or something else third.
  • Units – Here you can see if users are looking on your video from mobile phones, computers or tablets.
  • Retention of the audience – Here you can see when in your YouTube vidoes the users fall off. You can click the titles at the bottom of the screen and then follow real-time
    on the graph at the top when your video is playing. It’s a good indication of when people start to feel bored and search for something else.

Because YouTube is such a big website with millions of visitors every day, Youtube should of course be one of your business Social marketing platforms, because it can be a very effective source for new potential customers to your business, if you work with YouTube the right way.

You can read more about why Social Media marketing in general is important for your business – Click Here 

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