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Using Reddit For Business – Here Are Some Useful Tips

Using Reddit For Business
Using Reddit For Business
Using Reddit For Business
Using Reddit For Business

Reddit is a very popular social news media that brand itself as “The front page of the Internet”. Reddit can also do that for good reason, because Reddit is the 8th most popular website in the world and is striking the 4th place in the United States, where it is only surpassed by the giants Google, YouTube and Facebook.

Therefore, if you are not using Reddit for your business, it’s time to focus at Reddit, because Reddit as marketing potential for your business is huge.


What is Reddit ?

Reddit is a social news and entertainment media where all users can submit links, videos and pictures that can subsequently be voted up or down.

At Reddit you will find:

  • Stories that will be published in the press, Facebook and other social media the following day.
  • The Internet’s most diverse forums, covering every niche.
  • Content that covers everything from informative, fun, inspirational, unique and helpful topics.
  • Attention to good content and important cases, as Reddit has the reputation of sorting out all the bad content.


Using Reddit For Business – Why is Reddit important for your business marketing ?

Content that captures Reddit users attention and dedication has the ability to go viral and get tremendous momentum that can spread to both the established media, social
media, blogs and other platforms.

If you can break the “code”, you can get traffic to your landing page from thousands of people relevant to your audience.

If you use Reddit the right way, you can:

  • Get more views on your videos.
  • Get more views of your photos.
  • Create more traffic for your website + SEO value on your links.
  • Start a viral wave.
  • Find a forum for what your business is doing or the audience you want to reach.
  • Find content that your audience loves, which you can use on other platforms.


Using Reddit For Business – Some facts about Reddit

Here are some figures, so you have an idea of what Reddit can do for your business:

  • The 8th most popular website in the world, and the 4th most popular website in the United States (2017).
  • Around 1.5 billion monthly unique page impressions (2017).
  • Average time spent at Reddit around 16 min, this is one of the longest time in the world (2017).
  • 51% visit Reddit from computer (2016).
  • Around 300 million monthly users (2017).
    – 49% are users are women and 51% are men (2016).
  • 1/3 of all Americans use Reddit (2016).
  • 850,000 subreddits, or interest forums at Reddit (2015).
  • 50,000 active subreddits (2017).
  • Reddit is rated to be worth $ 1.8 billion (2017)


Using Reddit For Business – Who uses Reddit and what do they use ?

Most users, also called Redditors, visit the page to see what trends there is in the world and on the internet, but many also come because of interest to a special topic.

Reddit is a collection of several thousand forums, called subreddits, which focus exclusively on each and every particular topic and each subreddit has unique rules to be followed.

Like all other social media, there is a news feed where users can influence what content becomes popular. The more upvotes, the more popular, and the higher it appears on the feed. But unlike other social media, people do not follow each other. Instead, you follow Subreddits.


Using Reddit For Business – Who decides on Reddit ?

Subreddits are managed by volunteer moderators, where Reddit does not interfere unless they violate their rules, or if it becomes a place of illegal content.

Reddit has no contracts or formal agreements with the moderators, yet they trust that they voluntarily maintain and moderate the best way, even though subreddits have many millions of members.

The moderators therefore have a lot of power, since they are not accountable to the users, can not be voted out and can change or delete subreddits at any time.

Using Reddit For Business – How does Reddit’s algorithm work ?

Reddit’s algorithm is quite simple – the more votes (upvotes) your notice gets, the higher it will be placed in the news feed. Upvotes are essential for visibility at Reddit.

The best content gets tremendous visibility, while the bad content becomes downvoted, and thus not seen by many people. At Reddit Bill Gate’s well-known quotes live in the best possible terms “Content is King.


Using Reddit For Business – If Content is King, Conversation is Queen

Reddit is also known to have some of the most enlightening, entertaining, insightful and relevant debates. This is due to the thought of “wisdom of the crowd”, where everyone can voice the comments up and down.

It usually results in the top comments being the most insightful, humorous and relevant, and the bad, hateful and spamming comments are falling down away from the audience or simply removed by the moderators.


Using Reddit For Business – How do you use it ?

Reddit is a pseudo-anonymous media, where you decide your nickname, which is permanent. Anonymous should be understood that one can not either have an avatar, biography or links to other of your social media profiles. So who are you at Reddit ? Straightforward – You are the content you contribute to the other users at Reddit.

There are two different types of content: Text and Links – Links can be videos, articles, pictures or gifs.


Using Reddit For Business – Get started to get an overview

Now you know about the structure of Reddit. Now it’s time you get an overview of the subreddits that are relevant to your business.

There are countless of subreddits, so one or more is likely to be relevant to your business. However, it requires that you look around at Reddit, and explore different subreddits.

For this, you can use the following tools:

  • Reddit’s own search tool (found on the right of the page).
  • You can go in and have a look at
  • Culture and user understanding are essential.

Once you have gained an overview of relevant subreddits relating to your business, you will need to get an understanding of the culture and the users. Each subreddit is unique and has its own rules, norms and focus.

This means that you will have to dive into any subreddit and read their rules in the sidebar before you upload your content.

Here are some tips on how to do it:

  • Subscribe to the subreddits you find relevant, so you can keep track of what’s happening.
  • Explore the top insights.


Using Reddit For Business – Do your business marketing the right way

When you get familiar with Reddit, you will also for sure know about the statement that Redditors hates marketing. And that’s also true to some extent. Redditors hate spamming
marketers who throw their campaigns on Reddit without having done their work to understand the culture at Reddit.

They assume that they can throw links to their website and expect the very big results immediately. This does not work at Reddit. Instead, they may expect to be banned, down-voted, or receive negative comments.

If you do not contribute value, you’re likely to get a bad experience at Reddit.

When you put your content on Reddit, it’s the ultimate test, where you really find out if your content is good or not – for here you do not have your crowd of followers to back you up, like, for example, on Facebook or Instagram.

Therefore, avoid making a campaign and think it works just because you throw it on Reddit, a lot of people will therefore see it. And don’t make a message on Reddit, and throw the same message on Facebook too. One message for one medium.

Respect the platform like any other platform. Each platform works in its unique way and therefore it must also be handled in a unique way. Therefore, get an overview of the subreddits that are relevant to your business and study the rules and culture of exactly that subreddit in order not to act incorrectly.


Using Reddit For Business – Do not be scared. Get into it!

In conclusion, I would encourage you to start using Reddit for your business. Not for direct marketing purposes, but as a user, like a redditor. For that matter – If you want to succeed on Reddit, you need to understand the platform and user behavior.

You can get started now by:

  • Download their app or go to
  • Build a user with a good reputation by contributing valuable postings and comments.
  • Follow the “reddiquette” and the rules and norms for each subreddit.

When you have gained some good reputation at Reddit, you can slowly begin to link to some useful content at your website, when it is relevant within the subreddit you have joined.

If you succeed with this, Reddit can be one of your important Social Media marketing platforms, because Reddit as mentioned earlier can be an extremely efficient way to market your business and get new customers – But only if you are working with Reddit the right way!

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