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Using Social Networking For Business – Some Useful Tips

Using Social Networking For Business
Using Social Networking For Business
Using Social Networking For Business
Using Social Networking For Business

Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, YouTube. The possibilities are many if you consider to use social networking in your business marketing. Often social media are seen as a cheap way to get out to customers, because in most cases you can do it yourself. And it is also often a cheap and extremely efficient way to market and get new customers – IF you are doing it right!

The most important thing to do when considering whether using social networking for business is to look at who your audience is, and very important what media they use. It is also important that you at the same time find a social media that you ALSO like and think is fun to use! If there is always a battle to find the right tone or create the right content at the media, then maybe it should be a whole different medium you should use.

For ultimately, it may be waste of both time and money if you have chosen a social medium, you really do not have the great interest to use, because you do not have the motivation to use it optimally.

BUT, as mentioned – if you are using social networking for business the right way, it can create a great boost to your business – and that’s exactly what you, as a new entrepreneur, hope to get!

The amazing thing about social media is that it’s not just about creating customers – it’s about creating Ambassadors (which may not be potential customers at all), and so it is these ambassadors that makes sales for you by recommending your business to their friends. (Try to think for yourself: If you want to choose, for example, a new mechanic, who would you like to go to – one you’ve seen in an ad or one your friends have recommended ?)


Using Social Networking For Business – How do I get started ?

First and foremost: Once you have thought about what Social Media you would like to use in your business marketing, think about your strategy. Here we do not talk about having a comprehensive and specific plan for your posting in the next 2 months should be and how to get 500 followers quickly; No, It is more about thinking what you want to give your followers to make it interesting for them to follow you and interact with you and your business.

Also, try to notice how your friends act on the selected media. Here, there is actually a great potential for knowledge about your target audience. Keep an eye on who in your circle of friends that could look like your potential customers, and then follow what they like, comment on etc. And just because they are your friends, you also have the opportunity to ask them why, for example, they shared just that look or liked just that picture in front of another.

And then just jump into it and try it out – make some posts, stay active on the media so you become visible, and above all: Be present and respond to the things that happen! Be sure to answer questions and comments that may arise and show interest in your likers / followers, and create the relationships that make them your ambassadors – and ultimately get your customers.

Here are some useful tips about using social networking for business


Using social networking for business – Facebook

Facebook is the social media where your grandmother and her cat already have profiles, and Facebook can seem chaotic and unbeatable as a communication channel. Both because
the user group is huge and hugely varied, but also because Facebook has got so many features.

No matter what, you’ll be on Facebook, otherwise you’re not in the online world today.

The two main trends on Facebook are: Facebook’s mobile traffic is growing steadily, and Facebook is moving towards being a video platform.

Remember – Video is sometimes more powerful than text, and live video is more powerful than video. Right now, Facebook has a huge focus on video and live video, so this type of content
gets extra exposure.

With a systematic approach and the right tools, Facebook is a great channel that can be used for what we all want – Get in touch with relevant people. The coverage is huge in most age groups.

There are Three key success factors on Facebook:

  • Knowledge about your audience
  • Segmentation
  • The right campaign / advertisement


Use your Facebook page for the following:

  • Blog posts and other relevant articles.
  • Pictures from your daily life (behind the scenes).
  • Marketing your events.
  • Questions to your customers.

These things will help create engagement on your Facebook page and ensure that it does not just remain untouched. The worst thing you can do is creating a Facebook page that
is not being used. Therefore, you must have a clear plan for your Facebook page!

You can read more about how you set up your Facebook business page the best way – Click Here


Using social networking for business – LinkedIn

Some find LinkedIn a bit dry, but it is unconditionally the best network for B2B marketing and a powerful recruitment tool.

The LinkedIn user is educated over the average and he / she looks at three things:

  • Jobs.
  • Business opportunities.
  • The ability to improve your personal brand.

If you can help users with one of these three things, LinkedIn is a powerful tool. If not, it’s better not to be there.

On LinkedIn, your content must be of professional relevance every time. You must show users that they get value by spending their time on your content.

You must tell what your business is experts in, and it is important with quality content on LinkedIn. Avoid making much overall postings, but focus on unique content that is valuable to your particular target audience.

A good rule of thumb for LinkedIn is that those who follow your page are actually interested in just your brand. They would like to share in your business unique knowledge.

You can read more about LinkedIn for business – Click Here


Using social networking for business – Instagram

Over 600 million people use Instagram worldwide. About 60% is between 18-29 years old. It is a young and buying strong target audience that you speak to internationally, when you communicate at Instagram.

At Instagram, the image is the message – and therefore it is important that the image communicates correctly.

Instagram differs from Facebook and LinkedIn because there is only one type of profile. Companies and brands are thus on equal terms with the users. It can be both a blessing
and a curse.

You can not tailor your business profile as on Facebook, but you can hit users more directly if you can handle Instagram’s ‘language’ – the good picture/image.

The good picture is of course a taste, and for some, Instagram is a very difficult channel because the product or message is not suitable for images.

You could consider the possibility of collaborating with one or more influencers on Instagram.

These are the skilled users who speak “Fluent Instagram” with lots of followers. Or celebrities and opinion makers. They can easily display your product or message in a delicious way, even though the product may not be photogenic in itself.

However, there are pitfalls when you let an influencer work with your brand – and there have been many unfortunate examples. The main error is the celebrity who publishes an image where the instructions from the advertiser are copied together with the text of the post …

Make sure that the influencer is relevant to your message and have the freedom to make content in the way they’ve got their followers.

You can read more about Instagram for business – Clik Here


Using social networking for business – Twitter

Twitter has more than 300 million users globally, and they are primarily young. So if you want to go out with a message internationally, Twitter can be a great channel.

One way is that you can for extra exposure of your tweet at a haste for a popular international event.

The global Twitter user is an average younger (37 percent is 18-29) and better educated than the average American – and eight out of ten use Twitter via mobile.

With some companies, Twitter accounts are more than 80 percent of their customer service inquiries on social media. Over the last two years, some brands and their customer service departments have received 2.5 times more tweets globally.

It is thus on Twitter that modern, connected consumers are turning to brands when they are unhappy.

Influencers are potent contenders on Twitter – just like at Instagram. A recent survey from Twitter showed that about 50% of the users surveyed relied on product recommendations from influencers. And almost 40 % said they had bought a product due to a tweet from an influencer.

The right influencer can quickly become your new best friend!

But as mentioned above – Choose your “influencer” carefully. Search for hashtags and keywords related to your brand, evaluate the influencer’s target audience – and you may have your new business partner.

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