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Using Twitter In Your Business – Here Are Some Useful Tips

Using Twitter In Your Business
Using Twitter In Your Business
Using Twitter In Your Business
Using Twitter In Your Business

Using Twitter in Your Business

If you run a small business and aren’t using Twitter, you are missing out on a great opportunity.

Around 50 percent of people who follow a brand on Twitter are more likely to visit that company’s website.

Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows its users to send and read messages known as tweets.

Twitter serves as a micro blog site, where you share your own and others’ updates, with tweets. You have no more than 140 characters available, so Twitter is based on short statements, comments or links.

Using Twitter In Business – Following Tweets

On Twitter, you follow someone else’s tweets and can comment directly to the sender. It gives a very direct contact to the person you are following, and you do not necessarily have to be friends, but can follow the users/persons you think are interesting, such as professionals.

Besides Tweets, Twitter can also be used to search for knowledge from those who are following you, asking open questions, invite to events and meetings, or link to pages you
want to promote. Because you have nothing but a status line, messages on Twitter is a very clear and direct communication form.

You can update your Twitter account via the web or the phone, and hereby sending tweets about news when they happen.

Tweets are text-based posts that appear on your profile page and are delivered to your subscribers known as followers.

Using Twitter In Your Business – The difference between Facebook and Twitter

The first thing to understand about Twitter is that this social media has a different starting point than Facebook.

Facebook is very much a community with focus on your friends, and you have to confirm friendship with others on Facebook. This group of “friends” on Facebook forms the basis
of all the information and communications that are shared in the so-called news-feed and live feed.

Twitter has unlike Facebook focus on interests, where you only follow the people you find interesting and you do not really need to know them. Therefore, you do not have friends on Twitter, but followers – that is, people who find your profile and tweets interesting. A tweet is as mentioned a communication of 140 characters including links to articles, pictures, etc.

Tweets are public, so everyone has the opportunity to follow you.

Here are some useful tips about using Twitter in Your Business

Using Twitter in your Business – Expanding your network via Twitter

A lot of people are not very active with their business offline. They do not meet so many new people through various business events, fairs, etc, but prefer to work with their business with their computer.

Since Social Media came across the internet, promoting your business offline is not as important as before Social Media started up. With Twitter you can expand your network
considerably, without having to meet people offline.

With Twitter you can just follow the people you think are interesting and skilled within your business niche, and through Twitter you can build a very good relationship with these people.

Instead of meeting people in real life you can through Twitter by following people over time learn a little about them as people, finding out what they are capable of, what projects they are working on and more.

If you one day need a good advice or a collaborator on a certain task, it is a possibility to contact one from your Twitter network, that you feel can add value to your project or business.

In short – It has never been easier to access competencies, colleagues, potential customers and generally just good people than you have through the Social Medias, where Twitter is an important player.

If you then one day are having the chance to meet any of these people from your network on Twitter outside the online world, you already have a good knowledge of them through Twitter, and the physical contact can be made much easier.

Using Twitter in Your Business – You can get wiser on Twitter

If you try to compare the Twitter universe, with something more common learning, Twitter can be your school. Twitter is the place you can go to learn. At Twitter you are among people with knowledge, that you have chosen to follow. Those you choose to follow can be your teachers, inspiration sources and sparring partners.

Twitter is therefore a great school, where you can have the best teachers, and you choose them your self.

Have you ever thought about Twitter this way ? Can it work for you the same way ?

You know for sure what you are interested in and what you are good at. Educate yourself with the subject on Twitter. Follow the skilled people within your interest and/or niche and learn.

It is a great motivation when you find the right people to follow. Even more motivating when you begin to use what you have learned in your own business or in your life in general.


Using Twitter in Your Business – You can get help on Twitter

If you are sitting and working with a specific issue, it is easy and fast to post a question on Twitter. Sometimes you will receive an answer to your question very quickly. If your network on Twitter do not have the solution to you, you often get a reference to a website or a person outside your network. This can be incredibly useful.

Remember, it works the best way if you also try to be helpful – whenever you can – with your network on Twitter. If you expect to receive help without ever giving out, then you can not expect that the help will always be there.


Using Twitter in Your Business – You will be exposed / branded via Twitter

When you are joining Twitter, you should share all the content that you think may have value for those who follow you. This applies both content from yourself, but also content from others. A mix of your own and other people’s content, within the topics that interest you, will give you the best chances of having a lot of followers.

Having a lot of followers means better branding of you and your business and every time you tweet, it goes out to all your followers.

If your content is good, then there are always more chance that someone from your network will retweet your content, so that it also affects others than those who already follow you. This means that you always have the opportunity to hit more than your followers, and hereby be able to tell about you and your business.

Therefore if you work efficient with Twitter you will have a great opportunity to have new customers for your business, having new colleagues and peers.

One thing is certain. When you begin to work on Twitter, there will be many more who will know you and your business compared to before.


Using Twitter In Your Business – You can get the news first via Twitter

I don’t very often see news on TV, listen to the news on radio or read newspapers (in paper form). My main source of news is the internet. This applies to industry related news and every other kind of news.

Twitter is not a news media, but it is great for spreading news quickly. Interesting news will spread on Twitter quickly, often a few minutes after they arrive. Twitter is often the place where I get notified when there is some interesting news. It’s not on Twitter I’m reading the details, but it’s on Twitter I’m being alerted to the news.

There are a lot of examples, and Donald Trump’s tweeting of all his important and less important messages on Twitter – as the first place – is an obvious example.

So if you are serious with your business and not yet using Twitter in your business, I think you should slip on Twitter and create an account. You can sign up on Twitter HERE

If you already have a Twitter account but not using it very actively in your business then give it a try more. Twitter can really boost your business if you use Twitter the right way.

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