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Webtalk Review – Here Are Some Useful Tips

Webtalk Review
Webtalk Review

Webtalk is a new social media network, and a couple of days ago I came across an invitation to join Webtalk.


It was an invitation from a contact that I trust so I jumped in and made my research of the platform, to try the platform myself, to get a first-hand experience with the Webtalk platform, and based on my testing and research I am posting this review of the Webtalk social media
network platform.


First of all the Webtalk social media platform is currently only in beta version and has not yet officially started up, and for now you can only join the Webtalk platform by invitation.


You can have my invitation for the Webtalk platform by clicking on this invitation link:


Webtalk Introduction:

The Webtalk platform has been built with the cutting edge technology over the last 8 years. It’s being released in stages, step by step revealing the whole vision.

After Webtalks Beta launch in July 2018, the number of users have been growing rapidly and start October 2018, Webtalk has reached a milestone of 1 million users in the Beta testing phase.

People are saying that Webtalk is a way to manage relationships in a better way than any other social media site or platform. For most users, it will be a way to share information that is not currently offered on others Social Media sites.

Here are some key factors of Webtalk:

  • Webtalk is another social media platform, but Webtalk allows you to segment your contacts – professional and personal, and that is something you are not able to do at other social media platforms.
  • Webtalk is totally free to join right now, but some paid services will be available in the future, just like other social media and e-commerce (advertising, premium upgrades, transaction fees).
  • Webtalk has an affiliate program – SocialCPX – and if your referral spends money on any of these paid services, Webtalk will reward you a commission.


Here is a video introduction to Webtalk:

Who are the Webtalk founders ?

Webtalk founders are RJ Garbowicz (CEO), Andrew Peret, Basit Hussain, Jeff Catherell and Jamie Pews.

Here is RJ’s bio, as published on his profile:


As the Founder of Webtalk, RJ wears many hats from managing software UI/UX design, quality assurance, PR/marketing strategies, team development, investment raising/investor relations, business strategy and general operations.

Over the last 15 years, RJ launched four previous startups with two successful exits. RJ graduated from LC NG Military Academy with honors and served in the Army National Guard as an Avionic Systems Repairer (35R) working on radar technology.

While in college studying marketing, he was personally mentored and trained by some of the top sales and business professionals in the world including executives at GM, TruGreen & ACN.

RJ dropped out of college to launch his first company, EBS -a First Data ISO, which was dissipated after selling off the book of business within a year in business. RJ is a serial entrepreneur, innovator and inventor with two-patents pending.

RJ holds a Web Development Certification from SPC and has 15 years of experience as a self-taught UI/UX Architect/Designer, Business Analyst, Sales Engineer, Quality Assurance Manager and Project Manager. He spends his free time with his wife and two children enjoying all of what Florida has to offer and aiding local charities from supporting fundraisers to hackathons.

Why use webtalk instead of Facebook ?


You can at webtalk organize your contacts into categories.

At Facebook you are not able to segregate family, friends and professional contacts. Facebook keep all your contacts on the same platform, which can be pretty annoying, if you don’t want to share your family pictures with your business contacts.

At webtalk you are able to organize your contacts as personal or professional, so by this organization you are able to make webtalk to a combination of Facebook – for your family and friends – and Linkedin – for your professional contacts – in one place.

You can further refine the category inside your professional contacts as client, colleague, vendor, classmate and more.


You can at webtalk control your news-feed

At Facebook you are not able to control your newsfeed and recently, more and more ads are incorporated in the Facebook newsfeed. Whatever you publish on your Facebook timeline is visible to every “friend” of yours, unless you specify who can see it individually.

With Webtalk, you can publish your private-related posts only to your friends, business-related posts only to your clients, work-related posts to coworkers, etc.

You can further add specific keywords, get only video posts – use various customization options to filter exactly what you want to see now.


Webtalk has an affiliate program – SocialCPX

The promise of the Webtalk founders is to share up to 50% of the revenue with the members. Beta-affiliates will receive 10% of the revenue generated by 5 levels of their referral network for LIFE. The members that will join after Beta is closed will receive 10% on their direct
referrals only.


You can read more about SocialCPXClick Here 

You can also see a video of the affiliate program related to webtalk – SocialCPX here:

Final Thoughts about Webtalk

Webtalk is a brand new social media platform, currently in Beta testing phase. If this social platform will succeed in the future depends on many factors.

Webtalk is entering a very competitive market of social media platforms, with powerful competitors like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit and others. It’s not going to be easy to win the race against them.

Even such a big name as Google announced on October 8th, 2018, that it’s going to shut down its Google+ service. If Google lost the social media battle, it can happen to any other player.


Webtalk still need some improvements

As mentioned earlier Webtalk is still in the Beta version, so there is still a lot of stuff missing. No FAQ, no Help menu, certain features don’t work yet, so I contacted the support but never had a response.

However, the founder RJ Garbowicz (Founder/CEO/CPO) is very active at the forum
and when I contacted him I received a reply from him within an hour, and his team is working on the missing features and this should be fixed when the beta version ends.


Here are some Pros and Cons about Webtalk:

Pros of Webtalk:

  • It is free to join the Webtalk social platform.
  • The Webtalk platform is built with a lot of thought about user experience and customization.
  • You have a good ability to use the platform on a personal and professional level.
  • You can control what is seen by your contacts.
  • The Founder is very active at the forum and provides a lot of video and posts to help new users.
  • You can join the Webtalk affiliate program – SocialCPX – for free. Lifetime earnings of 10% revenue share from 5-tier referral network (for beta affiliates only) is a generous and lucrative offer. Many existing MLM companies would charge a monthly fee to let you in such a program.


Cons of Webtalk:

  • It is still in Beta Mode and this version does not show exactly what you get with the final version.
  • Some features is not working in the Beta version.
  • It is hard to say if this social platform will be a success in the future – it is definitely entering a tough market with some big and strong players.


At this early stage of Webtalk, I have to say that Webtalk is a bit similar to a lottery ticket – especially in a tough market with strong players – you can win a big prize or be left with nothing.


Even if I don’t usually play lottery, there are still some interesting things about the Webtalk platform:

  • There are some good thoughts behind the Webtalk social platform, where you are able to monetize the content we share socially, unlike Twitter and Facebook.
  • The founders of this social platform seems very serious, engaged and credible about this Webtalk project. I respect when the “little man” stand up against the strong players with something that can make things more user-friendly.
  • Webtalk has a very attractive free affiliate program – if this Webtalk Social platform succeed in the future – especially if you join the affiliate program at this early stage, when the Webtalk platform is in beta version.


But is that enough to be a serious future alternative to Facebook ?
The short answer is no

And the little longer answer why I don’t see Webtalk an alternative to Facebook:

  • As I have understood, the Webtalk platform was registered in 2010 and in 2018, the platform is still running in beta version.   I think it’s a signal of danger when a platform is running for so long without becoming an official platform. Why should it run for so long time in beta-version ? The Webtalk platform is not specifically advanced, and even now there are No FAQ, no Help menu, og and certain features don’t work.
  • I think it is difficult to see, how Webtalk in the current version can make money with its platform. I do not think Webtalk has enough attractive features, that premium members or advertisers are willing to pay for. And If the platform does not earn money, there is, of course, no money to the affiliates, no matter how attractive the affiliate program is structured.
  • Therefore I have to be honest and say I am very skeptical if Webtalk can compete with the current Social platforms and especially become a serious challenge to Facebook. But as I have mentioned before, I have respect when the “little man” stands up against the strong players with something that can do things more user-friendly. But for now, I have instantly hard to see how Webtalk will succeed with the current features, that they offer. The main reason is that the Webtalk platform does not distinguish itself enough from the current social platforms on the market, and I don’t think Webtalk with the current platform layout have what it takes to attract enough investors, advertisers or paying members to be a major player on the social media market.


But maybe I am wrong and I will follow the platform and see how Webtalk progress. If you also want to try out the Webtalk Social Media Platform You can have my invitation for the Webtalk platform, and join the platform, while Webtalk is still in beta version, and further join the Webtalks affiliate program for free and on attractive conditions by clicking on this invitation link:


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