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What Is Google Analytics About ? Here Are Some Useful Tips

What Is Google Analytics About ?
What Is Google Analytics About ?
What Is Google Analytics About ?
What Is Google Analytics About ?

In order to optimize a website, it is highly necessary to have some data to analyze from. The goal of all websites is to get the user to take the action you want.

By using Google Analytics, you can optimize the process that the user walks through when they visit your website. For example, with Google Analytics, you can get answers to:

  • Where your visitors are from.
  • What they were looking for to find your website.
  • How your visitors move around.
  • How long they are on your website.
  • Whether they are returning visitors.
  • And much much more….


What can I use all of this information for ?

The good thing about working online is to know exactly what your visitors are doing and thereby optimize afterwards. By analyzing and optimizing, then more people can buy your products or services. If you put it all right, you can follow a customer from start to finish.

Are there any people who choose to run away from your website, and do not take the action you want. From your Google Analytics data, you can optimize your page and get more goals. With Google Analytics, you can easily set up split testing and targeting.

Through Google Analytics you will get all the tools you need to earn more money through your online presence on the internet.


What Is Google Analytics About – Create a Google Analytics account

If you have a WordPress blog you simply put Google Analytics on your WordPress blog. The first thing you must do is to create a Google Analytics account. If you already have a Google Account, you can use it to create your Google Analytics account.

After you have created your Google Analytics account, you will also need to enter your website in the system. If you have any doubts about how to do this, please read more in Google’s help files. It is rather simple.

Once you have created your website correctly, you have also received a tracking code. This tracking code must be inserted on all pages / documents you wish to retrieve data from. In most topics, this can be done under theme settings. What you need to look for is a field that typically has something to do with the Theme Header and where there is a bunch where you insert multiple line code.


What Is Google Analytics About – Installing Google Analytics in WordPress

You can also insert the tracking code with a WordPress plugin.

An easy way to get integrated Google Analytics is by using the plugin called ‘Google Analytics for WordPress by Yoast’.

Log in to your wordpress control panel and click Plugins> Add New. Search now for ‘Google Analytics for WordPress’ and install and enable ‘Google Analytics for WordPress by Yoast’.

You will now see a red box in your wordpress control panel with the text “Google Analytics is not active. You must select which Analytics Profile to track before it can work. “Then click on the link and then on the big blue button with the text” Click here to authenticate with Google “. On the page that appears, click “Provide access.”

You can now choose your Google Analytics Account and Profile (the website you want to track). Click on “Update Google Analytics Settings”. You have now installed Analytics on
your website.

Google Analytics will now continuously collect information about everything your users do on your WordPress website.

By signing in to your Google Analytics account, you can access a lot of information about your website usage. With this information you have the best prerequisites for optimizing your website to a success.

Any serious website owner has Google Analytics or a similar tracking system on their website. The data collected is simply worth gold.

Any company that is connected to the Internet should also analyze the data that the network allows collecting about the visitors.

As mentioned the analyzes can give you valuable information about how your customers or prospects lead to your digital universe.

You should analyze from two angles:

To find out what to do – but equally important: What you should not do.


Here are 5 good tips about Google Analytics


What Is Google Analytics About – Start simple

There are a lot of numbers and reports in the Google Analytics tools, and you can easily spend a lot of time without getting any of it. Therefore, you need to start simple, but in return get value from the few numbers you’re looking at for a start.

When you get started, avoid drowning in Google Analytics data volumes.


What Is Google Analytics About – Get a good overview with a dashboard

One way to get a good overview is by building a useful dashboard that shows you the most important data for your website. For example, if you run a webshop, Google Analytics
offers this great tool – CLICK here

The tool is not so important. The important thing is that you get visual access to the many data.


What Is Google Analytics About – Measure your sales and the things that give you value

If you measure what you would prefer users to do on your site, it will be much easier to analyze.

For example, if you have a webshop, you should track the sale. If you want leads, you should track what visits end up as a lead.

That way, you can see exactly which traffic sources are worth and what are not. You can both use this data in your strategic work, to prioritize your work efforts and to optimize your online marketing.

In fact, between 15 and 20 percent of all webshops do not measure their sales in Google Analytics, and these webshops loose a lot of possibilities.

Therefore, it is about to dive into data volumes and find the good web traffic.


What Is Google Analytics About – Track your traffic

A lot of websites send newsletters, but do not know the value of them. The newsletter system shows click rates, but not how much revenue it has given. Track the traffic correctly, so you can see exactly what works and what does not work.

Be sure to have an analytical approach to the information you collect. ‘What’ is the password.


What Is Google Analytics About – What can I improve ?

When looking at data, think each time: ‘What should I do to improve the results based on this data ?’

It is just useless to look at a lot of data if you never use them actively to improve your website.

An action-oriented approach can be, for example, ‘I find two start pages where a high percentage of users leave the site right away. I look at these two landing pages and find at least one point per page that I can improve.’

With that kind of approach, you will get enormous value from your Google Analytics data.


Another great free Google analytic tool, that you can use together with Google Analytics is Google Search ConsoleYou can read more about Google Search Console – Click Here

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