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What Is Off Page SEO For A Website – Here Are Some Useful Tips

What Is Off Page SEO For A Website
What Is Off Page SEO For A Website
What Is Off Page SEO For A Website
What Is Off Page SEO For A Website

Just like On-Page SEO is important, Off-Page is also an important factor for your websites ranking in the Search Engines. I often see websites where the websites On-Page SEO is really poor, but where the website still have a good ranking in Search Engines, because the website just have so many inbound links from strong, relevant and authority websites.


Of course, it has become smaller since various Google updates, but I still encounter them.


And especially since the Penguin update from Google, you can no longer just add your websites to various directory directories, article directories and this kind of places, and expect your website to reach to tops in Search Engines.


Even if a link from a strong directory still can have a positive effect, you must not tie your Off-Page SEO strategy alone to directory directories and article directories. Instead, you need to diversify your link structure, and thus have links from many different relevant sources.

What Is Off Page SEO For A Website – Link Building

What has made Google so during the recent years, and the reason, that they were able to deliver the best search results, has been their use of link analyzes to assess the importance of a website. Just as we in the physical world can recommend a person, a good product or performance, you can of course do the same on the internet where it just going through links.

A link is a voice for your website and the number of links to your website tells Google how popular your website is. The more links, the more popular and credible it may be. But there is a big difference in how much a link is worth, it depends entirely on what kind of website that is sending a link to your website.

If the sender is a credible website, and if the link is relevant to your topic, then the link counts as a valuable link. The more popular and trustworthy the sender website is, the more popularity can it also pass on to your web page. There is a big difference if you get a link from Uncle Bob’s website, or a link from one of the leading authority websites within your niche.

When working with off page SEO, you are mainly working to obtain inbound links to your website. Some can be created by yourself, and others can be achieved by either influencing others to link (link-bait) to your website, or make direct contact with website owners.

Link building is a very important factor of SEO, but at the same time, it is important that you work with link building the right way.


What Is Off Page SEO For A Website – Link Profile

Working with link building is about working to improve your websites current link profile. For the last couple of years, Google has been far better in assessing whether a link profile is natural or whether the link profile is the subject of manipulation for the purpose of achieving good rankings in Googles search results.

Not surprisingly, Google is not much for you manipulates with its link profile for better placements. It is a direct violation of their guidelines. However, it is fully permitted to obtain inbound links to your website and there are many with a website that works actively with the purpose of getting inbound links to their website.

A natural link profile will have many different types of links that will include links from forums, blogs, news sites, social media, and from various link directories. In addition, there will also be variations in the type of links, such as no-follow links and follow links, links that run through redirect chains or links hidden behind various URL shortcuts.

Everything belongs to a healthy and natural link profile, which is what you strive for if you work with SEO. No website has only links from a single source. This know Google, and therefore they are aware of this.

Therefore, if your link profile does not appear natural, the chance of optimal placements in search results is not very big, because Google will punish you for such a link profile, by poor rankings. Therefore, if you have such a link profile, it is important, to clean up this before building or obtaining more links to your website.

You can clean up your link profile through Google Search Console and you can read more about this issue – Click Here

What Is Off Page SEO For A Website – Domain Authorities via Off Page SEO

Domain authority has become the new PageRank, everyone is talking about it and everyone wants more domain authority.

Apparently some form of collective consensus has been formed about the importance of all incoming links having high authority, but this is an incorrect consideration that can prevent your website’s full potential in the search results.

What Is Off Page SEO For A Website – What is domain authority ?

Domain authority is a quantitative assessment of a website’s strength measured in link value. The authority is based on the amount of incoming links and the authority from the websites that the different links come from.

The value tells you about the relative possibility of the domain, to rank high in the search results. The higher the value, the more authoritarian, and hereby better opportunities for high rankings in search engines.

High authority links are important, it’s true, and links from authoritarian domains are important and can create significantly better rankings in search results for a website, but focusing only on this type of link is not just risky, it’s also a stupid practice, and if you are making your linkbuilding this way, it will limit the possibility of success in the search results.

What Is Off Page SEO For A Website – No successful website has links only from authoritarian websites

If we take a look at the most popular websites, does their link profile then only consist of strong inbound links ? No – any popular website that receives ongoing incoming links will have links from many different sources and there will be a big variation in how strong these links will be.

Popular websites are referred to and linked to from many websites on the Internet, not only from large, well-established websites.

So what happens if you only focus on acquiring links from strong and authoritarian websites ?

An unnatural link pattern draws up and therefore it will not be possible to experience your website’s full potential in the search results. In other words, there would be a risk that the ranking of your website will be retained by the fact that your websites link profile appears unnatural.

Just as it would be if the website’s link profile consisted solely of links from link directories or exclusively from links from websites with a low domain authority.


What Is Off Page SEO For A Website – It is about variance

One way link building has never been a good idea and has never been the way to get good permanent and stable results in search results, but that has variance in return.

Variance come in many forms, and it is important to have variations in the types of websites that links to your website, such as blogs, news media, portals, forums, social Media, directories, registers, etc.

It is also important to have variance in the links anchor texts, and further it is important to have variance in where at your website you receive the links, so that your website also receive links to different sub-pages, and not only to the front page of your website.

Variance is therefore an essential part of a natural link profile and it is the natural link profiles that create the best results in search results. Therefore, a good and varied link profile is the only way to get the full effect of the links coming to your website.

Are you an authority website, with quality content, and your website is popular, then you will be mentioned not only on large and well-established media, your success will be spread as rings in the water and links are created for your website from many types of sites on the Internet, from websites of different size, strength and popularity!

What Is Off Page SEO For A Website – Inbound links with high domain authority are often very requested

Over the last couple of years, many web pages have been extra focused on links, with a high domain authority, and there is nothing wrong with that. The problem will come, if there is too much focus on this numerical value, that is often calculated by various linking tools.

This was precisely why Google chose to remove PageRank data previous – they did not want webmasters to focus on a single measurement point as a success criteria. PageRank is still part of Google’s algorithm, it’s just no longer possible to see the value.

It’s important to keep in mind that no SEO analysis tool measures these values ​​just as Google does, because we do not really know exactly how this value is calculated.

It also means that all values ​​that can be obtained from various linking tools are rough estimates and should be taken as such. Thus, you can not compare the different tools for domain authority measurements, as they are calculated on different basic.

Your body needs a varied diet, to be as healthy as possible, it is the same case with your linkbuilding. So look at your links as you look at the food pyramid, you are going to have something from different kind of foods to create a healthy profile. Sometimes there is a need for red steaks, and other times there is more need for vegetables.

What Is Off Page SEO For A Website – Are Inbound links still as important as before

Inbound links become less and less important, but are still today, one of the most important parameters for good search engine rankings, but this will change in the future.

In the future, search engines will increasingly appreciate the websites with great quality content, and give these websites high rankings in search results, and it will probably not be of same importance as today if these websites have a lot of inbound links pointing in.

The search engines goal is constantly to make the service to their users to such an extent that they are much more satisfied with the results of the websites they find for relevant keyword searches than what is delivered today. In the future, the search engines will deliver the websites to their users with the best content within the different niches and keywords that their users are searching for.

The search engines will achieve this functionality, by constantly improving the way they analyze the behavior of users and how they handle it.

Inbound links will therefore in the future have less weight and quality content on the web pages increasingly becoming a deciding factor for how high your website ranks in the search engines.

It is already seen in the search results that large and established webpages with quality content are located well on highly competitive keywords without much Inbound links to the website.

Inbound links will still be important in the future to get a webpage indexed, Google-bot follows links and will continue to follow links as small road signs, as they have always done, but in the future you need to have much more focus on quality content on your website and if you combine it with doing some good on-page SEO, then this could get your website high up in the search rates for your relevant keywords.

If you want to prioritize your time the best way according to your future SEO work with your website, then I suggest you prioritize your time like this:

1. Niche and Keyword research – Find a niche that interests you and do a good keyword research around this niche. You can read more about keyword research analysis  Click Here 


2. Quality Content on Your Website – Once you have found a niche that interests you and made a good keyword research analysis for your niche, you should prioritize to make texts with quality content for your website – Quality texts / content is the whole foundation of your website and the best opportunity to succeed with your website.

This factor will be time-consuming, but the search engines will reward you with good rankings, and in the future add even more emphasis to quality content on your website, when evaluating and rank your website. You can read more about writing content to your website – Click Here 


3. On Page SEO – By making a good On-page SEO on your website, you can easily become popular with the search engines, as search engines value websites with quality content that is well-structured so that the search engines can easily analyze the content of your website.

Websites with good On page SEO are therefore honored with better rankings of the search engines. You can read more about On Page SEO – Click Here 


4. Off Page SEO – Off page SEO as mentioned earlier in this article, will become a less important factor in the future compared to your website’s ranking in the Search Engines.

Of course, Off page SEO will still have a value in the future, but if I should prioritize the time on my online business, then I will focus on number 1,2 and 3 and then as the last thing make off page SEO when time permits it and only when number 1, 2 and 3 are made properly for my website.

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