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Why Use Linkedin For Business – Here Are Some Useful Tips

Why Use Linkedin For Business
Why Use Linkedin For Business
Why Use Linkedin For Business
Why Use Linkedin For Business

Linkedin is one of the key business players in the Social Media world, so if you are running a business online, then Linkedin is a great opportunity to create new relationships, and also potential new customers through Linkedin.

Why Use Linkedin For Business ?

On LinkedIn you can meet an interesting audience.

LinkedIn is career driven, and people are at Linkedin typically for three reasons:

  • To develop professionally.
  • To strengthen own career opportunities.
  • To network.


Can you support just one of the three things, LinkedIn can be a useful factor for your business.

The advantage for self-employed on LinkedIn is that you can grow your business network – if you use LinkedIn the right way. Linkedin can be more relevant for many businesses than for example Facebook, because Linkedin is much more commercially relevant.

LinkedIn differs from a business card or website, for example, because you can online actively do something to reach your audience by communicating with people through your news feed at Linkedin.

Writing through your news feed on a regularly basis will remind your network of your presence, so you can be top of mind when your potential customer is in need of a purchase. It requires that you are aware of building your brand all the time.

The benefit of this work is that you get visibility. And visibility is very important especially
if you run an online business, because here there is no shop or office where you can meet people. The internet is your main contact platform.

It is also an advantage that people often prefer to get dialogue with people rather than with brands. So if you have your own business, and are willing to use your own person and be active – it’s an advantage.


Why Use Linkedin For Business – Use your own person on LinkedIn

When using your news feed it is important, that you have something valuable to say. Think about what you can give others. For example your approach could be to help other like minded people, so that they can be successful with their own business.

By sharing relevant information, cases and your own knowledge, you can become an important voice and even an authority in the niche you are operating within your business.

Why Use Linkedin For Business – How do I find my audience on LinkedIn

You must begin to find out whether your target audience at all is active on the Linkedin platform. Here you can, for example, use LinkedIn’s ad tool, which you use when you want to segment ads or listings to a particular audience.

The smart thing is that you can go into the tool and start on a LinkedIn ad. You select a post you have made and make an extraction. For example, you can see how many marketing managers work in a certain area at companies with a certain number of employees.

This will give you an answer whether there is volume. So, if there is a critical mass compared to those you want to communicate with.

You can target the information people enter in their profile – such as industry, business size, role, function and how much experience or responsibility people have. Yes, completely down on competencies or abilities. You can also use LinkedIn’s search feature to see if there are people in your direct contacts network that are in your audience.


Why Use Linkedin For Business – Should you have both a personal and a business profile on LinkedIn, if you have your own business ?

It is a balance. You can come a long way with your personal profile. The primary advantage of the private profiles is that you can connect directly with people.

Your personal profile shows your entire history, including other things you have made in your business life. It may be positive that people can see you have been around some things. But if you are new and without much experience, it may be a challenge to appear as an authority with a short personal business profile.

You can better get around on a business profile where you focus to inform about your company’s purpose and brand – and save the person a little.

Another advantage of having a business profile is that the target group knows that they are communicating with a company, which can make it easier to sell via LinkedIn, because they know, that they are communicating with a business profile selling products/services.

Should you use LinkedIn as an advertising tool – either to make audience analyzes or decided advertising – it also requires a business profile.

Why Use Linkedin For Business – What is important before you join LinkedIn ?

Start optimizing your profile. Describe all the basic information about yourself or your business relative to the channel. Get all into your profile that supports your authority and business.

If you are a self-employed person, you only have your own authority to offer people in a sales situation. They must trust that you can deliver the product/service, which must support your profile.

Therefore, if you are new and having your own business, it is important that you have a website, that gives trust and good information to the people who visit your website, before they decide, if they want to be in your Linkedin network.

Why Use Linkedin For Business – How are you making a good LinkedIn strategy ?

It is always important to make a strategy with all your communication and marketing channels. With a good strategy you can work more focused. Therefore, for a start you must define the goal of your business presence at Linkedin. And when you have a goal, you need to define what it takes to reach it.

It is a good idea is to break your strategy into standard elements such as:

  • What would you like to achieve ?
  • What are your specific goals ?
  • How can you achieve these goals ?
  • What steps can you take to achieve what you want ?


Particular milestones are important in achieving your overall goals and keeping your motivation.

For example, do you want to generate business directly on LinkedIn, or do you want to transfer them to a website ? Is your goal to start branding yourself, or is it a hardcore attempt to convert some leads ?

Do you already have a large network, or do you have to build it first ? These kinds of things do you need to analyze in advance, so you can join Linkedin with a good focus and strategy.


Why Use Linkedin For Business – Based on your experience, what can you hope to get out of LinkedIn ? Can you, for example, sell via LinkedIn ?

Yes, you can sell via LinkedIn, but it is not very often direct sales. Instead, sales through Linkedin usually happens through what we call social selling or upselling. It’s the soft sales suit where you go out with your professional skills.

It allows people to contact you and it allows your network to point to you when others ask for the kind of services or skills, that you can offer.

If you have the right skills to solve a particular task, you can also point to yourself when there is a post where others ask for recommendations in relation to, for example, solving specific tasks.

But be sure to focus on your niche and what you are good at. If you shoot for all kind of jobs, there is a risk that you may be considered as not serious, and then you have no future at Linkedin.

Why Use Linkedin For Business – Social media is a long-term strategy

If you are looking for fast results, Linkedin i properly not the right place to focus. Social media is a marathon – not a sprint. So if you are short of money and you need sales fast, LinkedIn is probably not the right place.

With Linkedin and Social Media in general, you have to invest time. On the other hand, the network you build will be worth a lot of money on the long run.

You can read more about Social Media Strategy – Click Here


Why Use Linkedin For Business – Grab your network

If you need a little boost to your linkedin profile, a tip could be to catch up with influential people in your network. If you have an event or another major activity, you would like to promote, then you can ask people directly for help to share the message.

For example, you could get in touch with former business partners and business associates who are not active in your current network, but where you previous had a positive relationship.

Tell them about your event/promotion – and maybe they could also be interested, but in reality you would just be happy if they want to share the event/promotion in their network. And if they have something by themselves that they one day need to get pushed out, you can help them to get out with their event in your network.


Why Use Linkedin For Business – What is the best advice for small business owners who are going to LinkedIn now ?

Once you’ve found your audience, next step is to share content. You must be on the track and show your professionalism. You do not have to write everything yourself – it may be current relevant news, surveys, and things like that.

The important thing is that you in your posting link a simple comment to what you share, so that you constantly use content to build your authority and support your strategy.

Also, share your posts or articles from people in your network. If you help your network they will often also help you later.

Within sales psychology you work with a term called reciprocation. This is about that you are giving others a gift – without claiming anything in return – then these people will in a ‘mental debt relationship’ with you.

And that mental debt they often want pay back to you. So when you ask for help later, for example, to share your event/promotion, it’s a little more likely that they say yes, if they have en mental debt to you.

If you are motivated to create a LinkedIn profile for your business and have planned a good strategy for building your business LinkedIn profile, then there is a good chance, that you and your business really can benefit from it – especially in the long-run.

Here is a link to create your business LinkedIn profile – Click Here 

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