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9 Reasons Why You Could Do Better With Online Business Than Me

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If I can have success with online business, then here are 9 reasons why you could do better than me with your online business:


1. When I started up I chased the fast and easy money online

A lot of us want easy money for little work. It is in our nature, that we dream of avoiding hard work and seek pleasure, and many of us are impatient and want to be rewarded as soon as possible.

And it is these human instincts that the scammers of the making online money projects are playing with to get you to sign up to their making money online scam projects.

These online making money scam projects make us sign up for the projects typically with this kind of dreams:

  • The dream of setting up effective online business systems with very little effort of work.
  • The dream of making lots of money fast.
  • The dream of making money while sleeping.
  • The dream of owning a Cash machine that works 24/7 on autopilot.
  • The dream of waking up to hundreds of commissions/sales every week.

This is the reason why the make money online (MMO) industry is flooded with scam projects, that promise people to have attractive products and programs – often programs with a ‘MAGIC BUTTON’, where you are promised to earn lots of money in a short time with very little work.

After newbies have tried several of these fantastic “magic button projects” and discovered that it is not working, they lose motivation (and money), and THAT IS THE BRUTAL REASON WHY 9 of 10 FAILS IN THE MAKING MONEY ONLINE BUSINESS.

To succeed in the online business world requires exactly the same dedicated effort to be successful as in any other industry – online or outside the online world – Simple as that.

If you keep that in mind you don’t have to waste time and money on these Scam Projects.

Here you can read more about how to avoid these Scam ProjectsClick Here 

Which takes me on nicely to point #2…

2. I have absolutely no computer or online marketing experience at all

I have never studied computer or online marketing at school or college.

So clearly, when I started up I was not at all qualified in the online business niche in any formal manner.

And even if you are qualified in either computer or online marketing it is not the key factor if you will succeed in any kind of online business.

Here’s why reading about computer and online marketing in textbooks or at school is not the key factor for success – it is much more about:

  • Your mindset.
  • Perseverance.
  • Motivation.
  • A dedicated work effort.

that is the key factors for your online success.

And here’s another thing…

3. I have grown up with a NON-entrepreneur mindset

I’ve lost count of the marketers that say that as a kid they were selling baseball cards, shoveling snow, washing cars or running a lemonade stand to hustle up some money.

Not me, I was playing football and never sold a thing.

My only job as a teenager ? It was a paper round and my mum forced me to do it.

Honestly, my knowledge of business and marketing was non-existent in the beginning too as you’ll find out in point 4…


4. Business and money do not run in my family

True story, no one in my family has ever had their own business or even a high paying job.

My family is middle class and whilst we’ve never been poor by any real definition (we’ve always had a roof over our head and food in our bellies) we certainly have never been wealthy.

Worryingly, everyone in my family has a scarcity mindset towards money and believes it’s hard to find money.


5. Never read a book about online marketing

In my teenage years, there were not any computers and the internet had not yet been developed – I was raised in the typewriter period.

Therefore, I was not raised up in this computer and internet time, like many younger people, and until I started my online marketing journey I’d never read a single book about online business in my life.

I didn’t even know who the famous online marketing giants like Tony Robbins or Robert Kiyosaki were.

Let alone the names of any classic marketers or legendary copywriters.

6. When I started up with online business I had no plan and no connections

Yet, I am making a nice side income with my online business, and the income is increasing every month.

But I only started to make money with my online business, because I managed to get the right mindset and the right training for my online business. And everybody can do that – even with no online experience.

As mentioned I chased the “easy” online money when I started up, and you can avoid this mistake, by starting up your online business the RIGHT WAY.

And I swear point #7 also puts me at a huge disadvantage…


7. I suffer from a bad back and therefore I often don’t sleep well

It means I often have lack of sleep and therefore often can’t focus for longer times, I’m simply too tired to think.

And not sleeping is just the half of it as you’ll see in point #8 below…


8. I’m totally the opposite of most successful business type

Here’s the deal, I don’t like the spotlight, I hate attention, I have never made a video with myself or even a podcast.

I’m not Mr-Flashy-Suit-Smooth-Talker-Guy.

I’m more like an introvert guy who likes the internet because he doesn’t have to talk to a lot of people all the time.

Genuinely, I’m a private person (some would say “secretive”) but that’s just how I am in “real life” and “on the internet” and it hasn’t stopped me building a successful business online.


9. I am getting older and by the years I don’t have the same energy level anymore

I don’t have the younger persons energy level – Yep it is true, and that’s why I wanted to be an online marketer because if this decreasing energy level continues, I will in the future have the opportunity to get up every day and go to work when I have the right energy level.

It just suits me better to work at the times when I am motivated and can plan my own work routine.

Younger people have much higher energy level than me, and therefore much bigger chances to succeed with their online business.

My point with all of this ?

My point is this….

If I am able to build a successful side income online business, with my background about the online business, then imagine what you can achieve ?

Because clearly, I’m not the typical online entrepreneurial type who has everything in his favor.

There’s plenty of reasons as you’ve seen above why I had the deck stacked against me.

And here’s the deal; I’m sure you’re a lot smarter, motivated, outgoing, and entrepreneur-like than me.

So I’m confident that YOU can build a successful online business and live out your dreams too.

It just takes a real desire, the right mindset, a promise never to give up and a strong reason WHY you want to succeed.

So if you’d like to join the same kind of online journey as I did, I recommend that you already from the beginning start-up THE RIGHT WAY with this FREE online marketing course – Click Here 


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